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ApolloEllie 15days ago
I have 2 Sims up for retirement, I don't want to retire either of them. I thought kids would be playable (they are not). Is there a way to unlock a third sim without losing all progress on the current sim the game wants you to retire?
Anonymous 30days ago
I have 2 playable Sims and and adult (that was my Sims baby). It won't let me promote my adult so I can play her. Says there's not enough room in the house. I have 3 bedrooms. They all have beds... Why can't I promote/play my other sim?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
How many free playable sim spaces for sims do u have? Have u unlocked all 4 playable sims spaces or 3?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
Please help! I have started the baby quest, but about halfway through I finished a part and I didn’t get my rewards. I also can’t progress to the next part. I really want a baby and I want to clear this up to avoid future problems. Pls reply! Thx :)
Corey 21days ago
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how dos one get to the generation page? i've gotten to it once before :/
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
Click on the family portrait
So I fisnihed the astronaut quest and I received a trophy, but that’s it, what do I do with that, because the place at waterfront didn’t unlock. So I’m confused on what I was rewarded by finishing the quest.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You unlocked the career know you have to unlock the place
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
im new to this game. and when that quest was launched I ignored it as I don't have much simeleons. now its close. any idea how can I open the space centre ?
Where is the divider? I see on a lot of homes that there is this wall and I really want but I can’t find it?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It’s from the luxurious leisurely event way back when
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
so you can't avail it anymore?
Your Llama Joke
Why do certain Sims (not any of mine) have hearts floating around them? What does it mean?
I can't unlock the club. I'm level 30, when I turned level 23 there was the option to unlock the club but I waited as I had no need for it then. I'm now ready to unlock it but the padlock symbol is gone. I clicked all around the building and nothing. So frustrating. I'm thinking it's an issue they need to fix but I can't seem to find anything online where someone has the same problem.
<< Anonymous(Tyrannosaurose)
Anonymous Reply
Same problem I've had since LVL 24 now at LVL 43 and still can't unlock or use the club.
How do I get my sims to have a dinner party with friends
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I know you can sit them all down together by making a meal and calling them all to it but idk if you can do it with friends on the game. You can just visit your friends houses.
I play this game alot and it upsets me that it speeds you through the kids life’s. It should be optional to grow them up through the stages before fast forwarding through everything before I even get a chance to perform actions with all the kids furniture I just bought like dang y’all. Make it optional to grow them up as we please. It’s too quick.
Another sim isn’t in myself house whilst I’m cooking for them. This glitch appeared. A random cooker started spinning in the kitchen with the other sim. Is this normal?
Also we need to be able to sell stuff. I just experienced that “I have to much stuff in my home” I find that to be BS, I have an 8 room home i’m Sure I have room to put stuff. Let us sell or get rid of our crap in storage if your gonna tell us we have to much stuff
<< Anonymous(KCherise)
Niloofar Reply
totally agree
<< Anonymous(KCherise)
Anonymous Reply
Totally Agree. I should at least be able to hold more in a 40 level house. Storage is filling fast.

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