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Career in the SIms Mobile, how to join, how to unlock, how to switch, career rewards, and workplaces.
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What is Career?

Career is an occupation or profession that will help your Sim grow as a better person in the Sims world. This is your bread and butter. This will likewise help you unlock some objects in the game catalogue.

Careers and Work Locations

CareerHow to unlock

Visit Parkside

Visit Market Square

Visit Market Square

Visit Market Square

Requires Player Level 15

Requires Player Level 23

Requires Player Level 15

Requires High-End Digital Camera Heirloom

Requires Medical Injector Heirloom

List of Careers


Barista is the first career you'll get once you began the game as this career has a minimum level cap. Your workplace is located in the Parkside. Progressing though this career will unlocks coffee maker, coffee pot and coffee display shelf that will give you a head start in every Barista Career Event.

Culinary Career

Culinary career is available after you unlocked the Market Square by Player Level 5. Just select and open the restaurant to set about this career. Progressing through this career will unlock the Gourmet Kitchen Island and other Kitchen objects that will provide you head start in this career.

Fashion Career

Fashion Career is also available after you unlocked the Market Square. You'll be a fashion designer of the townsfolk. Levelling up with this career will unlock objects that will give you head start points such as Creative Chaos Dresser, Full-Length Mirror and Coat hanger.

Medical Career

Another career that is available in the Market Square is Medical Career. You'll be, a medical practitioner or a doctor that will help other Sims with their health condition. Progressing through this career will unlock Treadmill, Hydration Essentials, Progress Mirror and other objects you normally see in a clinic. These will give you a career event head start.

Law Career

You can unlock the Downtown once you've reached Player level 15. One of the career available in the downtown area is the Law Career. You'll be working in the Civic Center. As a lawyer you'll be assisting clients who need some legal services. You can be a defense or prosecuting attorney.

Business Career

Business Career is one of the career only available to unlock once you've visited the Downtown by Player Level 15. A one time payment of 2,400 Simoleons is required to unlock the Agency. You'll be going to business meetings, discuss report and you will be given a daily workload. You'll be rewarded of some business-related objects such as beverage shelf and trophies. These will give you bonus XP if you use it everyday.

DJ Career

You have to be at least Player Level 23 to unlock this career.DJ Career involves mixing and playing music live in the club located in Downtown. Aside from working in the DJ's booth, you'll be socializing with those Sims in the dance floor and with your fellow DJ. Choosing this career and leveling up will unlock items that you can place at home or in the club.

Photography Career

For you to unlock this career, you must have the "High-End Digital Camera Heirloom" which you can get from the ASOS Limited Time Event. Since the event is over, you can get the heirloom required for this career to unlock from retiring Sims. You can also get it from the store, however, it's quite rare. This career is for every aspiring shutterbug out there. It is more about taking photos, teaching models how to pose and taking selfies. A lot of photography related objects can be unlocked by choosing and levelling up this career.

Surgeon Career

For this career, you have to purchase the Surgeon Career Pack for $6.99 in the store to unlock it. The pack is a limited time only and contains the "Medical Injector" heirloom, scrubsuits, Simoleons and Tickets. This career's HQ will be the Market Square Hospital where in you'll be sharing space with Medical Career. The career will use the surgery table as your workstation.

List of Career Stories

Career StoryProgression Path

The Way of the Latte
  • New Brewer
  • Barista's Apprentice
  • Latte Artisan
  • True Brewer

Out of the Frying Pan
  • Grill Gofer
  • Flavor Savior
  • Dish Whisperer
  • Umami Expert
  • Longshot Chef

Trending Now
  • Alterations Associate
  • Ensemble Adicionado
  • Makeover Master
  • Trendsetter
  • Fashion Icon

The Mystery Cure
  • Medic on a Mission
  • Practitioner with a Purpose
  • Experimental Researcher
  • Top Secret Specialist
  • Hippocratic Hero

Hand-Knit Justice
  • Legal Eagle
  • A+ Advocate
  • Deft Defender
  • Courtroom Champ
  • Defender in Demand

Like Nobody's Business
  • Admin Assistant
  • Campaign Cultivator
  • Junior Executive
  • Executive Vice President
  • Executive Senior VP of Executives

  • Amateur Audiophile
  • Hooked on the Bass Line
  • Atmospheric Ace
  • Serious Spinner
  • Kind of a Big Deal

Focused and Fearless
  • Selfie Aware
  • Flare Developer
  • Depth Defier
  • Pixer Pusher
  • Photography Prodigy

The Mysterious Benefactor
  • Pre-op-servation Surgeon
  • Opine Specialist
  • Trauma Surgeon
  • Extraction Specialist
  • Surgical Conspiracist

ASOS Limited Edition Career Stories

Career StoryProgression Path

ASOS Fashion Forecast
  • ASOS Associate
  • ASOS Insider
  • Fashion Forecaster
  • ASOS Innovator
  • Studio Manager

ASOS Fashion Focused
  • Fashion-Forward Photographer
  • Behind-the-Lens Big Shot
  • Inspirational Shutterbug
  • Catwalk Purrfectionist
  • Model Photographer

How to Change Career

You can easily switch from one career to another by going to your desire work location, tap the encircled pink star and select the story for that hobby. You will required to pay certain amount of Simoleons. Your Sim's progress for that particular hobby will be saved.

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which career makes the most money?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you have played the previous versions of sims, law and or business is always the top paying jobs. I havent reached a high level yoet so im experimenting and might come back to tell you the updates
<< Anonymous(Deedee)
Anonymous Reply
Apart from barista (the least income, sorta trial), all others pay the same amount. The higher level, the more income
<< Anonymous(Deedee)
Anonymous Reply
Seems like once you max out each career you can make 450 simoleans with the long shift, same with maxing our hobbies
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I make 510 simoleons with a long shift in the modeling story
Can someone tell me how I can get the picture perfect heirloom please so I can start the career
Why is it when you change careers it’s not in your sims stories anymore? I get it saves your progress but when I retire will I get benefits from all the careers or just one?
How to tell the conditions of your sim
How do you unlock the dance teacher career.
Where to fint the spy career location
I can't work the Rocket Science Sim is almost at Level 10, but I can't put her to work! Help!
I finished the career story but did not get my rewards
How do you get into the photography career?
<< Anonymous(Manj)
SimmermaN Reply
You have to get the "High-End Digital Camera" Heirloom to unlock it first. You can get that by completing the Photography Quest within the next 3 days. It should be in your Quest option.
I can't start the Photography career. Help!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Same. Wondering if it’s a glitch
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
there isa quest to unlock it
<< Anonymous
SimmermaN Reply
There's a quest you need to complete in order to get the heirloom to unlock it.
I made one of my sims to dance in the club to gain XP and get higher level. Then I choose the longest time to him to work cause I want to sleep. This morning, his progress is still around 7 hours! Is it a bug? Or because I make him dance all night long? please someone answer this.
If you quit one career and go too another, will you loose all progress if you wanted to go back too the first career or will you just take from where you left off?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It saves your progress

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