Tickets in The Sims Mobile: How to Farm Tickets

How to get tickets in The Sims Mobile, tips for farming tickets, and how to use.
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update 08/04/2018

What is a Ticket?

Ticket replaced the Tokens of the old version of the Sims Mobile. The usage is still the same with Tokens. These can be used in purchasing objects in the game such as furnitures and clothings. Switching traits and changing Hobby or Career Story will also requires Tickets as a payment.

How to Get Tickets

From Family Chest

Everyday, you'll get a random reward from the Family Chest in the Heirloom Store. You might get Simoleons, Cupcakes, Fashion Gems and Tickets. Chances you can get Simcash too, but that is totally rare.

From Selling Heirlooms

If you have some duplicate heirlooms, make use of it by selling it! You can get Heirloom Tickets from them. The price of each heirloom varies depend on its rarity.

Tickets as a Reward

Aside from Simoleons and SimCash, you can get various tickets as a reward from participating in different events such as Career Event, Hobby Event and even attending parties. You'll get Ticket reward too in completing the Daily To Do list and Quests. This is the most suggested way to earn tickets as you'll receive SimCash, Simoleons and XP on top of the tickets.

Watching Video Ads

Do you have a minute to spare? Why not watch a video ad to earn tickets and other stuff. This is another effective way to earn tickets. You can just play the video ad and do something else.

Purchasing Tickets in the Store

If you have tons of SimCash to spend, you can grab bundles of ticket in the Sims Mobile Store. This is the fastest way to get it but expensive. This is not highly recommended for starters.

How to Check your Tickets

The Ticket Inventory is your storage for various objects including tickets. This is where you can see the type and number of Tickets you currently possess. It is like your wallet for Tickets. Tapping the ticket in the inventory will show how to get them.

How to Check the Inventory

Tap the Arrow Tab Menu on the right side of the screen. The Arrow Tab Menu houses the option for Party, Game Friends, Messages and Settings.

Tap "Inventory" then select "Tickets" to view your collected tickets. To know how to obtain a particular ticket, just tap on it and a pop up message will tell you how.

Other way to Check your Ticket

You can also check the numbers of tickets you have in your inventory whenever you are buying objects that requires ticket as a payment particularly Heirlooms. You can see the total of your tickets at the top left corner of the screen.

Different Types of Ticket

TicketEarn from

Home Ticket
Careers, Hobbies, Special Events

Super Home Ticket
Special Events, Careers, Hobbies

Luxe Home Ticket
Special Events, Careers, Hobbies

Sim Ticket
Relationships, Parties

Super Sim Ticket
Parties, Relationships

Luxe Sim Ticket

Heirloom Ticket
Family Events

Super Heirloom Ticket
Selling Heirlooms

Luxe Heirloom Ticket
Selling Heirlooms

Fashion Gem
To Do List: Give Stickers
Weekly Sticker Contest

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Hot New Top
For some reason my game won’t let my sim work anymore. There is no where to click to start but if i go to the place and click on things it will let me do things using energy but I’m not earning money. Anyone else have that problem?!
<< Anonymous
Mina Reply
my sim is frozen on level 9 with 87% of the cooking hobby
and stuck at level 5 100% of the cafe barista career for weeks now
<< Anonymous(Mina)
Kristy Reply
I think the Barista only has 5 levels. So you have finished that story.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I know I was doing the 101 baiesthing and it won’t work
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Me too
Why does it cost so much to complete events before they end .Also why are there so many sub sections it's such a pain meaning unless you use real cash you csnt do the challenge in time
I just watch ads and got lots of super sim tickets...
Yeah. But the blue sim tickets don't seem to blooming exist. I've gotten atleast 5 parties to leavel 10 and not a single ticket. It's so frustrating because my Sims can't have kids.
<< Anonymous
Belle Reply
<< Anonymous(Kaz)
Anne Onimous Reply
My videos no longer offer them as a possible reward? But I’ve watched a bunch before now and never got one...
<< Anonymous
Anne Onimous Reply
My dates don’t offer them?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It may be because there's a new version which gets rid of tickets
Anne Onimous
Ok, so i really want my sims to have a baby but I can’t seem to get the tickets at the parties? Is there any other way to get them? Also how come when i watch ads the Super Sim Tickets are no longer a possible reward?
<< Anonymous(Anne Onimous)
Anonymous Reply
Have you got the newest version of the game with the llama tickets yet? If so you don't need tickets to have a baby
So, I've been trying to get Super Sim Tickets for a month now, and I cant get a single one. I've been to parties, got them to lvl10 and 3 stars, yet no tickets! I've watched ads but they don't offer SuperSim tickets anymore.

Please! I just want my Sims to have a baby. Change the ticket requirements if you have too. Like, 100 Sim tickets. Heck, make it 250. Atleast we would be able to grind those up.
<< Anonymous(Foxtamer113)
Anonymous Reply
You might need to upgrade your game. The new version gets rid of sim and home tickets for llama tickets, earned from special events. In the new version you don't need anything except energy (and the relationship) to have a baby. As they don't exist in the new version this might be why you can't get them on the older version anymore
so I was in need of super sim tickets and i had no idea how to get them and all it said was parties but when i threw parties i didn’t get the tickets. I started attending parties(you can only go to two in a day) and once i was there i got my three stars filled up and once i did that i left the party, the next day i woke up i claimed some things because after the party was done it had a notification for me to claim it. so i claimed it and i saw that the party i had went to got two the 10th level and then i got some awards from attending the party. in that award i got a super sim ticket and some other stuff. the point is, if you go to parties and they get passed or get to level 8 then you will receive a super sim ticket for going to that party. i hope this helps you guys.
<< Anonymous(SUPER SIM TICKETS!)
Anonymous Reply
Thank you
<< Anonymous(SUPER SIM TICKETS!)
Chrissy Reply
I was doing the same thing and i didnt get the Super Sim Ticked
I dont know why.
The Party was on Level 10 and i got 3 Stars.
you can only go to two parties a day
Ok someone please help my husband just mood around the house crying, when I tap on him all it says is “Benjamin is upset”
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
bish we got the same husband
I got one ticket but I don’t know how. I realised only when I clicked on the bassinet when it obviously told me I need another one. Since then I’ve been trying to get another one and nada. I don’t have time or energy stuff to play at parties all day. So frustrating. I just stopped playing for like a month now because I’ve just given up.
I can't figger out the sims tickets.. When I click on them the game says 'can be used for creating new sims'. But if I click on "add a sim" the gamr says I need to pay 175 simcash first. Where can I use those sim tickets? I have a lot
<< Anonymous(Artypoodle)
Bella Reply
Me too
<< Anonymous(Artypoodle)
Lol Reply
You can make baby with sim ticket but you can't make them playable until your sim retire or unless you spend sim cash to buy a extra slot for playable sim
<< Anonymous(Artypoodle)
Anonymous Reply
With simcash you open slots(a space for a sim) but with sim tickets you make that sim
<< Anonymous(Artypoodle)
Courtney Reply
You need SUPER sim tickets for a baby but you can use regular sim tickets for clothes and stuff
I cant find any blue tickets to have a baby

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