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Can not place house. Chocolate chip cookie plate is preventing lot clearing. Anyone else get this error when placing free summer house
<< Anonymous
Smiley Reply
I’m having that same problem. No sure how to clear it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You have to use the sims to clean it up. Find all the food in the house not in the fridge, tap on it, and select clean up
Please help me ! My eco workshop is not functioning in Sims mobile. I am unable to complete any ecoworkshop tasks.
Design is wedding but i bielive no cash ma"am just following try pleas.... wedding is favorite :-D
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i Just Following Teacher But sorry no cash hahahaaahhh :)
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how to bring up season task? why can't I buy land. Please help me
How do I get an Izzy design back if my Sim is retired and has also left the family. I can see the design on ‘generations’ section but cannot retrieve, delete or use it!
David Norman
How do you get the mannequin?
Player status is not showing correct in friends
my friend is online its showing 5 hours ago
Can we see other player sim live in game
Jerry Martin
Dear Fellow Music Lover,

This is Jerry Martin, composer for The Sims and SimCity.

I'm starting this website: to share some really cool music.

There, you'll get instant download access to "The Sims1 Build Mode Music Pak" which includes:

Highest quality MP3s (320kbps) and Sheet Music Transcriptions of all six songs

Also, when you sign up, we'll be able to communicate about BoomBamBoom projects. (your ideas and feedback would be greatly appreciated)
Can you throw a kid bday party?
<< Anonymous(Queen)
Queen Reply
Also can you retire the parents while they have kids?
Look at my little cute family, The West's. Mom's (Gizelle) a little loose though. She had two kids naturally, North and Psalm with the dad,but adopted one kid, Saint with her side piece and had one kid, Chicago with her other side piece. The dad (Tómas Kanye) loves them all the same though even though the deescription says they are strangers. I don't think the poor man even truly knows his wife. He's either at work or doing his guitar hobby while she's out gallivanting up and down the streets and partying. He's not so faithful either, but atheist he hasn't had kids with anyone besides her.
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I have 2 sims a female named Kali (did I say that right?) and a male named jordan and Kali wants ...
Instead of my option saying for me to have a baby with someone, it keeps saying my sim needs priv...
Does it work to NPC, and one more, what if the player no longer active?
If my sim dies does it open up a slot for a new sim?
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