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The Sims Mobile leak, new careers and hobbies, and upcoming new features.
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update 08/04/2018

EA seems planning to expand The Sims Mobile in the near future. This game is already out worldwide and they are still testing and improving the game. EA did not officially mention when this will take place, but this is just our hunch since someone found a bug.

A glitch was discovered recently and that exposes every single heirloom that is available in the game. Some of these heirlooms are not listed yet in the current collections. We managed to test it due to our curiosity. This glitch is not recommended to try since this might cause trouble in your gameplay or if EA found out this mess, they might execute some actions regarding this.

Upcoming Additions

As we uncover each Heirlooms and read their description, there are some careers and hobbies that are still not in the current game version. We strongly suggest to wait for the official update. This is probably just a sneak preview.

New Careers

Careers that are not yet in the game, but mentioned in the Heirloom descriptions are:

  • Photography Career
  • Creative Direction Career
  • Singing Career
  • Space Career
  • Technology Career
  • Singing Career
  • Political Career
  • Science Career
  • Baking Career

New Hobbies

The Hobbies they will add soon, probably in the next game update are:

  • Painting Hobby
  • Vlogging Hobby
  • Gaming Hobby
  • Basketball Hobby

This quite exciting to us who love The Sims Mobile. It seems like it's heading the right direction. We wish they will add these in the game the soonest possible. We will keep you posted on this.


Lolipop 24days ago
Hobby blogging please..
XtremeTV 27days ago
I kinda guessed that a gaming hobby would be added, since there is a game console item in the game.
Tyrannosaurose 28days ago
I can't unlock the club. I'm level 30, when I turned level 23 there was the option to unlock the club but I waited as I had no need for it then. I'm now ready to unlock it but the padlock symbol is gone. I clicked all around the building and nothing. So frustrating. I'm thinking it's an issue they need to fix but I can't seem to find anything online where someone has the same problem.
Any idea how to get the new photography career? Already in the game
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
Complete the asos event and you will get a photography heirloom which grants you the photography career/story. Hope this helped!
How do you unlock this!!!!
<< Anonymous(Frustrated)
Kingkingking Reply
the mystery cure, you can see that on market square. the remixtology and the hand-knit justice you can see that on downtown
<< Anonymous(Frustrated)
Fungus Reply
Have you done the fashion career?
Do you have any idea when these new career will show up in the game?
<< Anonymous(WynonaKisses)
Kingkingking Reply
where can I unlock the photography career?
<< Anonymous(Kingkingking)
Anonymous Reply
I don’t know. I’m wondering the same thing.
<< Anonymous
Kingkingking Reply
I think if you work on the trending now you can unlock the photography career
<< Anonymous(Kingkingking)
Fungus Reply
Yes, the items unlock throughout the "Trending Now" storyline which is the fashion career.
i have a new baby why is that it does not have the a real handful event anymore?
Does someone now how to get the photograph career

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I was so Busy with work that i didnt know a quest will pop up after a proprosal. I didn’t t...
After you retire a sim, you cant control them. But can you create a new sim in their place?
You should really thank the people who have replied to your question!
That's just a cool bug, I guess your stuck with them
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