Izzy's Fashion Shop: How to Use & Fashion Gem

Izzy's Fashion Shop in the Sims Mobile, how to get fashion gem, custom your own clothes, and tips.
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update 08/04/2018

What is Izzy's Fashion Shop?

Izzy's Fashion Shop is Located in Parkside near Café, you won't miss the shop as it has Izzy's dazzling pink hair on top of the trailer.

The shop is for people who are looking for new custom clothes designed by Izzy Fabulous himself!

What can you get from Izzy's Fashion Shop?

You can ask Izzy to make a new design of randomized Fashion Item (Clothes or Accessories) for 20 Fashion Gems.

If you like the design you can keep it or you can retry the process and get a different fashion item from Izzy but you have to pay 16 Fashion Gems.

Keep in mind that you can only wear 1 Izzy's Fashion Item at a time for each Sim, however the fashion item has a guaranteed random trait boost, so that's a plus for your Sim.



Each Fashion Item will have a color box beneath it, this decides what your item's color will be.

Fashion Item Type

You will get one of Full Body Outfits, Tops, Bottoms, or Bracelets from Izzy's Fashion Shop, if you are lucky enough you may get what you wanted.

Special Effects

This decides what the Special Effect will be when you wear your Izzy's Fashion Item.

Trait Boost

This decides what Trait Boost your Sim will have while wearing Izzy's Fashion Item.

The Trait Boost will improve your Sim's Trait only if your Sim have the same original Trait type, if you do not have the same Trait as your Izzy's Fashion item, they will not gain the boost effect.

Fashion Shop Item Rarity

Each Fashion Item, Special Effect and Trait have their own rarity:

  • Common

    You have 60% chance to get Common Fashion item, Special Effect or Trait.

  • Uncommon

    You have 30% chance to get Uncommon Fashion item, Special Effect or Trait.

  • Rare

    You have 10% chance to get Rare Fashion item, Special Effect or Trait.

How to wear Izzy's Fashion Item

You can find the Fashion item(s) in "Change Appearance" Menu and tap on "Izzy's Special Creation"

Fashion Gems

"I'm running out of Fashion Gems, where can i get more Fashion Gems so i can buy another Izzy's Fabulous Fashion Item?"
You can buy Fashion Gems "Tickets" tab from the shop, and you will get 45 Fashion Gems for 225 SimCash.

or you can get 2 Fashion gems each day by giving 3 stickers from Daily To Do List's Reward

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I can't get into my game. I click on it and it takes me to izzys fashion and I can't click on anything from there or it crashes. Please help
I am using an iphone x based in the UK and it does not let me change into Izzy's designs? there is no option? Please help!
How do I know which outfits are rare or common?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Look at the design he makes you’ll see the color on the side which will let you know what’s rare
Christine Klimshuk
I didn’t know there was a limit on the items one could get @ Izzy’s Fashion Shop. I bought a bunch & now can’t use any. What do I do to exchange the gems for something I CAN use rather than being ripped off. No where did the game let me know that there’s a limit of fashion items allowed each player.
<< Anonymous(Christine Klimshuk)
Nads Reply
You Can delete the fashion items you don't want by going into the apparel section then to izzys special creations and if you're not wearing it there is a delete option at the bottom of each item, you will be given 2 or 3 gems in return,
I think I once see an outfit printed with bunnies. but since it looks funny, I wait until the sticker ask me to look funny. but now, when I search for it, it just disappear. Can someone help?
How do ya wash the dishes or do ya? Plus how can you delete items n stuff?
<< Anonymous(DFH)
kerry Reply
Hold down on the dishes and an option to wash the dishes should come up + you need a sink
izzy creation is clash , cant get in
game will shut down when i click on izzy special creations
How do ya wash the dishes or do ya? Plus how can you delete items n stuff?
🔥 this piece of 🔥 website
Still NOT working! Why?
The option to delete Izzy's fashion creations has disappeared since the last update. My closet is full and I can't find the "trash bin" button to delete any items. When can we expect for this to be fixed???
<< Anonymous(TheAngryElk)
Anonymous Reply
I saw that too! I can't delete any of the items.

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I can't get into my game. I click on it and it takes me to izzys fashion and I can't cl...
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