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Sims Mobile risk actions, how to perform, how to increase success rate, and pros & cons.
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update 08/04/2018

What is Risk Action?

Risk action is one of the new features of The Sims Mobile. This feature was added in the 2.5.0 version and still existing in the latest one. These are actions added when performing a Hobby, Career or Social Events except Special Events. Performing these actions may reward a massive fill in the progress bar if the attempt is successful that might lead you to complete the event in no time. On the other hand, the unsuccessful result will still give you consolation.
For the risk actions to appear, you should have enough confidence and energy to perform it. Your Sim will notify you if she/he ready for that. You can use our guide to perform risk actions successfully!

How to Perform Risk Actions

1. Start an Event

Select any event that is available by tapping on your Hobby Object or Career Object. You can also tap a Sim to select Social Event.

2. Tap Into Those Pink Stars to Perform Actions

To complete each event in no time, you have to help your Sim to perform actions in an event by tapping into those pink stars. These will also fill your confidence gauge.

Your Sim's confidence level will not increase if you let it perform on its own. Once your Sim has enough confidence level, you'll receive a notification.

3. Select and Perform the Risk Action

You'll notice action with a progress bar on it. Those are the Risk Actions. This will inform you somehow if you'll succeed or not. The higher your Sim's confidence level, the more chances you'll succeed. Select the Risk Action and perform. Make sure you have enough energy to do that. There will be a short animation, but you can skip that by tapping the screen.

If you are successful, you'll receive a thumbs up and the bonus pink stars. You'll still receive a few stars, even if you fail. Just always remember, to ensure successful Risk Actions, you must build your Sim's confidence level first by helping it to perform actions.

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Stumble Risk Actions makes me want to uninstall Sims Mobile! I really hate this game forever!
Sometimes my sim says they are ready for a risk, and I look everywhere for the risk thing, and it’s nowhere.
I start a cooking/coffee event with a new sim, and he constantly messes it up, be it attempting to flamb’e, or showing off. He always fails, even though he says he’s ready for a risk.
How do I get the runway risk action in the fashion career? I used to have it when my Sim was on Level 6-8 but, now that she's finished I don't see the "walk the runway" risk action and I want it!
Sins mobile
My sims just started the cooking hobby but isn’t getting any of the risky actions but she keeps saying “I’m ready to try a risky action.” I’ve also tried using different stoves.
<< Anonymous(Sins mobile)
JJ Reply
The risk action for cooking needs an empty bench top to be performed. Ensure there is one of these in your kitchen.
<< Anonymous(Sins mobile)
SMG19 Reply
Happens with me
How do I get a risk action in the hobby cooking??? It never shows up for me!!☹️
<< Anonymous(Ash)
JJ Reply
The risk action for cooking needs an empty bench top to be performed. Ensure there is one of these in your kitchen
<< Anonymous(Ash)
SMG19 Reply
You need an oven
Can you guys start spelling right because I get really confused and I bet other people do too! Thanks.
<< Anonymous(SPELL RIGHT!!!)
SMG19 Reply
What he said
I may not be able to have stars even if I fail tge risk actions from the sims mobile! This rule bullies me to teaes.
Not interesred with a red mark and thumvs down
I have problems in level 1 after I am done with my career task it gave me my first question, to continue cleaning or fix the broken toilet or bed but I cannot fix the toilet. What am I supposed to do?
where's the beverage self
after career level 5 in the doctor profession I get no risky action options, I'm 10 in the fashion career and hardly ever get a risky action option. Do they start going away as you progress?
<< Anonymous(georgia)
liljewel Reply
I'm level 36. The higher level you are the harder you work for everything. Level 35 new unlocks are literally all simcash. Very disappointing. At this time I'm clearing a piece of land that cost me $33??? That's 33 Thousand!! Took almost 4 days of straight working 2 sims constantly. And now I have to wait 2 days for it to clear unless I spend simcash to unlock early :(
<< Anonymous(georgia)
liljewel Reply
I didn't get into the medical profession until late 20 level and I experienced the same thing. I don't think it matters the level, the medical profession just doesn't give much in speeding the time unfortunately. The rewards suck as well, total bummer

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