Culinary Career

update 21/06/2017

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One of the careers available in The Sims Mobile is Culinary Career. This job is related to preparation, cooking and presentation of food in the form of meals.
Culinary Career is available once you unlocked the Market Square. If you selected this career, you'll be the chef and the server of the restaurant. Progressing through this career will unlock some items related to culinary that will give you XP and Tokens everyday.




Gourmet Kitchen Island
-Culinary Career Level 4
Gives a daily chance for XP and Tokens

Racktastic Utensil Rack
-Culinary Career Level 7
Improves rewards from Kitchen Island

Racktastic Pot Rack
35 SimoleonsCulinary Career Level 10
Improves rewards from Kitchen Island

Lookin' Sharp Knife Set
-Culinary Career Level 11

Smoke-B-Gone Oven Hood
-Culinary Career Level 13

Olive Dish
-Culinary Career Level 16

Seasonal Seasonings Spice Rack
-Culinary Career Level 18



Stacked Pots
-Culinary Career Level
Culinary Career Item

Standing Menu
165 SimoleonsCulinary Career Level 7
Culinary Career Item

Ingredient Counter
-Culinary Career Level 9
Culinary Career Item


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