Writing Hobby (objects)

update 14/05/2017

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Writer's Block Desk
50 SimoleonsPlayer Level 13
Learn the Writing Hobby

Davenport Writing Desk
120 SimoleonsPlayer Hobby Level 5
Adds helpful actions to Writing Events

Desquire Writing Desk
TBAPlayer Hobby Level 8

Writer's Award
35 SimoleonsPlayer Hobby Level 2
Adds helpful actions to Writing Events

Pen and Ink
70 SimoleonsPlayer Hobby Level 4
Adds helpful actions to Writing Events

Ye Olde Tomes
TBAPlayer Hobby Level 6

Original Clacker Typewriter
TBAPlayer Hobby Level 9


Anonymous 4days ago
I cannoy begin my writing hobby. I have the desk and a dining chair. What else should i do? I am level 15 in my SimsMobile.
<< Anonymous
us525878 4days ago Reply
can you tell us what are you seeing when you tap the desk?
<< us525878
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Never mind. I know where i went wrong. I placed the writing desk beside the bed, and when i put the chair it was about 1 square apart from the desk, so it wouldn’t overlap with the bed.
<< us525878
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Thanks anyway

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