Having a Baby

update 06/06/2017

What is a Baby?

In order for you to carry on your legacy, you should have a baby. This is not an easy decision in our real world since this is a responsibility. Babies will grow up soon and become part of our society.
In the Sims Mobile, making a baby is not an easy task too. You have to meet certain requirements first. Use this guide to make your own baby!

How to have a Baby?

The first requirement to have a baby is another Sims, whom you have a relationship with. You cannot make your own baby in the game without it. Your Sims' partner should have at least a True Love Relationship Level 8.

The second requirement is the Bassinet. You can purchase the Stork's Visit Bassinet in the Babies & Kids Section of the catalogue for 60 Simoleons. Bassinet's interactions can only be unlocked once you have the first requirement.
Once you have all the necessities, tap on the Bassinet and select any interaction on the list.

Selecting "Having a baby with..." will make your Sims do the WooHoo action. This will last for a minute. If you can't wait to see your baby, you can use SimCash to speed up timers, but it is not recommended. Selecting this interaction will product a random gender of the baby. You can also "Adopt" to select your kid's gender. There will be no WooHoo action, but your Sims will just wait in front of the Bassinet.

After performing the baby making action, you will find a baby lying in the Bassinet. You definitely name your baby to your likings. You can feed the baby and change the diaper. As days go by, this tiny creature will soon grow and become an adult.

Why make a baby?

Aside from being a legacy and giving us XP in every interaction with them, babies or kids can grow up and become playable Sims. Creating a Sim will cost you 50 SimCash. Making a baby or kid as a playable grown up Sim is free.


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