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update 08/06/2017

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Welcome to the house idea forum for The Sims Mobile players! Share your house pics and help other players make their house nicer!

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Does anyone know if you can have more than one house and also does anyone know how to move your sims spouse into your sims house
<< Anonymous(Tay)
Yee 6days ago Reply
You have to move them in using the 'ask to move in' interaction. It unlocks at relationship level 8
<< Anonymous(Tay)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Get married to move them in
Kille 4days ago
Can I remove a contact? I saw a sim that i liked the design of and decided it would be the partner of my sim. I made their relationship go to level 8 and i clicked moved in. then that was when i knew it was a sim because it said "Asked ***** to move in" and I dont want that because I dont think she would accept it.And it hurts to see my stupidity
Anonymous 5days ago
Can you have more than one household?
Here's mine!
<< us525878
EmiliA_ArGienTe Reply
sua casa é grande!
<< Anonymous(EmiliA_ArGienTe)
us525878 Reply
Muito obrigado!
I just want to share my home. ^>^

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