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update 29/06/2018


Cooking Hobby is the first hobby you can unlock in the game. It only requires at least Player Level 7. For you to start this hobby, you must have the Basic Stove. You can purchase in the catalogue for 50 Simoleons. This hobby involves home cooking and baking.

Hobby Story

Hobby StoryProgression Path

Now We're Cooking
  • Kitchen Canoodler
  • Griddle Twiddler
  • Flavor Trailblazer
  • Recipe Revolutionary
  • Cutting-Edge Cook

Traits That Will Give Bonus

These Sims are a bit better at all Hobbies
Good Upbringing
These Sims are way better at all Events
These Sims are a bit better at Writing and Cooking.

Hobby Related Objects



Basic Stove
50 SimoleonsLevel 7
Learn the Cooking Hobby

Micro-Wow Microwave
27 SimoleonsLevel 7
Adds helpful actions to Cooking Events

Nuke-it Microwave
27 SimoleonsLevel 7
Adds helpful actions to Cooking Events

Fuseblower 5000
27 SimoleonsLevel 7
Adds helpful actions to Cooking Events

Chef Mix-A-Lot Mixer
70 SimoleonsPlayer Cooking Hobby Level 4
Adds helpful actions to Cooking Events

Standard Stove
120 SimoleonsPlayer Cooking Hobby Level 5
Adds helpful actions to Cooking Events

Kitchen Kitsch
120 SimoleonsPlayer Cooking Hobby Level 5
Adds helpful actions to Cooking Events

Chop To It Cutting Board
175 SimoleonsPlayer Cooking Hobby Level 6
Adds helpful actions to Cooking Events

Hot Stuff Stove
Player Cooking Hobby Level 7

The Griddler
Player Cooking Hobby Level 7

Player Cooking Hobby Level 7

Seasonal Seasonings Spice Rack
Player Cooking Hobby Level 9

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So on my quests it says make a salad but it won’t 🔥ing let me so yeah.
Renee impeachishpa
U suck 🔥ing 🔥 this is 🔥
Hi, I need your help. I'm already at Level 15 but still I can't unlock cooking hobby. When I try to click the stove it only says that "Choose Later". What to do?
My sims just started the cooking hobby but isn’t getting any of the risky actions but she keeps saying “I’m ready to try a risky action.” I’ve also tried using different stoves.
Hi I have started playing this game and once I bought the basic stove it said to start a new hobby being cooking but even though no events are going on it still does not let me do anything, when I press it it says leave for later, help please
anyone knows how to cook the grilled fish with corn dish?
I have had the basic stove AND the fancier one and I still can’t start the cooking hobby. I am level 19
<< Anonymous
Idk Reply
You’re sim is probably in an event all the time. Try it when your sim is free
My stove has this yellow arrow pointing down at my stove i tap on it and it just says bake or cook somthing i push on one of those and the yellow arrow doesnt go away for the cooking hobby
<< Anonymous(Ruby)
Warm eyes Reply
Hey Ruby, I've had the same problem but now I've figured it out. Basically, I had the same situation as yours when my Sim was AT work/an event. When he was totally free and not doing anything, I clicked on the yellow arrow and it allowed me to enter the cooking hobby. Not sure if it'll work for you too but here you go :)
<< Anonymous(Warm eyes )
Anonymous Reply
I tried that and it brings up more cooking options. I've tried them all and it won't go away. It's driving me crazy!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'm having the same problem! I can't figure out what to do!
Weird bug...when my sim is taking a 'risky' action during cooking hobby that involves stove, she literally flips a second full size stove with a spatuala and when taking a 'risky' action involving the fridge, she again literally pulls a second full size fridge out of the existing fridge. I guess it is a 'risky' move...
<< Anonymous(Fuji)
Fuji Reply
Btw, this started at level 21.
<< Anonymous(Fuji)
Anonymous Reply
My fridge completely disappeared when doing a risky action during cooking hobby.
I can’t do anything. I have the basic stove, microwave and fridge and I’m level 17 and it won’t work
Same here. Started cooking hobby, switched careers before barista career was through, now I don’t get prompts for hobbies anymore. Clicking stove doesn’t work.
Hi. Im already on level 14 but i cant cook using the stove. What do i do?
<< Anonymous(Kat)
Lina Reply
I have the same problem. Level 10, bought the stove and it does not allow any action.
<< Anonymous(Lina)
Kat Reply
Is there anyone who can help us???
<< Anonymous(Lina)
Kat Reply
Lina, just click the stove and when the Now Were Cooking icon pops just click the image and not the Choose Later. Im able to cook now.

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