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update 08/04/2018

What is Hobby?

Hobbies are enjoyable activities done during your leisure time. In Sims Mobile, there are five types of hobby you can choose. You can select one for your character and its depend on your level.

You will rewarded with Simoleons once you completed a Hobby Event. Your hobby level will also increase everytime you do your hobby. You can also unlock new objects that match and give you a head start in every hobby event.

Hobbies and How to Unlock

Each hobbies listed below is available in the game. Each one can be unlocked by your Player's Level except for the Piano Hobby.

HobbyReq. to Unlock
CookingPlayer Level 8
GuitarPlayer Level 11
WritingPlayer Level 13
YogaPlayer Level 17
PianoMaestro's Grand Piano Family Heirloom

Requirements for each Hobby

Aside from the required Player Level, each hobby will require items to do it. You can purchase these items in the catalog using Simoleons or SimCash. Some items required higher Hobby Level before you can purchase them.

Just click each link below to check other items for each hobby:

List of Hobbies


This hobby is more on making food at home. This is where you can hone your culinary skill. Become the master chef of your household by choosing this hobby.


This hobby is all about playing one of the most popular string instrument which is Guitar. This also involves using Amp and other musical musical paraphernalias.


Writing is a hobby or activity of composing words with style and quality. Your Sim will compose some literature such as poems, stories and novels.


Yoga is a hobby based on Hindu spiritual and austere practice to achieve enlightenment. Your Sim will perform some yoga poses and meditation in this hobby.


This hobby is more about playing the musical instrument we called Piano. Aside from familiarizing the Piano keys, your Sim will also read some composer's note and biography.

List of Hobby Stories

Hobby StoryProgression Path

Now We're Cooking
  • Kitchen Canoodler
  • Griddle Twiddler
  • Flavor Trailblazer
  • Recipe Revolutionary
  • Cutting-Edge Cook

Six-String Fling
  • Fledgling Fretter
  • Kind of a Guitar Player
  • Wannabe Rockstar
  • Definitely a Guitar Player
  • Band Member

Tales from the Script
  • Pencil Pusher
  • Occasional Scribbler
  • Novice Novelist
  • Naturally Narrative
  • Inspired Author

Yay for Vinyasas!
  • Yoga Poser
  • Mildly Bendy
  • Stretch Savvy
  • Zen Warrior
  • Entirely Enlightened

Play it Again, Sim
  • Pian00b
  • Promising Plunker
  • Ivory Tickler
  • Accomplished Soloist
  • Do Re Mi Maestro

How to Change Hobby

You can easily switch from one hobby to another by tapping an unassigned hobby object and select the story for that hobby. You will required to pay certain amount of Simoleons. Your Sim's progress for that particular hobby will be saved.

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nicolo 3days ago
how to level up my hobby? should i reapet hobby to level up?
I have a quest called hobbies with Homies. Where I need to use a hobby station at a party. But I can’t seem to figure out how it works or what to use. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
<< Anonymous(Beth)
Liz Reply
From my experience,if the party sim's house has a hobby item for a hobby your own sim has, there would be a puzzle piece pop-up instead of balloons on top of them. You can also save yourself the trouble of finding a house with a common station by searching a party from the list with a recommendation. It should have a picture of your sim below the party name, if that was the case. :)
Let's say that one of my sims (sim A) has a level 8 on cooking hobby, I want to switch him with the Writing hobby so another sim (sim B) could take his place. Will sim B instantly have level 8 from the one saved on the cooking hobby or will he have to start from scratch?
If I retired a sim who mastered cooking. Will I still be able to get the hobby exclusive stuff when I get to that level. Example the griddler collection at level 35. Or do I have to have a current sim with high level in cooking?
How do you drop a hobby or swap it between players?
<< Anonymous
Aominecchi Reply
Read above
Can you change hobbies?
<< Anonymous
Aominecchi Reply
Yes you can, you just have to tap the item from the other hobby (guitar, stove, yoga mat etc) then choose the icon and switch hobbies

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I was so Busy with work that i didnt know a quest will pop up after a proprosal. I didn’t t...
After you retire a sim, you cant control them. But can you create a new sim in their place?
You should really thank the people who have replied to your question!
That's just a cool bug, I guess your stuck with them
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