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What is Heirlooms?

Heirlooms are valuable objects that belong to a retired Sims. You will obtain this object every time a Sims is retiring. There are 3 types of Heirlooms. It can be Common Heirlooms, Uncommon Heirlooms or Rare Heirlooms. The rarity of the heirlooms you'll be getting depends on the length of the Lifetime Happiness Bar of that particular Sims. You can fill the gauge by achieving life goals. You might obtain a duplicate heirlooms, but you can sell it for Heirloom Points. You can access your Heirloom collections and the Heirloom Market by tapping the shopping bag icon on the lower right side.

Usage of Heirlooms

Heirlooms can unlock other aspect of the game that is not available when you started it. You can unlock different type of Sims' traits and brand new careers and hobbies. Some heirlooms will provide us additional XP, Simoleons and Tokens. There are also heirlooms that can refill your motives; however, these are rare ones.
You can also use these objects as table top decorations. You can receive an additional Legacy Score by displaying Heirlooms in your home.

How to Use

1. Activate the Heirloom

Once you receive an Heirloom, open the item catalogue and place the Heirloom anywhere in your house. Tap on it and activate it. It will take a few seconds for it to activate.

2. Use it!

Once activated, tap on it again and perform the said interaction. It will be different to each Heirloom but it will only take a few seconds to perform the action. You'll be receiving the reward/boost or unlock certain career or hobby after completing the interaction.
Some Heirlooms can only be used once like the Grand Maestro's Piano Heirloom and some can be used again after a certain number of hours.

What is Heirloom Point?

Heirloom Point is the recently added currency in the game. You can use these points in purchasing Heirlooms in the Heirloom Market. These Heirloom points can be purchased using SimCash only. You can also get Heirloom Points by selling your duplicate Heirlooms. You will receive 15 Heirloom Points from Common Heirlooms, 60 Heirloom Points from Uncommon one and 120 Heirloom points from Rare Heirlooms.

List of Heirlooms

Heirlooms That Unlock Traits

IconName/Which gives
Ambitious Stallion Charm
Unlocks the Ambitious Trait
Brave Bear Charm
Unlocks the Fearless Trait
Brilliant Elephant Charm
Unlocks the Brilliant Trait
Charismatic Dragon Charm
Unlocks the Charismatic Trait
Evil Clown Charm
Unlocks the Evil Trait
Leadership Charm
Unlocks the Leader Trait
Lucky Doves Charm
Unlocks the Lucky Trait
Perfectionist Charm
Unlocks the Perfectionist Trait
Pillar of Grace Charm
Unlocks the Good Trait
Prankster Charm
Unlocks the Prankster Trait
Raver Charm
Unlocks the Party Animal Trait
Seductive Swans Charm
Unlocks the Irresistible Trait
Thrill-Seeking Seal Charm
Unlocks the Daredevil Trait
Visionary Charm
Unlocks the Visionary Trait

Heirlooms that Give Boosts

IconName/Which gives
Antique Camera
Unlocks ability to give Photography XP Boost
Buddy’s Electoral Sway Charm
Unlocks ability to give Political XP Boost
Carl’s Decaffeinated Zombie Charm
Unlocks ability to give Barista XP Boost
Champion Hoop
Unlocks ability to give Basketball XP Boost
Chaz’s Baller Charm
Unlocks ability to give Basketball XP Boost
Chef Gino’s Gourmet Charm
Unlocks ability to give Culinary XP Boost
City Hall Miniature Model
Unlocks the ability to give Political XP Boost
DJ Candy’s Steady Flow Charm
Unlocks ability to give DJ XP Boost
Dr. F’s Glad Scientist Charm
Unlocks ability to give Science XP Boost
Unlocks ability to give Technology XP Boost
Elmira’s Savvy Business Charm
Unlocks ability to give Business XP Boost
Gabby’s Wisdom Charm
Unlocks ability to give XP Boost
Goth Boy’s Couture Charm
Unlocks ability to give Fashion XP Boost
Jenny’s Polymath Charm
Unlocks ability to give Hobby XP Boost
Keepsake Basketball
Unlocks ability to give Basketball XP Boost
Medical Injector
Unlocks ability to give Medical Career XP Boost
Moon Rocks
Unlocks ability to give Space XP Boost (Requires Space Career Level 1)
Old School Microscope
Unlocks ability to give Science XP Boost
Prosperous Pig
Unlocks ability to give Creative Director XP Boost
Unlocks ability to give Technology XP Boost
Stylish Stylus Cup
Unlocks ability to give Creative Director XP Boost

Heirlooms that Give Simoleons, XPs and Tokens

IconName/Which gives
Morcubus’ Benefactor Charm
Unlocks ability to give bonus Tokens
Orb of Adoration
Unlocks ability to grant bonus Relationship Tokens
Orb of Ambition
Unlocks ability to give Prosperity Tokens
Orb of Artisans
Unlocks ability to give Artistic Tokens
Orb of Embodiment
Unlocks ability to give Vigor Tokens
Orb of Expertise
Unlocks ability to grant bonus Career Tokens
Orb of Heart
Unlocks ability to give Togetherness Tokens
Orb of Intellect
Unlocks ability to give Aculty Tokens
Orb of Pastime
Unlocks ability to grant bonus Hobby Tokens
Orb of Psyche
Unlocks ability to give Attribute Tokens
Painting Hobby Bonus
Unlocks ability to grant a Painting Hobby experience bonus
Piano Hobby Bonus
Unlocks ability to give Piano Hobby XP
Poppy’s Friendship Charm
Unlocks ability to give Relationship XP
Scales of Justice
Unlocks ability to give Law Career XP
Seasoned Cookware
Unlocks ability to give Cooking Hobby XP
T.O.B.O.R. Healer Charm
Unlocks ability to give Medical XP Boost
Trevor’s Wistful Lovel Charm
Unlocks ability to give Relationship XP
Vlogging Hobby Bonus
Unlocks ability to grant a Vlogging Hobby experience bonus
Yuki’s Total Pro Charm
Unlocks ability to give Career XP
Banker’s Bounty
Unlocks ability to give a Simoleon Bonus

Heirlooms that Unlock Careers & Additional Levels

IconName/Which gives
Astro Mobile
Unlocks Space Career Prestige Level 1
Boss Bank
Unlocks Business Career Levels 16-20
Chef’s Hat Statuette
Unlocks Culinary Career Levels 11-15
Creativity Quill
Unlocks Creative Direction Career
Executive Pen Set
Unlocks Business Career Levels 11-15
High-End Digital Camera
Unlocks Photography Career
Itty-Bitty Bot
Unlocks Technology Career
Luxe Sewing Machine
Unlocks Fashion Career Levels 11-15
Medical Pipette
Unlocks Medical Career Levels 16-20
Political Career Prestige Level 1 Unlock
Unlocks Political Career Prestige Level 1
Political Career Prestive level 2 Unlock
Unlocks Political Career Prestige Level 2
Secret Cake Dish
Unlocks Baking Career
Shield of Justice
Unlocks Law Career Levels 11-15
Star Chef’s Knife Block
Unlocks Culinary Career Levels 16-20
Unfinished Fashion Opus
Unlocks Fashion Career Levels 16-20

Heirlooms that Unlock Hobbies and Additional Levels

IconName/Which gives
Gilded Manuscript
Unlocks Writing Hobby
Grandma’s Cookbook
Unlocks Cooking Hobby
Guitar of Legend
Unlocks Guitar Hobby
Maestro’s Grand Piano
Unlocks Piano Hobby
Muse’s Paintbrush
Unlocks Painting Hobby
Peaceful Contemplation Statuette
Unlocks Yoga Hobby
Vintage Game Controller
Unlocks Gaming Hobby
Vlogging Camera
Unlocks Vlogging Hobby
Harmonious Headphones
Unlocks DJ Levels 11-15

Heirlooms that Replenish Motives

IconName/Which gives
Gonk’s Scrub-a-Dub Charm
Unlocks ability to replenish Hygiene
Leaf’s Jolly Jest Charm
Unlocks ability to replenish Fun
Violet’s Nom Nom Charm
Unlocks ability to satisfy Hunger

Heirlooms without Information

IconName/Which gives
Confident Lumberjack Charm
(no info)
Lovingly Decorated Cake
(no info)
Science Set
(no info)
Star-Quality Speaker
(no info)
Triumphs of Note Statuette
(no info)


Do you guys know how I can unlock the Unfinished Fashion Opus? It's the only carrer I haven't mastered.
<< us525878
HereMustBeMyName Reply
How do you retire your sims ? What the frick is retire?
<< Anonymous(HereMustBeMyName)
Boboisasavage 7days ago Reply
You unlock retirement when you reach level 14, retirement is when you let your current adult sims pass into the next stage of life (elder) or they age up and leave the household, and then they leave a heir loom
<< Anonymous(Boboisasavage)
Cambexch 6days ago Reply
Level 16*
<< Anonymous(Boboisasavage)
Stef 2days ago Reply
I'm already at level 19 with all the traits and maxed out hobbies but mine still doesn't have a retire button. I'm using android. Please help.
Stef 2days ago
I'm at level 19 and I still can't get my sim to retire. It doesn't even have the option to see your legacy score or heirloom collection. I have totally different layout as well compared to your sreenshots. I'm using android.
Ditzygypsy 4days ago
I bought a Jenny’s Silver Foodie Charm. I have it in the house and when I tap on it all it does is bounce. I have put in storage and pulled it back out and still it just bounces. I have a Sim that is in the cooking career and has the foodie hobby and I don’t know how to make this thing work. Help!
<< Anonymous(Ditzygypsy)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
same problem
<< Anonymous(Ditzygypsy)
us525878 4days ago Reply
Do you still recall the description of the heirloom you purchased? The majority of the heirlooms now are only to unlock traits and no doesn't do any action when tapping it.
<< us525878
Ditzygypsy 3days ago Reply
It’s suppsed to give level 2 foodie traits. I have a foodie sim. This is my first generation. I thought it’d unlock The trade for this Sim, and if not the next generation but I have no retirement button appearing like several other people are having a problem with. My Sims are done their careers and are over a week old in real time and they just have no retirement option.
How do you sell em
<< Anonymous
us525878 4days ago Reply
Unfortunately, EA and Maxis remove the option to sell any object in the latest installation of the game.
I tired like 4 times and no heirloom collected. How can I get it.

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