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If your in a relationship with a blue plum bob sim (which are real players) & you ask them to move in with you, why is it that the other person playing that sim doesn’t respond & you don’t get an answer back? Is it because they don’t wanna give up their sim? In that case your left married to a sim that you don’t live with! I had this problem, we even had a child together & yet they still never moved in, I eventually found that the other sim had changed their appearance & didn’t look as attractive as they did when my sim & them first met & so I got my sim to divorce them & now my sim is in a relationship with a sim I made myself
bish we got the same husband
Check if there are any other events going on
Along with many other simmers, mine has been stuck on the surprising choice screen and I'm not finding any successful way of getting out of it. We all want it to WORK, if not the recent money we put into the game should be reimbursed.
I hack the game and have unlimited everything I'm on level 40 and I'm active all the time add me 9MMM4CF
I keep having a bby girl, I want a boy now... What to do?
I have the same problem here.. Any solution yet?
I'm connecting with EA. Just realize in achievement section that some of the task I already passed didn't notice in here because it still locked. Anyone knows how to unlocked it?
is it only me, I notice that sims can change outfit. But when I make friends with them, they'll stop changing. Cause when I check their house, they actually still changing outfits, hair colors, etc.
how to get the full rewards (heirloom, simoleon, cake) from my own progress bar? I always make sure to click sth higher than 50 balloons, but still can't get the cake.
Umm none of these come up for my sims I have retired 3 generations and when I click on the family portrait and go on previous generations it says this sim hasn’t left behind a hairloom because they haven’t completed any life goals or something like that and it really bugs me
I am having the same problem. I'm almost at level 19 and the vinyasa yoga hobby is still not unlocked
You can buy one under the "Outdoor" section I don't know wich level you have to be but it cost quit some money and it will look different from the party one and you can not dance on it but it give the same idea
How can I start the long session of the writing hobby? It says that it needs a dining chair but when I put a dining chair it still not working. What chair should I use?
The heirloom you want is quite rare! The only way to get it now is to buy Luxe Heirloom Chest while will cost you 25 Luxe Heirloom Tickets! I suggest wait for any promotions instead of spending a lot of Tickets or SimCash.
You have to scroll all the way to the bottom and click on more options then click on friendly and it should come up as mentoring hobby
Looking for a guy to couple with my Sim, Jeremy. Hit me up, Odnamro.
I’m level 31 and there’s no padlock on the club so I can’t unlock it. This is really frustrading.
Hold down on the dishes and an option to wash the dishes should come up + you need a sink
its not a quest, it was from an event where you had to open chests (like the summer event we're having right now)
So if i missed ASOS event. I wont be able to complete my heirloom collection?
does anybody know till which level you can unlock lands cos im only in frankly swanky
Maybe your result is not satisfying to receive that kind of tickets. Getting these tickets is extremely rare nowadays.
I bought the cardiology treadmill but it doesn't give me any options for actions. Is it just a frcorative piece or do you need a certain level career to use it?
Rooms 6
This was part of the World of Luxury quest. You won’t find it to purchase.
It doesn’t work for console
I know pickpockets stealing Simoleons, not SimCash.
There is a cost to unlock the club,go back to the club and tap on it. The cost was over five thousand, it's been I while since I unlocked it so I don't really remember the exact price. I hope this helps you!
I think you can't redo it anymore. I'm hoping they can let other people purchase the heirloom to unlock it. :(
Did you try to reinstall or update the game? I'm not encountering that.
Did you fix yours already? Have the same problem :/
Can you drop a link for the update?
Okay I love this game level 40, 8 rooms in my home currently about to expand the home. Here’s my issue: I am hosting a party today, currently trying to set stuff up for the party, i received the message stating that I had to much stuff, needed to remove some things in order to finishing set up, bs! Left the game to put up this comment and now my party is gone! It had only just been started, what is going on!!!
You’re sim is probably in an event all the time. Try it when your sim is free
I am stuckat 87% in Naturally Narrative in this hobby and no matter how many sessions I so it does not increase.
It's currently available in the Heirloom section for 600 cash for 24hrs
I managed to woohoo a female acquaintance, because we were level 3 acquaintances. VERY anticlimactic
I agree with you. I'm on level 40 too and just completing stories now.
What level it doesn't really help at all
I keep getting the same clothing items over and over from Izzy. I have duplicates of almost everything. Some I have 3 & 4 of the same item just a different boost. I've tried redesigning clothes just to get the same exact thing I already have. That needs to be fixed.
I didn't get into the medical profession until late 20 level and I experienced the same thing. I don't think it matters the level, the medical profession just doesn't give much in speeding the time unfortunately. The rewards suck as well, total bummer
Hey I have to do the well fashioned quest and it’s telling me to go to the fashion event at the studio idk know where that is or where to go please help me
No. Sim B will have to start from the scratch.
Zen Gardener Planks & Now and Zen Wood tiles are not in my game and I really want those.
Just keep trying


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If your in a relationship with a blue plum bob sim (which are real players) & you ask them to...
bish we got the same husband
Check if there are any other events going on
Along with many other simmers, mine has been stuck on the surprising choice screen and I'm n...
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