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update 21/06/2017

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You can be a fashion designer once you've unlocked the fashion studio located in the Market Square. You'll measure, draft and sew fabulous clothes for your clients. You'll be a treadsetter of the township. You can customize your studio and make it yours!

Life Goals

Life GoalTips
Fashion Savant Career Level 4
Fashionista Career Level 7




Creative Chaos Dresser
55 SimoleonsFashion Career Level 4
Gives a daily chance for XP and Tokens

Full-Length Mirror
30 SimoleonsFashion Career Level 7
Improves rewards for Creative Chaos Dresser

Laundry Pile
35 SimoleonsFashion Career Level 10
Improves rewards for Creative Chaos Dresser

Women's Clothing
-Fashion Career Level 11

Men's Clothing
-Fashion Career Level 11

Coat Rack
-Fashion Career Level 16

Coat Tree
-Fashion Career Level 18

Fashion Studio


Stylish Oil Painting
25 SimoleonsFashion Career Level 2
Fashion Design Item

Womenswear Line
70 SimoleonsFashion Career Level 4
Fashion Design Item

Women's Shoe Rack
165 SimoleonsFashion Career Level 7
Fashion Design Item


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