Upcoming Careers and Hobbies in The Sims Mobile!

update 27/07/2017

EA seems planning to expand The Sims Mobile in the near future. This game still in soft-launch pace in Brazil and they are still testing and improving the game. EA did not officially mention when this will take place, but this is just our hutch since someone found a bug.

A glitch was discovered recently and that exposes every single heirloom that is available in the game. Some of these heirlooms are not listed yet in the current collections. We managed to test it due to our curiosity. This glitch is not recommended to try since this might cause trouble in your gameplay or if EA found out this mess, they might execute some actions regarding this.

Upcoming Additions

As we uncover each Heirlooms and read their description, there are some careers and hobbies that are still not in the current game version. We strongly suggest to wait for the official update. This is probably just a sneak preview.

New Careers

Careers that are not yet in the game, but mentioned in the Heirloom descriptions are:

  • Photography Career
  • Creative Direction Career
  • Singing Career
  • Space Career
  • Technology Career
  • Singing Career
  • Political Career
  • Science Career
  • Baking Career

New Hobbies

The Hobbies they will add soon, probably in the next game update are:

  • Painting Hobby
  • Vlogging Hobby
  • Gaming Hobby
  • Basketball Hobby

This quite exciting to us who loves The Sims Mobile. It seems like it's heading the right direction. We wish they will release the game officially worldwide. We will keep you posted on this.


Do you have any idea when these new career will show up in the game?
<< Anonymous(WynonaKisses)
us525878 Reply
As of now, we don't have the info yet. Probably these new contents will be added once they release the game worldwide by Spring of 2018.

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