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The Sims Mobile club decorations & DJ career items, how to unlock, and effect.
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update 07/04/2018

DJ Career Items


Laser Lights
55 SimoleonsDJ Career Level 3
Get a head start in DJ Events

DJ PlumPlum Posters
-DJ Career Level 7
Get a head start in DJ Events

Llama Blu Sculpture
-DJ Career Level 9
Get a head start in DJ Events

Club Decorations


Cone of Silence Ceiling Light
835 SimoleonsNone
Ceiling Light

Club Bar
5,750 SimoleonsNone

VIP Table
3,415 SimoleonsNone
Small Dining Table

Stylish Table Light
1,260 SimoleonsNone
Small Table Light

Glowstrip Wall Light
1,055 SimoleonsNone
Wall Light

Glowstrip Tile
640 SimoleonsNone
Small Floor Decoration

Other items


Home (Builds)



I can't unlock the club. I'm level 30, when I turned level 23 there was the option to unlock the club but I waited as I had no need for it then. I'm now ready to unlock it but the padlock symbol is gone. I clicked all around the building and nothing. So frustrating. I'm thinking it's an issue they need to fix but I can't seem to find anything online where someone has the same problem.

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I have the same problem and I only have 1 day 5 hours to complete it
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