How do I get my toddler to sleep on his bed?

There is the option where I can tuck in my toddler, however, when I invite my toddler, it basically sleeps wherever it is standing and not on the bed. How do I get my toddler to sleep on his bed?


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you cant
My boopy-bed is blooked how do i take it to bed?
Its a bug mine it works
I don’t think you can make your toddler to sleep on his/her bed only
I had the a similar issue. I had one side blocked so I wasn't able to use it. then when I fixed it I got your issue. you need at least two blocks on each side of the bed. Hope this helps!
U can only do it with a child not toddler
thats interesting, I have a differnt problem where my kiddo boop bed asks for me to have a child, when i have one already, and it doesnt allow me to tuck in. But maybe try to move your bed away from the wall?
You might have the bed placed in a position where it’s blocking the toddler from getting into the bed I had this problem simply move the bed over where there is enough space and that should work!

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