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Anonymous 22days ago
What do you have to do to unlock woohoo. It says the bed is blocked.
<< Anonymous
Parasoul 11days ago Reply
You might need to move the bed. I had the same problem as you. Anyways I hope this might help!
Anonymous 13days ago
How do I get past the Let's get Together Quest? with the reward “A Slice of Nice" and it lasts for 6days.

help needed urgently
PCO 13days ago
How can I get past this “Hang out with your friends" thing?
I need help urgently...
Can you please give us the ability to sell our unused furniture items and get some decent coinage off the items? Also a more organized way to view all furniture would be nice instead of endlessly swiping forever finding what your looking for.
The game still has glitches, every time I close it then reopen later it says my sim is in an event that I wasn’t even doing earlier then when that event finishes it won’t let me do the event I actually was doing before. Can someone help please?
as you build as you take care of your sims well it feel others are watching me play my sims game.
I contact the EA HELP I was told other player from another country is playing on my Sims Mobile account.
they cannot even trace the person. my sims mobile is not even secure enough to trust and play anymore
black screen appears when i play on and off and all my sims tasks are finish and get restart when i play on.
the help i get they dont care they say i must talk to a game advisor.
hi, my sim is in the cooking career and is at level 9 on 96%, however i can't seem to progress? when i click the star to start shifts, the 'become longshot chef' option comes up but says my sim is already in this event? help?
I have 2 Sims up for retirement, I don't want to retire either of them. I thought kids would be playable (they are not). Is there a way to unlock a third sim without losing all progress on the current sim the game wants you to retire?
I have 2 playable Sims and and adult (that was my Sims baby). It won't let me promote my adult so I can play her. Says there's not enough room in the house. I have 3 bedrooms. They all have beds... Why can't I promote/play my other sim?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
How many free playable sim spaces for sims do u have? Have u unlocked all 4 playable sims spaces or 3?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Please help! I have started the baby quest, but about halfway through I finished a part and I didn’t get my rewards. I also can’t progress to the next part. I really want a baby and I want to clear this up to avoid future problems. Pls reply! Thx :)
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how dos one get to the generation page? i've gotten to it once before :/
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Click on the family portrait
So I fisnihed the astronaut quest and I received a trophy, but that’s it, what do I do with that, because the place at waterfront didn’t unlock. So I’m confused on what I was rewarded by finishing the quest.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You unlocked the career know you have to unlock the place
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
im new to this game. and when that quest was launched I ignored it as I don't have much simeleons. now its close. any idea how can I open the space centre ?

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No. Your sim can only die of old age.
This tutorial is old & is now false info. The way of the baby quest has changed! Take this t...
I already did that. It didn't fix anything.
Really? I’ve expanded my rooms many times and I’ve never had to pay anything, guess i...
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