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The quest takes 7 to 8 hours just to talk about baby names and preference and the limited time bar is only 5 hours. And my sims energy is at 5. WHAT DO I DO?!
yes and its Aggravating.
You did not solve my question. I am disappointed, please do evolve your website to the current expectations and updates of the game
Secret Agent is coming too
So the event is over I have 86 balloons in my favor and and no way to spend it if I choose can I buy the basketball hoop because I am so I'm not that far from I wasn't that far from getting it okay
When I was speaking with a representative I absolutely didn’t get my problem solved. I accidentally hit the button and it took $100 simcash from me, and the representative told me I couldn’t get my simscash back and that there’s no way to disable the surprising choice feature. Honestly that feature is so stupid and it’s super irrelevant. I worked very hard to get that cash now it all went down the drain in a matter of 3 seconds from accidentally pressing that surprising choice option. EA needs to listen to their players about their concerns and complaints. Otherwise they’re going to lose customers. Because at this point I think I might stop playing sims mobile.
I’m not planning to retire my sims right away. And I have all the four sim slots used up. So is it mandatory to retire a sim if i want my sims to raise a baby? Or are baby sims not counted as slot sims?
How come I don’t see that in my store?
It's not just you :/ I have seen 600 for it as well. I think it was 350 before the last like 3 updates. There needs to be a better way to get these.
Working hack finally! Tool to Generate Simoleons, Simcash, Cupcakes, Fashion Gems! Hack page: Check the tool here: Proof : Proof: Proof: The Sims Mobile is the dream of all the Sims fans. It's fun, innovative and, above all, serves our aesthetic feelings. Check the tool here: Proof : Proof: Proof:
Please let me know.tnx
My sim is wearing nothing he is naked it's a girl something glitched so now she is naked and I retired her so now when I play I just See HER NAKED!EEEEWWW
How to unlock hosting a party: Attend 2 party, and complete both reaching party level 10 each using party cakes. After collecting rewards from each party, the blue button "host party" should now be available. How to earn party cake: By attending popular parties that levels up by itself. How to know if its a popular party: All your sims character will be an idle attendees on the front page of the party prior to hitting "attend" Why does popular party level up by itself fast: Because other sim players makes so much interaction with each other that it keeps the party keep leveling up by itself. Benefiting each other.
How you earn cupcakes: If another player add you on their relationship story, you get multiple choice question during log-in at random for people on your sim contact asking for help. If you help them with 2 cupcakes, they claim it when they log-in. Same for you, i hope you get the logic. You ear cupcakes by watching ads also.
Well once you move out a sim you can interact with them for a certain amount of time before they get old and pass away you don’t see this happen however you will know if they have died if you see grey hair on that sim and the socialize bar is grey meaning your sim can’t interact with them. Did this help?
My sim can't join the career What should I do? The lot is open.
Why can I not change flooring
If uou don't finish a baby guest will u have to start over
This is stupid and useless because my Game Center didn’t automatically connect to it and I have no further instructions.
In llama zoom, it says amp it up is blocked so I can’t finish to get my rewards. I have all the items in the hobby guitar section. What am I doing wrong?
Yes, my Sims are currently fiancés, and in the Tainted Love story
I wish we can have twins on the game and I wish we can customize our kids clothes and hair and control them.I also wish we can have twins and that the hot tub will be on the furniture sign on outdoor and it won't cost a lot of money at all.I wish that the owner will give us simcash for our jobs mean about 100 for a quick shift and 300 for a standard shift and last 500 for a long shift. THE OWNER OF THIS GAME PLEASE READ THIS AND ADD THIS TO THE GAME PLEASE!
I forgot to do the marriage guest but now I don't know how to get married again because it won't let me
I had a baby today and all i can do is feed it and check on it. Why no events?
I have beginner, intermediate, and expert guitar but my Sim has locked options on the beginner guitar. It says I have to be a level two? I don't understand what's going on here, because I can play all other options on the other guitars.
How do you move walls that have already been placed down??
My sim has a daughter and I retired my sim and now none of my other sims can potty train her daughter. What do I do?
WHY can’t I add the Nuke-It microwave. It’s the last peice of the collection and it doesn’t give me an option to put it ANYWHERE ! Help
Hi, I need your help. I'm already at Level 15 but still I can't unlock cooking hobby. When I try to click the stove it only says that "Choose Later". What to do?
I have the same problem only mine is beside a wall. Do I move the desk away from the wall?
This didnt really help me AT ALL.....
Someone plzzz tell me why its always dark in market area the restaurant and fashion area it always dark how can i light it up
I already did that. It didn't fix anything.
Anybody could tell me how some people have the club bar in their homes? Thank you!
Objects 13
From where do you get that bar and big rack of wines ?
To buy a bassinet, you select the furniture icon and go to home collections. You find the Baby Steps collection in the home collection. Or you could go the furniture icon and select the sofa icon. You will find babies and kids objects under an icon with a toddler highchair
how do i quit the barista job and work at the hospital
The cupcakes give you more energy
I may not be able to have stars even if I fail tge risk actions from the sims mobile! This rule bullies me to teaes.
Didnt know there was a to do list. How do I find it?
Can we take the coffee table at home?
My Sim in The Sims 4 Mobile app is a


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The quest takes 7 to 8 hours just to talk about baby names and preference and the limited time ba...
yes and its Aggravating.
You did not solve my question. I am disappointed, please do evolve your website to the current ex...
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