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What is Player ID, usage and how to find it.
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update 01/08/2018

What is a Player ID?

This is a unique set of numbers that serve as the identifier for your account. Your Player ID the most important information that EA may ask to you in case you have trouble with your game.

If you need help in searching your account, instead of giving your personal details, EA will request you to send your Player ID to help you further.
You can also use your Player ID in reporting bugs, missing game content and progress issue to EA.

Locate Your Player ID

In Loading Screen

With the latest game update, you can easily locate your Player ID. Once you open and load the game, you can instantly find your Player ID in the upper right corner of the screen.

This is such a big relief for those people encountering an error in the game since you don't need to go to the hassle of locating it.

In the Settings

First, tap the arrow pull-out tab on the right side of the game screen.

Tap the Settings gear tab then "Help & About". Select "About".

Your Player ID is located just under the game version.

Take note of your Player ID and keep it somewhere safe . You can take a screenshot of it then upload it in your cloud such as Google Drive or iCloud. That way you have a reference of it in case you need EA's help.


can i reinstall the app and provide my old player id?
If i didnt save my player id and i have lost my account can i provide my in app purchase receipt from the app store and let the staff help me to find my account again?

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