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update 29/06/2018


Piano Hobby is the last hobby that you can unlock in The Sims Mobile game. You'll need the Maestro's Grand Piano Family Heirloom to unlock. It is not easy to get this heirloom as you need to level up as high as Player Level 20 to receive it from a retired Sims. For this hobby, you'll compose an opera, read composer's note and biographies and play the piano skillfully. You can unlock the other piano-related objects listed below once you've stepped up. These will grant you additional piano event actions.

Hobby Story

Hobby StoryProgression Path

Play it Again, Sim
  • Pian00b
  • Promising Plunker
  • Ivory Tickler
  • Accomplished Soloist
  • Do Re Mi Maestro

Traits That Will Give Bonus

These Sims are a bit better at all Hobbies
Good Upbringing
These Sims are way better at all Events
These Sims are a bit better at Piano and Guitar.

Hobby Related Objects



Beginner Piano
50 Simoleons-
Learn the Piano Hobby

Composer Portrait
TBAPiano Hobby Level 2

Decorative Bust
TBAPiano Level 4

Baby Grand Piano
TBAPiano Hobby Level 5

TBAHobby Level 6

Concert Grand Piano
TBAHobby Level 8

Sheet Music Wall Shelf
TBAHobby Level 9

Other Hobbies & Careers


Winnie 27days ago
I finally have enough SIM cash to buy the piano heirloom buy why the piano heirloom is gone from the store wtfff
<< Anonymous(Winnie)
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Winnie)
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
Same here!
Hello. Has anyone unlocked this hobby? How many Sims do you have to retire before finally getting the piano heirloom? Thank you.
<< Anonymous(Kisenosky)
Mikachu132 Reply
Hey, I think theres only a handful of people who have unlocked it.
I'm level 27, I've retired 6 Sims, completed all the other hobbies and the business, barista, designer and chef careers (currently working on medical and DJ) and 7/17 relationship stories and sadly, no heirloom, I havent even seen it in the store.
But I'm about to retire 2 more sims so I'll comment again if I get it
<< Anonymous(Mikachu132)
Kisenosky Reply
I'm level 30 and I've unlocked all hobbies (except piano) and all careers and haven't got the piano heirloom. Haven't seen it in the store either.
<< Anonymous(Kisenosky)
Amazing Amy Reply
You have to buy the Fancy Finger Piano Pack for 350 Simcash to unlock the piano hobby.
<< Anonymous(Kisenosky)
Pino Reply
Me on level 40. Ive completed every single thing; relationships, hobbies, careers. Retired more than 15 sims already but still dont get the piano heirloom. The only way is to buy the piano pack via simcash which is ill never get to. Hmmmmmm

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