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What is Simoleon?

Simoleon is the unit of currency in every Sims game series. The Simoleon monetary sign in the game is similar to the section sign (§) . You will start the game with 100 Simoleons on hand.

How to Earn Simoleon

In-app purchase

If you want an instant Simoleons, you can simply go to the in-app purchasing page of the game and buy lots of it. You can only purchase Simoleons using Simcash. Same with SimCash, the discount is applicable if you buy the bigger bundle.

Accomplishing the Daily To Do List

You will also be rewarded with Simoleons by doing tasks in the Daily To Do List. Aside from Simoleons, you'll might also receive XP, Cupcakes and Simcash too.

Go to Work

Standardized to the real world, you can earn Simoleons by working hard. You'll be compensated after completing your job. Hard earned money is the best!

Doing your hobby

You can also earn Simoleons from doing your hobby. You are earning while having fun!

Attending Parties

In Sims Mobile, you'll earn money and other stuff by just attending different parties. If this will be applicable in real-life, I'll be attending parties every minute!

Completing Quests and Events

One of the best way to earn huge sums of Simoleons is completing quests. Quests changes weekly and each quest can give a total of 1,000 Simoleons. You can also attend events everyday; however, it is time consuming. Aside from Simoleons, you might also receive Tokens and Simcash.

How to use Simoleon

To purchase items

The majority of the items in the catalog can be bought using Simoleons. Some of these items are required to be unlocked first by levelling up and some of it can only be purchased using Simcash.

Paying for a repair

Some items in the game are not durable. You can fix broken items by paying Simoleons just like paying a repairman, but its cheaper.

Unlocking locations

As you advance in the game, you can unlock locations by paying the required amount of Simoleons. The amount required to unlock locations varies.

Land Expansion

If you are planning to build your mansion, you need tons of Simoleons to expand your land area.

Customizing your Sim

Feeling dull and ugly? No worries! You can spend your hard earned moolah on buying fabulous clothes and other customizations. Perfect for those Shopaholics out there.


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