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The Sims Mobile leak, new careers and hobbies, and upcoming new features.
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update 08/04/2018

EA seems planning to expand The Sims Mobile in the near future. This game is already out worldwide and they are still testing and improving the game. EA did not officially mention when this will take place, but this is just our hunch since someone found a bug.

A glitch was discovered recently and that exposes every single heirloom that is available in the game. Some of these heirlooms are not listed yet in the current collections. We managed to test it due to our curiosity. This glitch is not recommended to try since this might cause trouble in your gameplay or if EA found out this mess, they might execute some actions regarding this.

Upcoming Additions

As we uncover each Heirlooms and read their description, there are some careers and hobbies that are still not in the current game version. We strongly suggest to wait for the official update. This is probably just a sneak preview.

New Careers

Careers that are not yet in the game, but mentioned in the Heirloom descriptions are:

  • Photography Career
  • Creative Direction Career
  • Singing Career
  • Space Career
  • Technology Career
  • Singing Career
  • Political Career
  • Science Career
  • Baking Career

New Hobbies

The Hobbies they will add soon, probably in the next game update are:

  • Painting Hobby
  • Vlogging Hobby
  • Gaming Hobby
  • Basketball Hobby

This quite exciting to us who love The Sims Mobile. It seems like it's heading the right direction. We wish they will add these in the game the soonest possible. We will keep you posted on this.


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Good to hear!
Changes Sound Great!
Good to hear!
Changes sound great! As always, however, we have more suggestions.
Hobbies: gardening, crafting.
Careers: elementary teacher, nurse, shop owner, Repair person, police officer, Veterinarian, (EMT would be too involved, I imagine) maybe add a grocery store for a sort of “day in the life.”
Would still love to see pets! School for the kids, would be nice! We can’t do much with them unless there’s a brief option, so send them to school and make a teaching career. Some of the options in Sims FreePlay would be lovely in Sims Mobile. They definitely LOOK better in Sims mobile!
Why is encountering between couples ruined?? Like it was very heartbreaking to watch my wife in my family die emotionally.only because she could not encounter her husband,and just spend time with him before he permanently took off to the retirement island. And only because he took the first move towards her,when they were young. They ought to be able to spend time with the other half of a couple no matter who approached the one person first. And not block them out. It was Very hard to watch her not to be able spending time with her retired husband, as written,Because he did the first move. Which shut her out to choose the same thing to him . And vice versa on other couples
Do you have any idea when these new career will show up in the game?
<< Anonymous(Kingkingking)
Fungus Reply
Yes, the items unlock throughout the "Trending Now" storyline which is the fashion career.
<< Anonymous(Kingkingking)
Anonymous Reply
If you bought the offer for it or did event to get the camera heirloom then you unlock by going to the fashion location click on things to buy for career there and it should give option to place photography item.get it it fits on sidewalk out front.then click pink icon above it to start photography career.
<< Anonymous(Fungus)
Redrose524 Reply
Can’t find Trending Now.
<< Anonymous(Fungus)
Anonymous Reply
Where is that
Stadium is an upcoming venue
Secret Agent is coming too
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Does someone now how to get the photograph career
<< Anonymous(Why)
Anonymous Reply
I paid $9.99 in real cash during offer and got the camera heirloom for my house.When you have the heirloom then visit the fashion carter location and look at career things to option to place photography stuff in fashion center comes up,it fits on sidewalk out will then have pink star to click to start photography career.
What would be neat if players/people could have the free option to leave "making a SIM" like at "changing appearances" ,if like I did. I had an open slot free and open for my family'little son. But now when accidentally hitting the empty slot by a mistake,due to finishing the lama truck quest, it is now impossible to leave back out to my family. I am now forced to create (and hopefully soon retire), a SIM, I didn't need in the dirt place,when all I wanted was just to get back out, like hitting the x like in " Changing appearances/SIM". Accidents like that are common, everyone can fail. Placing a x in there would be neat. My fortune in this, is that,the son,who was ment for this slot, is only just a toddler, am just waiting for him to show the cake above his head. So I can let him stay a child till the extra SIM,can be retired asap. But if there was an x to hit,all of this extra stuff could have been avoided,or given me as a player the free option to choose..
I can't unlock the club. I'm level 30, when I turned level 23 there was the option to unlock the club but I waited as I had no need for it then. I'm now ready to unlock it but the padlock symbol is gone. I clicked all around the building and nothing. So frustrating. I'm thinking it's an issue they need to fix but I can't seem to find anything online where someone has the same problem.
<< Anonymous(Tyrannosaurose)
Anonymous Reply
There is a cost to unlock the club,go back to the club and tap on it. The cost was over five thousand, it's been I while since I unlocked it so I don't really remember the exact price. I hope this helps you!
<< Anonymous(Tyrannosaurose)
Anonymous Reply
I have the same issue, inside the club is empty. I've reported it and was told to post it as a bug, I did and I've heard nothing. I have seen this issue mentioned often and still nothing has been done.
Will the waterfront ever be available?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's out now
I can’t seem to get the Reply button to work on here, but I’m trying to respond to the Photography career questions. The Photography career and heirlooms and related story and the new Fashion career stories/heirloom(s) (or maybe it was just one additional story) were part of a special time-limited event in connection with the online store ASOS. You may never get access to them. I don’t know. I also know there was an event just a couple of weeks ago. I was a bit burnt out on the very insanely dull and repetitive tapping limited gameplay and lack of interesting things we can do with our baby/toddler/children sims, so I didn’t do the latest one and don’t remember what it was. (Plus, Freeplay has a whole new pregnancy game play, and more lots, sims, tons more content, and player control, and mess bugs, so I don’t really have time to commit to both games properly. Maybe they’ll run the event again or sell the heirlooms in the store eventually.

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