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update 10/04/2018

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Death is one of the inescapable part of being a human. Aging is also included since we can't remain forever young. We will eventually grow up and become matured. Death may come unexpectedly because of accident or disease. It may also occur naturally as we grow old.

In the Sims Mobile, Sims also experience this natural process in a different way.


Sims will stay fully grown adult once you created them. They will not grow old like us. They are not aging for each day or year they have existed in your game. The only kind of Sim that will age and grow is a baby Sim.

For the Sims to age and be mature, they should perform interactions with the other Sims and build relationships. They should gain and hone their skills by executing and completing events. Their traits will be the factor of their adulthood.


Sim's retirement from the game is now in the player's hands. In the former version, elder Sims have only two days before automatically retiring. This gives you a disadvantage to step upward with your Sim's career and hobby; hence, limiting your ability to unlock objects and other stuff.

Now, once you've reached player level 16 and max out your Sim's traits, you will receive a prompt to retire that particular Sim or not.

The retirement option will be available in the Trait menu of that said Sim. Retired Sims will leave a Heirloom. These can unlock new traits, levels and other bonuses.

NOTE: If you missed or disregarded the retirement notification, you have to imaginary raise another trait to get the prompt or the option to retire. The game doesn't have a progress bar for traits. Basically, you need to play and pray to receive that option again.

TIP: To raise another trait, consider the traits that you have with your Sim. For an example, if you have "Kind of a Big Deal" trait that boost your DJ Career, assign your Sim to be a DJ and perform lots of DJ career events.

Retired Sims will not be gone forever. They will still be around, but not playable. They can mentor your current Sims to earn XP. Mentoring is passing the knowledge of your retired Sims to your current playable Sims. That is similar to your granny scolding you about life and experiences.

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2 of my playable Sims are married but 1 of them is ready to retire. I want to retire her but he's not ready to retire yet.
So would that automatically make him retire with his spouse?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
After I retire a SIM do I get to make a new one in it's place?
Can I get my sims back after retire?
<< Anonymous(Caroline)
Anonymous Reply
You must make them have a baby before retiring
I still can’t have a baby
<< Anonymous(Unicorn )
Anonymous Reply
You can have a baby if you are already in a chapter 3 in any relationshop
When do second generation sims retire? My sim Echo has been an adult for a long time and my 3 rd gen sims are almost all adults too.
Got a bit of a problem too, i'm already at lvl 35, max up 4 traits of my 1st gen. Sims been waiting for 3 days but they still havent retire none of them can you please help?
<< Anonymous(TheAmsterdamsDS)
Anonymous Reply
Yup, I've got the same issue.
<< Anonymous(TheAmsterdamsDS)
Anonymous Reply
Same here
I still can’t have a baby
so..My sim, I used to be able to have the option to retire him. but I chose not too, a little bit later I didn’t have the option again and have been trying to retire that sim and hope it comes back up again, but it never did. I’m really 🔥 and irritated, FIX THIS!!
I’m not planning to retire my sims right away. And I have all the four sim slots used up. So is it mandatory to retire a sim if i want my sims to raise a baby? Or are baby sims not counted as slot sims?
What happens when you retire all your sims in mobile, and you have no children?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
A cousin comes and takes over
<< Anonymous
Selinsusan Reply
Both of my retired sims said they were moving out, and that they wouldn’t be available anymore. I had no choice but to let them, and now my old sims are both gone.
What do I do?!?! I miss them!
Can you retire a second generation sim? I’ve already retired my first generation but I’m wondering if I can retire the second gen??
<< Anonymous(Confused)
Anonymous Reply
yes after player level 16, you will be getting a lot of pop ups like ‘do you want you sims to retire?’ that’s when you have the chance to do it! if you lost he chance - wait for another one..

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