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The Sims Mobile Forum

House idea

Welcome to the house idea forum for The Sims Mobile players! Share your house pics and help other players make their house nicer!

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Idk how to roof
Someone help me with the roofs
Check out this lot in The Sims 4 Gallery! -
[This image is being checked...]
Honey You
Verry Empressed Its My Baby Girl Name Heneoydoad
No one
For the house idea, Do I just redo there house for the?
No one
Do I just redo there house for the?
How do you delete rooms?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Select the room then place into storage.
how can i make rooms into different shapes? i can only figure out how to make square rooms its annoying, can you drag walls?
<< Anonymous(lauren)
Anonymous Reply
You need to purchase the floor layout. Build mode > Rooms, then buy the shape and expand or rotate as desired.
How do i remove my roof, im trying to add a second floor
<< Anonymous(Drea)
Anonymous Reply
Sadly, there is no second floor in sims mobile. I also wish they do have
<< Anonymous(Drea)
Anonymous Reply
They do now
<< Anonymous(Drea)
Anonymous Reply
Get 2nd floor permit. Add stairs then add rooms. The roof adjusts automatically but you can change the appearance within Build > Roof mode.
can you change the clour of a rooms walls and floor
<< Anonymous(unkoun)
Anonymous Reply
Yes, in Build mode (the couch and light icon in lower right) then select the hammer and triangle icon. Within this are options for Interior Walls.
So how do I buy a new house
<< Anonymous(Coby)
Kaidyn Reply
You can...
<< Anonymous(Kaidyn)
Coby Reply
Yes. You can what?
<< Anonymous(Coby)
Anonymous Reply
Visit the neighborhood, not to be confused with Community but accessed in the same way: lower left next to Sim pic select the Car, then select the 3 Houses icon. Then select the available lots for purchase requirements.
i like it
I'm in level 15. Can I move stuff? Can I delete some windows? Can I buy a house?
<< Anonymous(Ært3mīS)
Anonymous Reply
who's the youtuber

And also is your name meant to look like "Artemis"?
<< Anonymous
Ært3mīS Reply
None of your beeswax. At least I have a name. Your just Anoymous
<< Anonymous(Ghostofhamlet)
Anonymous Reply
Du KAN.Jeg er kun i level 11, og jeg har to huse. Et med en etage og et andet med to.
<< Anonymous(Ært3mīS)
;-; Reply
There’s no need to be rude. They were asking a simple question, they didn’t mean it in a bad way. And when they asked who the YouTuber was, they had a point. Why would you tell us there’s a YouTuber, then not tell us who made the video?
I really don't know if this was a fever dream or not but I think I saw somewhere that you can now add second floors to your house in sims mobile. If this is true will someone please tell me because I can't see the option in build mode and I don't know if I'm going mad!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can. But you need to buy stairs first that way you get a building permit.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can! It is a great feature and costs only 20,000 simoleons! I love it and I hope you do too.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That’s not true I don’t have stairs but I have a second floor

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