The Sims Mobile Tickets

update 12/10/2017

What is a Ticket?

Ticket replaced the Tokens in the latest installation of the Sims Mobile. The usage is still the same with Tokens. These can be used in purchasing rare and valuable objects in the catalogue.

If will you update your game with the 2.6 version, you'll receive a notification about the changes and all of your previously earned Tokens will be converted to tickets.

Token Versus Ticket

Before, we have 20 types of Token to collect, but now, we only have 6 types of Ticket.

Tokens can only get as rewards from playing the game. The Ticket is similar to Token; however, it can be purchased in using SimCash now.

Ticket Inventory

This is where you can see the type and number of Tickets you currently possess. It is like your wallet for Tickets. Tapping the ticket in the inventory will show how to get them.

How to Check the Inventory

Tap the Arrow Tab Menu on the right side of the screen. The Arrow Tab Menu houses the option for Party, Game Friends, Messages and Settings.

Tap "Inventory" then select "Tickets" to view your collected tickets. To know how to obtain a particular ticket, just tap on it and a pop up message will tell you how.

Different Types of Ticket

TicketEarn from

Home Ticket
Careers, Hobbies, Special Events

Super Home Ticket
Special Events, Careers, Hobbies

Luxe Home Ticket
Special Events

Sim Ticket
Relationships, Parties

Super Sim Ticket
Parties, Relationships

Luxe Sim Ticket


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