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update 24/10/2017

What is Party?

The party is at an event for fun or commemorate a particular day like a birthday. It is an online interaction with the other Sims Mobile players. You need to be at least Player Level 9 to unlock Party feature of the game. You need Party Energy for your sims to do task.

How to Join a Party?

1. Access the Game Menu

This menu tab on the right side of the screen will show you the other game options like Parties, Social, Inventory and Settings. Select the party hat icon for "Parties" option.

2. Select any party on the list.

In the party menu, you will see the list of available party and possible rewards. It will also show ideal attendees for a certain party. The cake slice icon represents the Party Cake. Party Cake refills your Party energy. Each Party Cake cost 25 SimCash. You can talk with the other party goers by pressing "Chat". You can join the party by pressing the "Attend" option. You can attend 3 parties at the same time. If you wish to re-join the previous party, just select "Return to Party" in this option.

3. Enjoy the Party

Once you arrived in the party, all you have to do is fill the pink empty progress bar by pressing the purple balloons and initiate a party actions like taste the cake or get a slice of pizza. You can also perform Hobby actions by pressing the purple Jigsaw piece icons. In addition, you can build relationships with the other Sims and add them as a friend in your game.

4. Fill in the Progress Bar

In order for you to get a better rewards and more Simoleons, you need to help the other party goers fill this progress bar by completing some party actions. The max level is Level 11. If you don't have enough party energy, you can use a cake slice, but it will cost you 25 Simcash. The party will last for 24 hours. You'll be receiving the reward after the party is over.

How to Host a Party

1. Set the party

Access the game menu and select Parties tab. Select "Host Weekly Party". You can only set one party a time.

Select the party themes you would like. As a beginner, you can only select birthday party as a theme but sooner or later, you'll unlock the others.

Select reward tier. This is the possible reward, you may receive after the party. This is based on your player level. For starters, you can choose the free one.

2. Decorate!

You can make your party fabulous and pleasing to the party goers by decorating. Decorations are free to use and each one has a certain party action. Party goers will start to come to your house and join the fun.

3. Enjoy the Party

You will need to fill those empty pink stars even you are the host of the party. Other party goers will also fill their empty pink stars. Press those purple balloons to initiate some party actions.

4. Fill in the Progress Bar

Every action will also contribute in filling the progress bar. The higher your Party Level is, the higher chance of getting a better rewards. Party goers have 24 hours to fill this bar and everyone will get the rewards after the party. You can socialize with the other Sims or chat with the other players. You can still join other parties. You can only recharge your Party Energy with a Party Cake. Decorations will automatically disappear once the party is over.


Anonymous 3days ago
Please help me end a party I don't wanna wait 24 hours parties suck
J 5days ago
"You can only recharge your Party Energy with a Party Cake." So.. if I want to complete my daily tasks, I have to give this game irl money...?
Anonymous 10days ago
How to I end the party? I filled the bar and now I want to end it. Do I have to wait for 24h so it ends?
Anonymous 15days ago
How can you end your own party?
Anonymous 15days ago
How long does a party go for?
Cass 21days ago
How do I end a party
Annonimous 25days ago
How do i end a party i filled the progress list twice but it keeps going to a higher number im so frustrated!
<< Anonymous(Annonimous)
Char ro 23days ago Reply
How do I end the party or do I have to wait 24hrs?
How do I send a party?
How do I end a party
Hello is attending party live or not?
<< Anonymous(Rusty)
us525878 Reply
Yes. It is! :)
In addition to this, you can also choose interaction that is associated with your Sim's hobby or career. An example is if you are in the Fashion career, you can check the host's closet and advise him/her and if your hobby is cooking, you can do some dishes in their kitchen. The party menu will also show recommended Sim to attend a particular party according to their career and hobby.

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It would be handy to use the bed bath shower and toilet whenever you want plus energy wastes way ...
Please help me end a party I don't wanna wait 24 hours parties suck
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