SimCash: Tips for Farming Simcash

Simcash in the Sims Mobile, how to get/farm, how to use, and the best ways to use.
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update 08/04/2018

What is SimCash?

SimCash is the premium currency in Sims Mobile. It is utilized to purchase mainly in Simoleons, but also in some game items and stuff.

How to earn SimCash

In-app purchase

The easiest way to earn SimCash is by purchasing it in the Google Playstore or Apple App Store. Simply tapping the SimCash icon in the game will direct you to the in-app purchase page.

Level up rewards

You can earn SimCash by levelling up. It might be time consuming, but it's free of charge.

Completing the Daily To Do List

You can receive 3 SimCash and 200 XP per day every time you've completed all the task in the Daily To Do List. Check our guide on how you can easily accomplish the list daily.

Participating in a Quest

This is another good source of free Simcash. Every week, you will receive a quest you can complete for a limited time only. Each quest have 5 stages. For every stage you'll complete, you'll receive 1 SimCash and 200 Simoleons. You can receive a total of 5 Simcash and 1000 Simoleon by just accomplishing the quest.

How to use SimCash

Speed up the Timer

You can speed up the timer by using Simcash. Just do the action and press "Rush". The number of Simcash to speed up timer varies. Be careful of using Simcash as its valuable and cost real money.

Use it to purchase items

Not all items in the game can be bought using Simoleons. Some premium items can just be bought using SimCash.

Buying Simoleons

You can buy Simoleons by purchasing it using SimCash. It comes with different packages and prices. The discount is applicable if you buy the bigger Simoleon bundle.

Buying Cupcakes and Packages

The fastest way to unlock various objects and heirlooms is to buy them with SimCash. You can find these packages in the in-app purchase menu. You can also purchase 5 Cupcakes for 75 Simoleons. It is quite expensive though.

Refresh Heirloom List

You can check Heirlooms that you can unlock per day in the Heirloom Market. It refreshes only once a day. If you like to look into a different set of Heirloom, you can refresh it for 10 Simcash. It's not recommended since you'll get nothing from it except from refreshing the set.

Customizing your Sim

There are tons of customization you can do in the game. Some of them can be purchased only using SimCash. Spend your SimCash wisely.

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Cheat codes on getting unlimited amounts of Simoleons and SimCash. Does anyone know how I can get that?
I wish we can have twins on the game and I wish we can customize our kids clothes and hair and control them.I also wish we can have twins and that the hot tub will be on the furniture sign on outdoor and it won't cost a lot of money at all.I wish that the owner will give us simcash for our jobs mean about 100 for a quick shift and 300 for a standard shift and last 500 for a long shift. THE OWNER OF THIS GAME PLEASE READ THIS AND ADD THIS TO THE GAME PLEASE!
<< Anonymous(Amiya)
Miriam Reply
I completely agree with you!!! Sims mobile needs a new update that includes all of that!!
Pleas give me free simscash
I am trying to buy cash on my Sims Mobile app on my phone and it says "Unavailable." I also have the Sims Mobile app on my tablet and I was able to buy cash on that. What's up with the "unavailable" box under each amount of cash?
Bryan Oxford
Argent illimité
Don’t workkkk
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Can a Sim marry two people?

Can a Sim marry two people?
Simcash is too expensive in the game and they should add events where you can earn it instead of doing quests which take forever and aren’t worth it!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Also the lower the prices for things that cost simcash! It’s ridiculous the amount things cost with simcash!
Can pick pockets steal your sim cash? 30 simcash is suddenly missing. I already hat this with the coins twice. I am pretty sure i didn't click somewhere accidentally.
<< Anonymous(xy)
SimmermaN Reply
I know pickpockets stealing Simoleons, not SimCash.

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