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Yes and so is the high chair
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that gets very annoyed by these so-called 'awesome' surprising choices. I'm trying very hard to save up cupcakes but every time I'm forced to spend them. And today I accidentally spent 100 Simcash that took so long to save up. It can't be gone soon enough for me.
Does the sim you send the "move-in" request need to have all traits completed before that sim can move?
Can you help me with a quest? It's named "Starting from the bottom", when i pess hint it tells me to go to apparel and buy a stuff in bottom. How must I complete it. I have bought a shoe and a pant and it is not completed? Plzzzzzzz help
I finished level 10 a while ago and still don't get any actions from the treadmill.
I agree one of mine did that she just automatically goes I'm moving out bye bye I'm like well the farrrk youu lol!
sorry deb i don't know but you should look it up
where's the beverage self
Same here ! This game is stupid stuck but I just got a notification to update the app so maybe that will fix all the glitching mess ups
Same problem
How do I use the child’s play table??
I saw it pop up once as one of those "interesting choice" prompts. It said i could buy one for 2k simoleons. Needless to say I had to choose "be sad for awhile" because momma's poor. Lol
Hi I have started playing this game and once I bought the basic stove it said to start a new hobby being cooking but even though no events are going on it still does not let me do anything, when I press it it says leave for later, help please
I’ve restarted my phone, sims app, toggled on and off the cellular data in the sims setting, and I still get this pop up. Fix the bug pls. My internet is working perfectly fine with everything else.
I have seen on websites that to open the piano hobby, you have to pay 250 sims dollars. Here I see 350, but I see 600 in my game,to open this... That's al lot of money! Why is it so expensive for me?
I'm having the same problem. No matter what I do, it won't work.
What if you have no bath
Where do you find the daily to do list?
I have 2 Sims up for retirement, I don't want to retire either of them. I thought kids would be playable (they are not). Is there a way to unlock a third sim without losing all progress on the current sim the game wants you to retire?
I finished the career story but did not get my rewards
My sims already got married but the honeymoon furniture still hasn’t unlocked, yet I’ve unlocked the baby furniture which I won’t be able to have one until I’m able to get a double sleeper bed. Help!
The box for an electric guitar
So i already have this baby girl. And right after that, the mother retired which means I couldn't control the parents anymore. So for some reasons the 'bundle of joy' event aren't coming out. I still keep the roomate to interact with the baby but still there's only two option shown. Is it because they are not the parents? Do the baby need only parents to trigger the event and birthday? Pls answer me its been two days and she still a baby.
This info still leaves me wondering how to speed up events
I think if you retired a sim, you can control him anymore, but he'll still around town (sorry for bad english)
CWXNYKL active player level 50, looking for an active player only..
How do I get the ceiling lights that change colour? And the coloured stools?
I just want the bath tub and this list didn’t help at all how do I find it before I go insane
Where is the home catolog???
Ok so i moved my first generation sims out and they haven’t died yet and now my current generation sim hasn’t died yet either and i don’t know what to do
I’m at lvl 21 and I want to throw a birthday party for my sims but all it says is: Name hasent earned a new trait this week and it doesn’t even give me any information on why I can’t do a birthday party or what to do! Please help!
Has anyone found a fix for this issue yet. I am having the same problem.
I'm having the same issue. The lock has disappeared with the Waterfront update. Even my hangout tasks that are in the nightclub are now limited to only the other Sim in a bare building. What's going on?
You Can delete the fashion items you don't want by going into the apparel section then to izzys special creations and if you're not wearing it there is a delete option at the bottom of each item, you will be given 2 or 3 gems in return,
Can 2 sims have the same hobby?
Is this heirloom available for purchase in the store?
What is “the studio”?
I got the quest in the quests bar to retire a sim however I didn't want to do this yet as my sim was in an event so I didn't press it or look into it. For some reason the quest completed itself and there is now no option anywhere for me to retire a sim and there is a quest to talk to an retired sim. Will my sims retire themselves eventually or how do I get the retire option in the trait panel back??
Is there anyone who can solve this problem? What's the use in finishing the quest if I can't get the job? I can't even get the biological science job.
I have the same issue, inside the club is empty. I've reported it and was told to post it as a bug, I did and I've heard nothing. I have seen this issue mentioned often and still nothing has been done.
I had birthday cakes on top of my elder’s head so I tapped it which means I techincally moved them out. However, they still show up as current generation in my family portrait! But they’re not even in my house anymore.. Also, do NPC’s just disappear from the portrait after moving out? It’s gone..
You need to get the Level 2/3 heirloom of the trait.
i dont have anyany cabinets and countertops section in my builds section...
How do u get the coin costing double beds on the latest update I can’t find them anywhere do u have to be on stage 14 to get them
It may be because there's a new version which gets rid of tickets
I have the same issue
Same - I'm at level 26 and it still won't unlock the mat to do yoga hobby.
i wasn't there for the 4 days to complete the hobby but in the Hobby Collections there are still the objects for the internet icon hobby. how do i get to that hobby?


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Yes and so is the high chair
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that gets very annoyed by these so-called 'aw...
Does the sim you send the "move-in" request need to have all traits completed before th...
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