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Sims Mobile Business career, how to level up fast, how to unlock, rewards, and restaurant items.
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update 08/04/2018


Business Career is one of the career only available once you've unlocked the Downtown. The Agency will be your office and you'll be an account manager. You'll be going to business meetings, discuss TPS report and you will be given a daily workload. By stepping up in this career, you'll unlock office-related items that you can place in your work area or at home.


Business Career


Pie Chart
-Business Career Level 3
Get a head start in Business Events

Sideboard With Bookshelf
-Business Career Level 7
Get a head start in Business Events

Trendy Bookshelf
-Business Career Level 9
Get a head start in Business Events

Agency Decorations


Agency Ceiling Light
605 SimoleonsNone
Ceiling Light

Agency Desk
1,490 SimoleonsNone

Upper Management Desk Chair
700 SimoleonsNone
Dining Chair

Middle Management Desk Chair
530 SimoleonsNone
Dining Chair

Silk Rug
390 SimoleonsNone
Small Rug

Agency Wall Art
1,060 SimoleonsNone
Wall Decoration

Home Reward


Classy Beverage Shelf
115 Simoleons, 7 Career TicketsUnlocks in Like Nobody's Business Career Story
Wall Decoration

Fifteen Minutes of Fame
-Unlocks in Like Nobody's Business Career Story

SimCash Display
-Unlocks in Like Nobody's Business Career Story
Wall Art

Traits That Will Give Bonus

Kind of a Big Deal
These Sims are better at the DJ Career
These Sims give a bit better daily Login Rewards
These Sims are a bit better at all careers
These Sims occasionally give you bonus XP while at home
These Sims will sneak a few Simoleons from others, every now and then.
Good Upbringing
These Sims are way better at all Events

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I unlocked agency long time ago and one of my sims had an agency job. After I retired my sim I can’t find agency anymore. I go to downtown and see only night club and law office. I can’t complete ASOS management quest...anyone had similar issues?
<< Anonymous
Kiko Reply
Me too.. i can't unlock fashion studio

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2018 update pls
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I have the same problem and I only have 1 day 5 hours to complete it
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