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No. Your sim can only die of old age.
This tutorial is old & is now false info. The way of the baby quest has changed! Take this tutorial post down.
I already did that. It didn't fix anything.
Really? I’ve expanded my rooms many times and I’ve never had to pay anything, guess it’s just a nice bug I’ve got
Its from the career collection from Bartender
You can prompt retirement under the profile of the character, last tab past all the pages that show progress through story chapters
when we request to move in, does the creator of the sim still get to play with their sim?
Ive completed the quest to get married but when i tsp on my sim to get married the start event isnt lit up its still grey wtf is going on and times running out It it glitched
Anybody could tell me how some people have the club bar in their homes? Thank you!
Objects 13
From where do you get that bar and big rack of wines ?
To buy a bassinet, you select the furniture icon and go to home collections. You find the Baby Steps collection in the home collection. Or you could go the furniture icon and select the sofa icon. You will find babies and kids objects under an icon with a toddler highchair
Its not really that cut to the chase so you could be a little more forward and precise about your steps, This is in no way a hate comment just a bit of constructive criticism, xoxo peachy boo
I don’t know how to get the get married quest. Some help??
how do i quit the barista job and work at the hospital
You might need to move the bed. I had the same problem as you. Anyways I hope this might help!
The cupcakes give you more energy
I may not be able to have stars even if I fail tge risk actions from the sims mobile! This rule bullies me to teaes.
Didnt know there was a to do list. How do I find it?
This feature is awful. Everyone hates it. The choice is either spend some of your hard earned currency or have your sim "upset" and unavailable for hours on end. It's not acceptable and it's not fair. This is a money-grabbing move and it should be removed from the game. I love Sims Mobile, but until you remove this feature, me and my friends will not be playing.
Thanks this was helpful.
How do you get to venues?
I have no way of speeding up my events, and this was no help. How can I finish my events faster?
Please do an option were we can change relationship stories, i created my bf to start out as friends and then start dating! But now i cant do that im stuck with being his bff!
How do you retire them
Can we take the coffee table at home?
To me is happening the same thing that to SARAH, I have a baby girl and here mom is already "old" in the mining that I can't play with here and after 2 minutes it is going to be 3 days that she is borned! What to do?
i uninstalled it and install in again idk how to open it using my twitter account. help???
My sims just started the cooking hobby but isn’t getting any of the risky actions but she keeps saying “I’m ready to try a risky action.” I’ve also tried using different stoves.
QHVXKPD I play everyday hehe
My Sim in The Sims 4 Mobile app is a
To decorate the Christmas tree in event Winter Fest Holiday Party in downtown. You will need 100, 200, 300 each time. After that the ornaments are useless.
How do u get the chair
Can quests be repeated? Like they pop back again in the list? Tips and replies are much appreciated!
I’m stuck at level 9.
Is there a career outfit reward for law like other careers? I've completed barista, chef, fashion and doctor career and got outfits from all of them but I haven't gotten anything for completing law career
No, making them a playable npc is required, unfortunately.
i think you just press the time to give coffee
Mine too! I cant change to another career for 3 days. So boring
I need the bathtub. Where is it?
I cannot continue the writing hobby no matter where I place my desk and chair
I can't work the Rocket Science Sim is almost at Level 10, but I can't put her to work! Help!
worst event ever, so much bug in the game. cant start HARVEST COOKING EVENT. no worth to spend money to buy the Bountiful Havert display. event that cant be complete even i spend the money. the developer just cheat us.
Look at the design he makes you’ll see the color on the side which will let you know what’s rare
The title is misleading. You can not visit a friend's home. You can only view it. Visiting means that your sim would actually be there in your friend's home, like attending a party, for example.
I have seen on websites that to open the piano hobby, you have to pay 250 sims dollars. Here I see 350, but I see 600 in my game,to open this... That's al lot of money! Why is it so expensive for me?
I'm having the same problem. No matter what I do, it won't work.
I think if you retired a sim, you can control him anymore, but he'll still around town (sorry for bad english)
How do I get the ceiling lights that change colour? And the coloured stools?


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No. Your sim can only die of old age.
This tutorial is old & is now false info. The way of the baby quest has changed! Take this t...
I already did that. It didn't fix anything.
Really? I’ve expanded my rooms many times and I’ve never had to pay anything, guess i...
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