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Chimmy 1days ago
I've bought everything in Bedroom Babble collection (4/4), but it still showing (3/4). What can i do? I need their special collection. Someone please help me.
Anonymous 2days ago
What’s up with the waterfront, and how do you get to the photographer job?
Tyrannosaurose 28days ago
I can't unlock the club. I'm level 30, when I turned level 23 there was the option to unlock the club but I waited as I had no need for it then. I'm now ready to unlock it but the padlock symbol is gone. I clicked all around the building and nothing. So frustrating. I'm thinking it's an issue they need to fix but I can't seem to find anything online where someone has the same problem.
My lifestyle rank bar is not progressing when I purchase things! I’ve been purchasing clothing items as well as home items with both simoleons and Sim cash, but my lifestyle bar stays gray, instead of growing green with each new purchase.

I’ve contacted EA for help but so far there troubleshooting suggestions are fruitless.

I’m super bummed and cannot complete to do lists or get new plots of land to clear. Any help would be great!
<< Anonymous(Lis)
Shaista Reply
Omg exactly the same thing has been happening to me the past few days!! I’ve also contacted EA to which they have been of no help thus far. I’ve emailed again in hopes that their next response will be helpful. Not only is my lifestyle rank stuck, my level and party ranks as well! I’ve maxed out level 21 but somehow it won’t progress to level 22 & at a party the bar is full but nothing happens.
<< Anonymous(Lis)
Andrea Reply
Yea I've had the same issue! I swear they're doing it on purpose. I had the same lifestyle 'title', but after the update, the "improve your lifestyle" daily became a nuisance. I literally had to buy 4 items (that cost home tickets) just to gain enough lifestyle points to check off that to-do. With the limited selection of items and clothing to buy, you'll eventually hit a wall.
Game ideas
I wish sims could clean their whole house, do laundry and be in control of their children and cleaning would be a child’s event.
I've got married with another sims from someone who still lv 14, and ask to move in. She's accepted, but her sim has been elder!! (Wtf?!). Since that, i played that new sim for 2 weeks and still won't retire. Is there an other way to retire sim like this one??
<< Anonymous(Poorme)
David Reply
just get al 4 traits and the retire should pop up
Sim Starter
What are careers like for the 2nd.... generations? Are they easier?
<< Anonymous(Sim Starter)
Anonymous Reply
Click on your family portrait in your home.
<< Anonymous(Sim Starter)
Anonymous Reply
Sorry, that answer was for the question above you.
My sims won’t retire. My sims have got all their traits and one of them has completed their career story. They work a lot too. Their younger brothers and sisters are old already. Help?
<< Anonymous(REPLY PLEASE)
Anonymous Reply
Did you reach level 16 yet? You unlock the ability to retire your Sims at level 16.
My sim's pants are dusty? I've tried changing his clothes, having him shower, wash hands, etc. Still dusty. What gives?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Did you get the pants from Izzy? If so, that’s not going to come off.
Where to start the new photojob???
how dos one get to the generation page? i've gotten to it once before :/
Hi all, I was just wondering: is it worth getting the 4th sim slot?
And are there any simcash furniture that are a MUST BUY (because it'll help a lot, ex: giving more energy)? I'm pretty new and would like some tips! Thank you!
<< Anonymous(Tyler)
Micky Reply
I've got all 4 slots, but I like a full house. I play all the children. I'm saving up for the bathtub.

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I was so Busy with work that i didnt know a quest will pop up after a proprosal. I didn’t t...
After you retire a sim, you cant control them. But can you create a new sim in their place?
You should really thank the people who have replied to your question!
That's just a cool bug, I guess your stuck with them
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