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update 27/06/2018


You can unlock the Downtown once you've reached Player level 15. One of the career available in the downtown area is the Law Career. You'll be working in the Civic Center. As a lawyer you'll be assisting clients who need some legal services. You can be a defense or prosecuting attorney. You can personalize your law office too!

Career Story

Career StoryProgression Path

Hand-Knit Justice
  • Legal Eagle
  • A+ Advocate
  • Deft Defender
  • Courtroom Champ
  • Defender in Demand

Traits That Will Give Bonus

These Sims are a bit better at all careers
Good Upbringing
These Sims are way better at all Events
These Sims are a bit better at Business and Law Careers

Career Related Objects

Law Career


Case Files Cabinet
-Law Career Level 3
Get a head start in Law Events

Bylaw Bookshelf
-Law Career Level 8
Get a head start in Law Events

Caveat Coffee Table
-Law Career Level 10
Get a head start in Law Events

Civic Center Decorations


Office Chair
700 SimoleonsNone
Dining Chair

Modern Office Chair
725 SimoleonsNone
Dining Chair

Modern Office Chair
835 SimoleonsNone
Dining Chair

Traditional Area Rug
1,590 SimoleonsNone
Large Rug

Dash of Outdoors Table Plant
700 SimoleonsNone
Table Plant

Potted Plant
760 SimoleonsNone
Floor Plant



Chess Table
-Unlocks in Hand-Knit Justice Career Story
Chess Table

Checkmate Chair
-Unlocks in Hand-Knit Justice Career Story
Dining Chair

Knight Light
-Unlocks in Hand-Knit Justice Career Story
Floor Light

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Anonymous 9days ago
Is there a career outfit reward for law like other careers? I've completed barista, chef, fashion and doctor career and got outfits from all of them but I haven't gotten anything for completing law career
Anonymous 15days ago
I'm having the same issue the law career won't let me work anymore
Anonymous 22days ago
I can’t get to level 5. I go to work and there’s no option for me to work

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