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House idea

Welcome to the house idea forum for The Sims Mobile players! Share your house pics and help other players make their house nicer!

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Kayla 15days ago
What's the difference between the orange and blue career and Hobbies in the parties?
<< Anonymous(Kayla)
Simmerman 11days ago Reply
Let's you know which level of a career object is available to you in that house/party.
Ghostofhamlet 24days ago
I'm in level 15. Can I move stuff? Can I delete some windows? Can I buy a house?
<< Anonymous(Ghostofhamlet)
SimmermaN 15days ago Reply
You can but you can't buy a new house. You can only own 1 house.
Geebee 21days ago
How do I do an outdoor flooring / patio? I saw it when I attended a party.
<< Anonymous(Geebee )
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
that floor is a party exclusive item (same goes for the DJ and music items).
Bailey 26days ago
I can’t move on from “fashionably impassioned” I’m currently at a full bar and 20,748 points. Why can’t I move up?
How many lifesytle point required to improve from haute hotshot? I ve been stucked on this, it is fulled but wont improve lifestyle
<< Anonymous(lepo)
Andrea Reply
I think the latest update screwed up the lifestyle progression. It takes way to many purchases to level up your lifestyle now. ~Not sure the exact amount needed sorry :(
Does anyone know if you are able to purchase another home?
<< Anonymous(Huffinator)
Andrea Reply
Currently you can not :(
The "improve your lifestyle" task in the daily to do list seems harder to complete after the update. What's the deal? I had to buy 3 special ticket items just to complete it, doing that daily is not cool.
<< Anonymous(Andrea)
Andrea Reply
Sorry I posted in the wrong spot :0
<< Anonymous(Andrea)
Anonymous Reply
You don't have to go up a level, only need to buy one thing to increase you lifestyle score.
<< Anonymous
Andrea Reply
I figured out that other people are having the same issue since the latest update.
Is there a way to delete an interior wall? I added a new room to expand and separate the kitchen/living room. Now I have a solid wall and I don't want to have a door. Any ideas?
<< Anonymous(Chris)
Anonymous Reply
I don’t think you can - what I usually do is add one of those super wide door ways!
<< Anonymous(Chris)
Anonymous Reply
You can't that I know of, but you can expand the original room to make it bigger by clicking on it as dragging the arrows if you don't want a wall between the two sections. However, you can also buy and add a door in the same section you went to add the room. If you already knew this, I apologize.
<< Anonymous(Chris)
HereToHelp Reply
You can use a open door I think! :)
<< Anonymous(Chris)
Anonymous Reply
Actually you can, I already saw someone do it in the game but yeah I dont know how they done
Why, when I try to get a Sim to move in and go to press the option, it tells me no more room in the household? How do I fix this?
<< Anonymous(Sandy)
Anonymous Reply
One of your sims has to move out, you can do this when they retire
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Or if they’re an adult
How do u buy a bigger house?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You build it.
So I have leveled up a lifestyle and it’s not letting me make another room as requested from the quest. It says 5/5
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You have to level it to the point that it gives you the option. If you click on your lifestyle icon and scroll down when you see a “room” under the name of the lifestyle level.
Does anyone have any idea of moving in back a sim whom you said to move out , I moved out a sim but I had socialized with that , now I m trying to move to level 8 of relationship with friends with career storyline , will it be possible to make that sim move again ??
<< Anonymous(Mithun)
Shani Reply
I feel it too, first i think i can make elder sims playable again if i move out the sims but its not, i really sad, i want my elder sims back to house hold :(

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I was so Busy with work that i didnt know a quest will pop up after a proprosal. I didn’t t...
After you retire a sim, you cant control them. But can you create a new sim in their place?
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That's just a cool bug, I guess your stuck with them
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