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*spellcheck opps live alone not love alone. But basically accurate because these surprising choices keep me from having anyone love my character because she is simply too poor.
If your Sims have to do another romantic event together then they're gonna have to do that first x hope that makes sense x
Que es ampli de llamazoon
Wait for 24 hrs, tap on the crib again, and select conceive a plan.
how do i buy a home cadolog or a bassenett
I'm having the same issue. The lock has disappeared with the Waterfront update. Even my hangout tasks that are in the nightclub are now limited to only the other Sim in a bare building. What's going on?
Same here, solve this ye??
You Can delete the fashion items you don't want by going into the apparel section then to izzys special creations and if you're not wearing it there is a delete option at the bottom of each item, you will be given 2 or 3 gems in return,
Can 2 sims have the same hobby?
So I fisnihed the astronaut quest and I received a trophy, but that’s it, what do I do with that, because the place at waterfront didn’t unlock. So I’m confused on what I was rewarded by finishing the quest.
Is this heirloom available for purchase in the store?
What is “the studio”?
I got the quest in the quests bar to retire a sim however I didn't want to do this yet as my sim was in an event so I didn't press it or look into it. For some reason the quest completed itself and there is now no option anywhere for me to retire a sim and there is a quest to talk to an retired sim. Will my sims retire themselves eventually or how do I get the retire option in the trait panel back??
Don’t worry that happened to me to! Just give it a day or two and you will have to press a birthday cake and he/she will turn into a toddler!
There no room to move in what does that mean!?
Is there anyone who can solve this problem? What's the use in finishing the quest if I can't get the job? I can't even get the biological science job.
I have the same issue, inside the club is empty. I've reported it and was told to post it as a bug, I did and I've heard nothing. I have seen this issue mentioned often and still nothing has been done.
I had birthday cakes on top of my elder’s head so I tapped it which means I techincally moved them out. However, they still show up as current generation in my family portrait! But they’re not even in my house anymore.. Also, do NPC’s just disappear from the portrait after moving out? It’s gone..
anyone knows how to cook the grilled fish with corn dish?
You need to get the Level 2/3 heirloom of the trait.
HOW TO RETIRE YOUR SIM? Go to their profile, click their traits. Then RETIRE!
Ughhh sameee
You can promote your kids to become adults and then you can control them
i dont have anyany cabinets and countertops section in my builds section...
I used to gain cupcakes by completing the ‘To Do List’. That has now been scrapped since the update and Llamazoom has replaced it. However, Llamazoom does not give out cupcakes. How do you gain cupcakes for free?
73R4V6T player code His name is Cayden Barclay. He's wearing an orange hoodie
I got the hot tub But, i don't understand what's the meaning of illuminated wall?
How do u get the coin costing double beds on the latest update I can’t find them anywhere do u have to be on stage 14 to get them
I never had the declare attraction option at level three and now my Sims are friends only and married and unable to have kids :(
Mine reached till level5 and can't advance anymore
It may be because there's a new version which gets rid of tickets
I'm going under this exact problem and I have no idea why is it happening. ugh, it's annoying as hell cause you can't play on like... for real
I have the same issue
If you press the padlock icon above the hospital, it will cost coins to unlock it. That is what I did!
Same - I'm at level 26 and it still won't unlock the mat to do yoga hobby.
Bagaimana cara mengembalikan the sims yang udah pensiun?
i wasn't there for the 4 days to complete the hobby but in the Hobby Collections there are still the objects for the internet icon hobby. how do i get to that hobby?
Hi there, Can we change the appearance of a non-playable npc without promoting (provided they’re already part of your household)?
I have the high end camera heirloom but I can't see the career story in the fashion studio. It only shows me the original fashion story career instead of the photography career. What do I do?
Some are end pieces, look at each side and you'll see their different
It’s still says my bed is blocked
Did you find a way to fix it?
, I've been working as a fashion designer on The Sims for a minute and it's boring It also says completed 100% then why can't I move on to something new.
Can a Sim marry two people?
I'm on level 40 and have completed the cooking hobby yet the griddled won't unlock for me
You have to get the "High-End Digital Camera" Heirloom to unlock it first. You can get that by completing the Photography Quest within the next 3 days. It should be in your Quest option.
Its better you buy it when its appear in heirloom shop (if you prefer not to wasting more times). I bought it already and the hobby at max level on my sim. Tbh, the grand piano are awesome, so nice. Here is my code, feel free to add me 9K6NP64, curently at level 36.
I’m level 23 and can’t buy it.
Hi, when will the Surgeon Career Pack be available in UK? Thank you


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*spellcheck opps live alone not love alone. But basically accurate because these surprising choic...
If your Sims have to do another romantic event together then they're gonna have to do that f...
Que es ampli de llamazoon
Wait for 24 hrs, tap on the crib again, and select conceive a plan.
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