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same! Try interacting with it 2-3 times an hour
Ik wil o jaa!met doen
If you promote one of your children to become playable, will they eventually retire too? Or do they stay there forever?
Somehow I don't have security on my phone.
How can I marry my Sims
Same. Nothing works. I downloaded it from the App store on my iPad.
This catalog is old and out of style. The core catalog needs to update so more people can purchase what they like.
do npc on your household will retire automatically?
It didn’t unlock the wedded woohoo
I am arhitecture.lvl 54.Welcome!My code: X Q M N C U P
Once you marry an NPC they'll automatically move in
They’re under Generations in the top left corner
I actually have a sim that’s a elder but he didn’t die yet it’s been probably 5 days now and he still didn’t die I’m kinda glad though actually but even if the grim reeper came and gave my sim these opinions then I would actually say let him pass away because I spend my sim cash really quick so I don’t have much left but I have the money tree pack and it’s kinda helping so that’s all I have to say I know this is a very long sentence but I just wanted to tell about my sims and stuff so yeah that’s it
I can't find the outfit option
Hello, i have a quest that i need to do a family-event with a older one.. i dont understand what i need to do, do anybody knows?
yep, annoying article.
Cheat codes on getting unlimited amounts of Simoleons and SimCash. Does anyone know how I can get that?
How did you fix it? I'm having the same issue
Wow this actually works I thought it would just be a scam but NOPE this is now my favorite sims website
ouohnsf uh 49999jg w poop
Sometimes my sim says they are ready for a risk, and I look everywhere for the risk thing, and it’s nowhere.
Can someone tell me how I can get the picture perfect heirloom please so I can start the career
Is it possible to change the home you throw a party at? I have 4 homes and would like to throw a party at a different home, however, it only allows me to throw a party at my first home from the start of me playing the game.
I have the same issue with Kisenosky and Pino :(
Why does it cost so much to complete events before they end .Also why are there so many sub sections it's such a pain meaning unless you use real cash you csnt do the challenge in time
Best game ever dude I will give 10000000 to the creator of this game if he was here in my house
How to signin into other device.. how to load my old ea acount into a new device!!
Why is everyone calling him or her sweetie Anyways you have to make a Brazilian id
please try to pick a new trait when you're not in any event
You have to get a chair without any arms. Just figured it out.
My baby is ready to grow into toddler, will the event still pop out? Haven't see the event for a while and I'm not sure if it will still come out.
And I can't run it on android 5.1? Useless
Objects 15
Move it two the middle of the room and take any thing out for the room you can also put it back when your done
To get the wedding stuff, just got to the buy section, Then go to the collections section. There should be a category that says home item collection. If you click on that, just scroll over until you find the wedding set. Hope this helped :)
I was gonna say that! Please add the couch, EA team
use a diner chair place it at the desk
I have been having trouble loading my game for the past 5 hours. I have turned off my phone and turned back on etc. I don’t know what else to do. My player ID is 1003370878134. Any would would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. This is the screen it’s stuck on.
What the hell is this fricking idiotic game your talking about?
You can win them by watching the video ads
what if i missed that event anyway I can get the internet icon hobby still?
how to get start in photography career?
You start the relationship again
This is really not helpful
If i didnt save my player id and i have lost my account can i provide my in app purchase receipt from the app store and let the staff help me to find my account again?
You would have to pay to unlock it


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same! Try interacting with it 2-3 times an hour
Ik wil o jaa!met doen
If you promote one of your children to become playable, will they eventually retire too? Or do th...
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