Aging and Retirement in The Sims Mobile

update 19/09/2017

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Death is one of the inescapable part of being a human. Aging is also included since we can't remain forever young. We will eventually grow up and become matured. Death may come unexpectedly because of accident or disease. It may also occur naturally as we grow old.

In the Sims Mobile, Sims are also experiencing this natural process in a different way. Sims will age up as you interact with other Sims, attend events and enhance their traits. On the other hand, retiring your Sims is now controllable with the latest version unlike with the previous one; however, this selection requires you to step up your Player level up to Level 16 and you must max out your Sim's traits.


Aging normally involves numbers. We become mature and as time goes by, our body will begin to change and deteriorate. Sims may stay fully grown adult. They are aging not by day or by year they have existed in your game.

For the Sims to age, they should perform interactions with the other Sims and build relationship. They should gain and hone their skills by executing and completing events. Their traits will be the factor of their adulthood.


Sim's retirement from the game is now in the player's hand. In the former version, elder Sims has only two days before automatically retire. This gives you disadvantage to step upward with your Sim's career and hobby; hence, limiting you to unlock objects and other stuff.

Now, once you've reached player level 16 and max out your Sim's traits, you can choose to retire that particular Sim or not. The retirement option will be available in the Trait menu of that said Sim. Retired Sims will leave a Heirloom. These can unlock new traits, levels and other bonuses.

Retired Sims will not be gone forever. They will still be around, but not playable. They can mentored your current Sims to earn XPs. Mentoring is passing the knowledge of your retired Sims to your current playable Sims. That is similar to your granny scolding you about life and experiences.


Anonymous 3days ago
When can I unlock the 4 sim "slot"? I have 4 sims (one of them is a toddler) and i can't control this last one :( reply please!
Kian 5days ago
Aside of life and death...I have a problem , can anyone help me?!

I can't move my know , I tap and hold them , but still it doesn't working... Please I need help(sorry for my bad English)
<< Anonymous(Kian)
Michelle 3days ago Reply
You can go into the tab where you buy furniture and click the tab with the chair. If you go to decorations and then to floor decorations, you can then hold the carpet and then you should be able to move it around.
<< Anonymous(Michelle)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Thank you❤
C 4days ago
But how do babies grow up? How much time does it requires to unlock the option to grow up the baby?
Anonymous 4days ago
With the new update can I intentionally retire my sims now or is it something I have to wait for
Nae 19days ago
Do children grow up to adults ?
<< Anonymous(Nae )
Lilly 5days ago Reply
Yes they do! And I think once they retire you can play them! (Don't hold my word for it but I'm almost 100% sure you can:) have fun playing!
Louise 11days ago
Why won't it let me retire anymore of my sims
Can we still control our elders somehow! I can't use our toilet! My elder still in the toilet and not movin at all.
<< Anonymous(.:Harrietta:.)
MaiLa Reply
You should be able to move them out from the family portrait, to make place for a new Sim.

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