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I deleted it I’m going to find a game that works
Buy a different table (it worked for me )
F4E9UWJ, I’m new and active player, level 26.
How do you get the mannequin?
Of course waited till my sims were married till they conceived , but my sins have had they’re baby like a week and a few days and it’s still not a toddler .
What do I do when it says player name I put a name that doesn't involve my personal info or my real name and it stills says this name doesn't fit for the formatting or something like that I'm confused.
How do I start the soulmate story with my Sims and my roommate?
it won’t let me do this!! i’m higher then this level also, and it won’t even let me serve a freaking meal? it might be bc i’m on the latest updates, but why would they take this out! plz help me
it’s been more than 3 days and no aging
I’m playing sims mobile I’ve been playing for 2 weeks and still hasn’t aged up, why?
That helped well bc I have sims mobile lol so much more than that one kiss
Yes you can but you have to be at level 16
I have 2 sims a female named Kali (did I say that right?) and a male named jordan and Kali wants to retire so do I let her go???
i’m hosting a party right now. and all of my adult kids and my toddler and child are leaving our house area and can’t find them. where do they go ?
Gamer pog j8 the re6gc8
This happend to me too and now i am just waiting
That’s also happening for me except with Mac & Cheese
I think there needs tk be more furniture on the guide
Emily’s truck is not there anymore and I need to warm lama tokens to buy more land and I don’t have any more tokens . What do I do ?
I am facing the same problem since mrning
can we get an updated heirloom list with all relationship stories, thanks
Jenny have you unlocked the add new sim event thingy if not that’s probably why...
For the house idea, Do I just redo there house for the?
Changes sound great! As always, however, we have more suggestions. Hobbies: gardening, crafting. Careers: elementary teacher, nurse, shop owner, Repair person, police officer, Veterinarian, (EMT would be too involved, I imagine) maybe add a grocery store for a sort of “day in the life.” Would still love to see pets! School for the kids, would be nice! We can’t do much with them unless there’s a brief option, so send them to school and make a teaching career. Some of the options in Sims FreePlay would be lovely in Sims Mobile. They definitely LOOK better in Sims mobile!
It is not closing for me too so I am going to download Sims FreePlay and not going to go in it for a month and see what happens.
Create a new Sim to age up in the Main starting house. When birthday icon appears, throw a birthday party. Other party types open afterwards. Parties can only be hosted once a week but only at starting house and if the Sim still needs a trait to trigger Party.
Can you please bring back the steamy hot tub event back I really need it
Please I got nothing
How do you get the internet icon hobby? I rlly wanna get it
Does anyone know what the “artistic” boost is for In an Izzy creation???
I make 510 simoleons with a long shift in the modeling story
Click on any place of work and it will give you the option to halt your current career and begin a new one. I quit my job as a barrister and become a doctor. I still kept the level of barrister that I achieved, so I can choose to continue when I've finished the new job.
Nah, I thin it would be annoying if you didn’t have control over your sims’ age, especially if you still want them around and you’re not ready to retire them, imagine not having enough money to buy this potion and your sims die, I would hate it
Where can I find that
They’re under Generations in the top left corner
I can't find the outfit option
yep, annoying article.
Sometimes my sim says they are ready for a risk, and I look everywhere for the risk thing, and it’s nowhere.
I have the same issue with Kisenosky and Pino :(
Why does it cost so much to complete events before they end .Also why are there so many sub sections it's such a pain meaning unless you use real cash you csnt do the challenge in time
How to signin into other device.. how to load my old ea acount into a new device!!
Why is everyone calling him or her sweetie Anyways you have to make a Brazilian id
And I can't run it on android 5.1? Useless
Objects 15
Move it two the middle of the room and take any thing out for the room you can also put it back when your done


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I deleted it I’m going to find a game that works
Buy a different table (it worked for me )
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