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Having a temporary @@@ relationship also worked for me male-male=boy male-female=random female-female=girl
Verry Empressed Its My Baby Girl Name Heneoydoad
Thx so much this helped alot
So for you guys wondering you have to wait 24 hours that's what I did and it's working because my baby aged to a toddler after waiting 24 hours and I have a another and Im waiting 24 hours for it so you guys should try this out instead of logging of then logged back on to do events
Yeah I have played the sims, sims 2, sims 3, and sims 4. Figured I would give sims mobile a try. Shortly after starting the tutorial and going to the cafe i made coffees, cleaned a table, and now cant do anything else. Cant clean tables, cant tall, cant use items...all they do is bounce around. Absolute trash game.
Please help me ! My eco workshop is not functioning in Sims mobile. I am unable to complete any ecoworkshop tasks.
When you unlock a career or Hobby stuff like that will get you a heirloom. Or when you watch a video and you get those tickets you can save up and open a heirloom box and get heirloom.
In my town or during parties I friend request you I like some of the houses I seen I want some of the stuff I know I have to unlock a quest or story for that I'm willing to. Please add me
How do you unlock the pumpkin spice lover story
It depends on which sim started the relationship. If you try with the other one it won't work. Hope it helps!
My sim is still an adult and I’ve played for about 2 months now, why?
Basically, it only works on a dining table.
No Tatscreen Yes Dikeypad Please Help Me Kailangan Me Money Please Help :(
Its Very Happy My Girlfriend Is Pregnegetive
Me! LVL 50 Trough Games
f4e9UWJ but my friend request ok friend your and me my jokes but i tell me how do you number 50 is jokes hahahahahaaa
So Cute Bathroom And Just One Anything Bathroom Cute Golden
It's still not working
Stumble Risk Actions makes me want to uninstall Sims Mobile! I really hate this game forever!
I don't see the to get toys when it comes off just for show then bonding
oh so if we don’t complete the quest in time we can do the same quest again next week?
How do I find a career or hobby station and start a new event? this is for the roommate race .
I'm stuck on part 7. When I click on the couch it won't take me to the cafe to to the quest, what do I do
Hello idk why I can't do an event with a sim anymore:( it's very confusing it just stopped.When i try to push the button it won't work:( And another bug is the Seasonal Events right up the game in the coins.It won't disappear,i already finished that task but it wont disappear and it is really annoying because some buttons are blocked and it is very annoying:( i hope u can fix it
How do I make the sims kiss?
I have an retire Sim, and I can't marry or divorce it either what should I do? I can no longer to talk with it. But it still stays at the house I can't also move it.
Have you purchased the Operating Table in the Store at the Hospital? Once you place that in the hospital, you click on it to begin the Surgeon Career {in order to start ANY career or hobby, you have to go to the location of the specific career /hobby, click on the store icon, then purchase & place the first item in the collection somewhere within the building/house @ your Sim’s new place of work)
What do I do when it says player name I put a name that doesn't involve my personal info or my real name and it stills says this name doesn't fit for the formatting or something like that I'm confused.
it won’t let me do this!! i’m higher then this level also, and it won’t even let me serve a freaking meal? it might be bc i’m on the latest updates, but why would they take this out! plz help me
Yes you can but you have to be at level 16
I have 2 sims a female named Kali (did I say that right?) and a male named jordan and Kali wants to retire so do I let her go???
Gamer pog j8 the re6gc8
I think there needs tk be more furniture on the guide
Emily’s truck is not there anymore and I need to warm lama tokens to buy more land and I don’t have any more tokens . What do I do ?
I am facing the same problem since mrning
It is not closing for me too so I am going to download Sims FreePlay and not going to go in it for a month and see what happens.
Can you please bring back the steamy hot tub event back I really need it
How do you get the internet icon hobby? I rlly wanna get it


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Having a temporary @@@ relationship also worked for me male-male=boy male-female=random female-fe...
Verry Empressed Its My Baby Girl Name Heneoydoad
Thx so much this helped alot
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