How to Save Your Game Progress in The Sims Mobile

How to save your progress, how to sign into SNS to play on other devices, how to transfer your gamedata.
The Sims Mobile How To Guide
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update 12/04/2018

For starters, you might be wondering how to save your progress since there's no visible save option for you to choose. In The Sims Mobile, you can save your progress by linking your social media accounts, EA account and Google Play (for Android) or Game Center (for IOS). This is quite easy and convenient since you don't need to think of those long passwords anymore just to play this game.

How to Link your Game to an Account

You can follow the instruction below to sync and un-sync your game data from your device to an account. Device supported so far is Android 4.1 and up and IOS 9.0 and up. The game is available Worldwide!. Follow our guide to install the game on your Android device.

  • Tap the Arrow Tab on the right side of the game screen then touch the Settings tab. It is the one with a gear icon on it.

Linking your Social Media Accounts

You can choose any social media accounts you wanted to link. The game will use these accounts to save your progress and to look for The Sims Mobile players and they will be suggested in your "Network Friends" list.

  • If you selected Facebook or Twitter, you will prompt to log in first to get your permission. If they are currently logged in your device, you just need to tap the option to automatically link your account.

Use your EA Account

  • For EA account, all you have to do is type in your e-mail address in the box and hit confirm. Make sure you still have access to that e-mail address as EA will send you a verification code via e-mail that you need to type in game.

For Android

  • If you are using an Android device, I'm assuming you already linked your Google Account in your phone or tablet. If the message "Sign into Google Play to play on other devices and see your achievements" appears, tap the Connect button. You can select any Google account you have in your device. If the message does not appear, you are already logged in.


  • Make sure you are connected to the Game Center. To connect, open the Settings of your IOS device and find the Game Center option. Tap Connect and enter your Apple ID and password.
  • If you are connected to the Game Center on your device, the game should automatically connect. You can check your game settings to be sure. Just tap the Arrow Tab on the right side of the game screen and touch the Settings gear tab.

Advantages of Linking your Account

  • You can play on several devices. You can use your tablet at home on a larger screen, but play on your phone when you are on the go. You can switch from your iOS device to your Android. Convenient!

  • If you lost your device or bought a new one, you can always log into your Facebook, Twitter, EA or Google Play/Game Center account to retrieve your progress.

  • If you did not link your Game Center/Google Play account or Facebook account, you will be playing as a guest. The game progress will save directly to your device. This means you can only play the game only on that device and you might lose your game progress if you restore/update the OS. You can't retrieve your game data if you deleted the game application.

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i uninstalled it and install in again idk how to open it using my twitter account. help???
<< Anonymous
lila Reply
you need to go through the entire tutorial again and then press "connect to twitter account," in the sidebar. it's very inconvenient.
is there a way to skip the tutorial when you switch devices? i play this on an emulator on a laptop and need to go through the entire tutorial every single time i want to play the game, just so i can log in with twitter and load my game.
How to signin into other device.. how to load my old ea acount into a new device!!
Dann Aryelle Pulido
I don't see the connect to facebook. How to solve this beceause I want to recover my previos sims
<< Anonymous(Dann Aryelle Pulido)
S Reply
It all has to do with the age you put in the beginning
<< Anonymous(S)
:c Reply
is there no way you ever be able to do it if you chose a young age? T_T
<< Anonymous(:c)
Alana Reply
I choose 15, but I am 25. I never think that would be a something :(
Is the no other way to change it?
Help I can't load my old save even I follow the procedure
<< Anonymous(FckU)
Baxter Reply
Have u link to EA account? If u are, u should connect and u will receive verification code again, then u just need to enter the code. Then u can choose ur saved data after that..
I'm connecting with EA. Just realize in achievement section that some of the task I already passed didn't notice in here because it still locked. Anyone knows how to unlocked it?
<< Anonymous
Baxter Reply
U need to connect again to ea acc. Tap connect and u will receive verification code, then enter the code and there u go, u can choose ur saved data on sims mobile..
I started on my ipad which is registered to my husband’s Apple account. How to get my game registered to my Apple account? Thanks
This is stupid and useless because my Game Center didn’t automatically connect to it and I have no further instructions.
I also have that same problem
Please tell me how to fix this
Ok i have a problem, there is no link button in the setting, only music, sound and notifications. How come???
Ok i have a problem, there is no link button in the setting, only music, sound and notifications. How come???

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