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The Sims Mobile babies & kids items, how to unlock, and effect.
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How to have a baby?
update 07/04/2018

Kiddo-Boop Bed
2 Relationship Tokens, 60 SimoleonsPlayer Level 12
Toddlers will love having their own bed!

Butterfly Away Wall Decal
15 SimoleonsPlayer Level 12
Wall Art

Stork's Visit Bassinet
60 SimoleonsPlayer Level 12
Welcome a bundle of joy into the world!

Baby Genius Mobile
1 Relationship Token, 30 SimoleonsPlayer Level 12
Unlocks new actions with babies

High Chair
2 Relationship Tokens, 60 SimoleonsPlayer Level 12
Take care of rumbly toddler tummies!

Kiddo-Boop Superstar Rug
15 SimoleonsPlayer Level 13
Medium Rug

Bookwormy's Book Club Poster
15 SimoleonsPlayer Level 13

Child's Play Table
3 Relationship Tokens, 65 SimoleonsPlayer Level 13
A fun way for parents and children to bond

Ninety Yardline Poster
15 SimoleonsPlayer Level 14

Wiz Whiz Kid Poster
25 SimoleonsPlayer Level 20

Cuddly Bear
70 Simoleons, 16 Relationship Tokens, 4 Charisma TokensPlayer Level 20
Unlocks new action with babies

Toy Chest
130 Simoleons, 27 Relationship Tokens, 6 Creative TokensPlayer Level 24
Unlocks the Check Out Drawings action

Whiz Kidz Potty
625 Simoleons, 64 Relationship Tokens, 15 Performance TokenPlayer Level 27
It's potty time!

Storybook Shelf
360 Simoleons, 50 Relationship Tokens, 12 Language TokenPlayer Level 31
Unlocks the Practice Letters action

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I bought the mobile and the toy chest and no new actions were unlocked
<< Anonymous(Aj )
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Aj )
Anonymous Reply
Same here, highly disappointed.
<< Anonymous(Aj )
Anonymous Reply
Same. I bought the mobile and it does nothing.
I bought the teddy bear. I made a baby. Nothing new happened. What is really supposed to happen?
<< Anonymous(Ditzygypsy)
Massagefever Reply
Same here, it was too expensive to not do what was promised.
My childrens table and highchair are blocked and my moblie did nothing as well as my toy chest
How do I divorce and if I do can I still get married straight away to my ex
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Tap the sim that you want to divorce on the right hand corner where the actions are swipe down until you see "more options" when you tap that tap rival after all that you will see an even named "Divorce"

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