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Where your sims able to have a baby? In stuck the same part.
No, I was wondering if you can speed up time like actually, not ways to make a quest go faster
How to tell the conditions of your sim
select plants that in home then choose talk ...plants
I already asked to move in but my dims partner hasn't accepted it yet
What happens if you miss a quest
How do you become a model when you finished trending now
I always see sims dancing in downtown around this globe statue thingy and I want to know if I can make my sims dance too! I know it's not important but it would just be cute
I put a chair in front of the writing desk but it will not recognize there is a chair there ?
I think u gotta retire them first and then they’ll die
is it possible to change or add another relationship story with the same sim?
my sim is stuck at fearless physician, i cant move to next chapter, dont have career progress event either :( im stuck
This list is not remotely accurate anymore.
I started on my ipad which is registered to my husband’s Apple account. How to get my game registered to my Apple account? Thanks
Link is here <a href="">Unlimited Simoleons</a>
It takes about two days
How long after clearing land do I have to put a room there? Is there a time limit?
Does foodie trait help with the sweet treat events in your house?
Just started how go sort toilet out
EA are being so stupid by making ‘a surprising choice’ I thoroughly recommend quitting before you get to lvl ten so you won’t have to go through it. However, if your like me and you are above lvl ten then you already know what it’s like! I used to love this game but now I hate it. Thanks a lot EA!
There is a glitch where I go onto something in build mode but then can’t get back off it so now I can’t play this game!!!
Is there someone whose sim is called Sara Sànchez? We’re frenemies so can you accept my friend request please?
Can you guys start spelling right because I get really confused and I bet other people do too! Thanks.
You can’t
Where is the home catalog then?
Hello, I have more than 400 SimCash to unclock my 3rd sims, but when I click on "unlock" it does not work :( Do you have any idea why? Thank you very much for your answer
I am on level 8 out of 10 in the Yoga hobby but it says I still have not unlocked the level 2 object. Can anyone help?
I’ve been having that problem!! I only have a few hours to accomplish it but it’s no use when the long hangout option isn’t there. At this point I can’t complete the quest.
After i delayed my trait i cant pick a new one, the button turns gray.
My true brewer progress bar is full but I’m still not done with it, when do I finish it???? Helpp
how can I get a chair ?
I am using an iphone x based in the UK and it does not let me change into Izzy's designs? there is no option? Please help!
Objects 14
Some items like the bar are only available through Live Events. They are random in chests which you can purchase with event tokens (most recently the tokens were shields) or with simcash.
The elder does not leave the family, but will eventually leave the house. They will leave an empty playable sim space.
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I may have missed the time to complete baby quest, it said I have to tap on the Dining Table to activate the quest, but I cannot find the table. Can anyone tell me where is it?
So on my quests it says make a salad but it won’t @@@ing let me so yeah.
Why is encountering between couples ruined?? Like it was very heartbreaking to watch my wife in my family die emotionally.only because she could not encounter her husband,and just spend time with him before he permanently took off to the retirement island. And only because he took the first move towards her,when they were young. They ought to be able to spend time with the other half of a couple no matter who approached the one person first. And not block them out. It was Very hard to watch her not to be able spending time with her retired husband, as written,Because he did the first move. Which shut her out to choose the same thing to him . And vice versa on other couples
Get rid of it we just want to play we don't want to do anything with the bundle of joy quest its stupid I think everyone will be thankful that there's no quest please get rid of it.
When do second generation sims retire? My sim Echo has been an adult for a long time and my 3 rd gen sims are almost all adults too.
Rooms 14
I put a room in storage but now how do I get it out
Tap the furniture icon in the bottom right corner and tap on the high end camera collection. You'll probably have to place the first item in the shop so you can start working
Can you retire a grown up child of your playable sims and do you get an heirloom for doing so?
Where's the network... FOREVER! I am not interested about the reason for some factors in our device or vice versa! I want the reason is the internet connection and I am about to get into danger for the sims mobile to come
You need to retire a Sim or buy into another sim & choose a trait. Make sure you have the party soon or you will lose your chance to have a birthday party. After that party you can start having other type of parties.
If I let my sim go home will she still be seen at the party and receive stickers?


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Where your sims able to have a baby? In stuck the same part.
No, I was wondering if you can speed up time like actually, not ways to make a quest go faster
How to tell the conditions of your sim
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