Why i cant get option For honeymoon

I recently married my sims but after that i cant get honeymoon suit for my sims..plz tell ne how to open honeymoon option for them


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I’ve done this for my character as a room mate

Did everything even the wahoo and it won’t unlock the honeymoon suite

On level 29, have a bunch of kids etc but won’t unlock
Wish I knew!
Because this happened to me also so you are on the last quest but the quest ends so you still get married but no honeymoon suit
If you look in quests it will take you to a quest that says honeymoon suit and you will have to unlock it hope this helps
I finished and it’s still not allowing me to do honeymoon and it won’t let me replay the wedding
I finished it you just need to finish all the limited time quests in time and then they have a honeymoon quest
There is no honeymoon
I cant do it too that not fair
Me too
the same thing happened to me. you have to complete the quest that they gave you. And if you run out of time, then u have to do it again.

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Thx so much this helped alot
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