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Anonymous 4days ago
So I fisnihed the astronaut quest and I received a trophy, but that’s it, what do I do with that, because the place at waterfront didn’t unlock. So I’m confused on what I was rewarded by finishing the quest.
Where is the divider? I see on a lot of homes that there is this wall and I really want but I can’t find it?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
It’s from the luxurious leisurely event way back when
Anonymous 24days ago
How do I get my sims to have a dinner party with friends
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
I know you can sit them all down together by making a meal and calling them all to it but idk if you can do it with friends on the game. You can just visit your friends houses.
Anonymous 6days ago
I play this game alot and it upsets me that it speeds you through the kids life’s. It should be optional to grow them up through the stages before fast forwarding through everything before I even get a chance to perform actions with all the kids furniture I just bought like dang y’all. Make it optional to grow them up as we please. It’s too quick.
Another sim isn’t in myself house whilst I’m cooking for them. This glitch appeared. A random cooker started spinning in the kitchen with the other sim. Is this normal?
Also we need to be able to sell stuff. I just experienced that “I have to much stuff in my home” I find that to be BS, I have an 8 room home i’m Sure I have room to put stuff. Let us sell or get rid of our crap in storage if your gonna tell us we have to much stuff
<< Anonymous(KCherise)
Niloofar Reply
totally agree
<< Anonymous(KCherise)
Anonymous Reply
Totally Agree. I should at least be able to hold more in a 40 level house. Storage is filling fast.
My sim's pants are dusty? I've tried changing his clothes, having him shower, wash hands, etc. Still dusty. What gives?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Did you get the pants from Izzy? If so, that’s not going to come off.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
really i think lzzy store is so suck
Can you give at least 3 days to the limited time quests? Because time is never enough and now I’m trying to do the baby quest but it ended so soon what do I do?!
<< Anonymous(ItzAutumn)
Anonymous Reply
well i have no problem with that.time is enough.manage your OWN time .
Okay I love this game level 40, 8 rooms in my home currently about to expand the home. Here’s my issue: I am hosting a party today, currently trying to set stuff up for the party, i received the message stating that I had to much stuff, needed to remove some things in order to finishing set up, bs! Left the game to put up this comment and now my party is gone! It had only just been started, what is going on!!!
<< Anonymous(KCherise)
Anonymous Reply
you need to remove ur thing
my walls are f***** up dude i cant see my wall paint help me
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
god im dead its so funny XDDDDDDDDDDDD
what can i do about this?
Is there a level where the third and the fouth sim are unlocked automatically or do we have to pay to use them?
<< Anonymous(Joanie)
Anonymous Reply
pay only

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