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What is Party?

A party is an event for fun or to commemorate a particular day or occasion like a birthday. It is an online interaction with the other Sims Mobile players. You need to be at least Player Level 6 to unlock the Party feature of the game. This is a fun and exciting way to interact with other Sims Mobile players all over the world!

How to Join a Party

1. Access the Game Menu

This menu tab on the right side of the screen will show you the other game options like Parties, Social, Inventory and Settings. Select the balloon icon for "Parties" option.

2. Select any party on the list.

In the party menu, you will see the list of available party and possible rewards. It will also show ideal attendees for a certain party. You can talk with the other party goers by pressing "Chat". You can join the party by pressing the "Attend" option. You can attend 3 parties at the same time. If you wish to re-join the previous party, just select "Return to Party" in this option.

3. Enjoy the Party

Once you arrive at the party, You'll notice two progress bars. The one beside your Sims' icon is your own progress bar and the other one located on the upper part of the screen is the group progress bar. By pressing the purple balloons and initiating party actions like taste the cake or get a slice of pizza, you'll fill the two empty progress bars. You can also perform Hobby actions by pressing the purple Jigsaw piece icons.

You only have 10 Party Energy to use and each party interaction costs you 1 Party Energy so use it wisely. You can refill by eating a slice of Party Cake. You'll get a slice of it as a reward for attending parties.

You can also give stickers to those Sims attending the party by selecting a Sims with a blue plumbob above their head and tapping the sticker option. The sticker is a way to compliment someone else's appearance in the game. Every week, all the stickers you received will be counted by Izzy, the fashion guru and he will give you Fashion gems as a prize!.

You can also add these party goers as friends in the game and view their home by selecting this option. Just a reminder, these are strangers, so be careful giving your personal information and other details.

4. Fill in the Progress Bar

In order for you to get better rewards and more Simoleons, you need to help the other party goers fill this progress bar by completing party actions. The max level is Level 11. If you don't have enough party energy, you can use a cake slice, but it will cost you 25 Simcash. The party will last for 24 hours. You'll be receiving the reward after the party is over.

How to Host a Party

1. Set the party

Access the game menu and select the Parties tab. Select "Host Weekly Party". You can only set one party a time and your Sims should unlock a new trait first. Each party will last for 24 hours. You’ll need to grind hard to get enough points to level it up and make it the best that it can be as you can only host another party after a cooldown of 6 days.

Select the party theme you want to host. As a beginner, you can only select birthday party as a theme, but sooner or later, you'll unlock the others.

Select reward tier. This is the possible reward, you may receive after the party. This is based on your player level. For starters, you can choose the free one.

2. Decorate!

You can make your party fabulous and appealing to the party goers by decorating. Decorations are free to use and each one has a certain party action. Party goers will start to come to your house and join the fun. You don't need to worry about the after-party mess. The decorations will automatically be removed after the party. Such a relief, isn't?.

3. Enjoy the Party

You will need to fill those empty progress bars even if you are the host of the party. Other party goers will also help you to fill the party progress bar while filling their own. Press those purple balloons to initiate some party actions. Some actions are related to the Sims' hobby or career and these will give you additional points.

4. Fill in the Progress Bar

Every action will also contribute in filling the progress bar. The higher your Party Level is, the higher chance of getting a better rewards. Party goers have 24 hours to fill this bar and everyone will get the rewards after the party. You can socialize with the other Sims. Encourage party goers by sending messages in the "Chat" option. You can still join other parties. You can only recharge your Party Energy with a Party Cake.

How to End the Party?

Many players are asking the same question how to complete the party. Unfortunately, there's no way how you can skip it or cancel it.

The good thing is the party duration is lessen. Before you have to wait for 24 hours for the party to end, but now, it's only 12 hours! This can be still quite annoying for impatient people and for those who are sick of the party music. Maybe you can just make the most out of it.

You can still perform other day to day task, make friends and socialize with other Sims even there's a party going on in your house. You can also step up your career or hobby level while socializing and chatting with other players by attending or hosting a party.

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