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update 26/06/2017

GameA is currently looking for gaming writers for the GameA Sims Mobile wiki dedicated to the new upcoming Sims game on your smartphone. If you love playing Sims games and sharing tips with players all around the world, please read the application description below and apply now!

Application details

Pay$2~3 per hour: GameA will check how many hours writers play the game in a week/month, and it might be possible that the amount paid increases based on that.
You will get compensated for in-game purchase to guarantee quality content. An upper limit on the amount will be discussed and negotiated.
Made on 20th day in the following month (negotiable to draw salary in advance) using Paypal.
  • 4 or more days in a week
  • 10AM - 5PM (1 hour break)
  • (Can be negotiated)
CommuteNone (At this point you will work remotely).
  • PC
  • Internet Access
  • Excellent writing skill in English
ApplicationSend email to:[ ]
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • About yourself (Location, How Many Hours/Days you will able to commit, and other useful information)
IncentivePlease introduce this job to your friend, and receive $10 if he/she works more than a month.
If you are interested in but does not fit into work description above, send email to to discuss.

Now hiring game sites

SiteSims Mobile GameA Wiki
RequiermentsPlayer Level 22 or above
AttachScreenshots of proof

Commens and feedback



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YOU CANT WOHOO WITH THE SAME SEX WHATTT. so I married my bff in game as a joke and was gonna laug...
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