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How to woohoo with in the Sims Mobile, prerequisites for Woohoo with, and how to get Sleepytime Double.
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update 08/04/2018

What is WooHoo?

WooHoo is the substitute word for love making or sexual intercourse in every "The Sims" game. WooHoo interactions can be executed between two Sims, regardless of their gender. This is also an interaction to produce a baby.


1. Relationship Level

Sims now can perform Woohoo action once they've reached Relationship Level 3. Relationship status doesn't matter anymore as long as both of them is in the required level.

2. WooHoo Objects

If you just started the game or you just wanted to save your precious SimCash, the Sleepytime Double is the ideal object for you. This will unlock the WooHoo action and allows your Sims to recover energy. This bed will only cost you 320 Simoleons and 6 Home Tickets. Just make sure to place the bed with small spaces in between.

How To WooHoo

1. Tap the Bed

Locate and tap the Sleepytime Double. Select "Woohoo with.." to perform.

2. Choose your Partner

Once you select "Woohoo with.." on the list, you will be asked to select a single partner. Choose only one of the qualified Sims on the list to initiate the action.

3. WooHoo Time!

Woohoo action will only last for 5 seconds, but you can command your Sims to perform again since we don't have limitation for that. You can perform this action too in creating a baby using the bassinet.

Woohoo in Hot Tub

If you one of the few lucky players who randomly receive the Steamy Hot Tub from the Hot Tub Dreams event, you can also perform the Woohoo action using the Hot Tub.

The instruction for you to do it is the same with doing it using the bed, but you must have the Illuminated Wall. Unfortunately, I don't have it in my inventory and it is not in the catalogue too. I'm hoping they will repeat the Hot Tub Dream event for us to complete the set of furnitures.

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It says the bed is blocked???
<< Anonymous(Hunter)
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
I figured out that you just have to put the bed in the middle... I had to waste my money for another bed thinking that it will work
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
just move the bed so nothing is in the way or the getting in
<< Anonymous(Hunter)
Jill 3days ago Reply
yup. moved all of the furniture out of the room and put the bed in the enter of the room and it worked.
<< Anonymous(Hunter)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
So I bought the stäncké futon bed and it said unlocks woohoo but when I press on it it said it is blocked both are over level 3 and Yh but it still does not work but also both of them are ones I can control so maybe that makes a difference but i need help so plz help me
<< Anonymous(Angelika )
Joce Reply
<< Anonymous(Angelika )
Kara 14days ago Reply
You have to make sure that all the footsteps around the bed are Bree or it’s doesn’t let you do “woohoo”
am i only allowed to woohoo with the sleepytime bed or can i do it with the stanshe bed?
Confused Lil Idiot
Now it says the bed costs 2515 simoleons and 2 LlamaZoom tokens? The Re🔥l Rustic Bed costs 120 simcash
How to get the illuminated wall?
When you retire does your child take the place of your retired Sim?
If u can’t woohoo, move the bed alone to the middle of a room, have your sims eat or do something together then I can woohoo

I can’t find or buy the sleepy time double
<< Anonymous(BtsFvr_13)
Anonymous Reply
Me neither
I’ve never had a problem having babies and have many generations but by going to level 9 in the relationship I seemed to have missed the opportunity. Is this possible?
Heather Dulaney
This does not work
Sims. Mobile

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Same here I tried but still can’t unlock it and now am in level 19
I’ve always wanted to see if I put two sims in the same special event, will it go faster (b...
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