The Sims Mobile Update [Version 2.6.0]

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update 12/10/2017

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Version 2.6.0

The Sims Mobile for iOS and Android got updated from version 2.5.0 to 2.6.0. A lot of improvements were added. The most substantive part of this update is the replacement of Token with Ticket. This update just rolled out today, October 11th.

We have some exciting updates for you, so now you can:

• Explore the new Build Mode and create a fantastic home by completing collections to get bonus items

• Earn tickets through various activities and spend them on home objects, outfits, and more

• Join and change your Sims' careers more easily

• Try Risky Actions in the culinary and fashion careers

• We’ve also made more behind-the-Sims improvements.

This time, EA is focusing on enhancements of the game, particularly in the interface. The only new that is introduced of this update is the Ticket.

You'll notice some changes when you buy stuff in the catalogue and place them. Some objects are now arranged by collection and you'll obtain a reward for completing it.

Switching career is quite effortless. Unlike before, you can change it in a very simple way, but with a cost. The fee will definitely not hurt your wallet though.

Ticket replaced the Tokens in the latest installation of the game. The usage is still the same with Tokens. Unlike before, you can now purchase the Ticket in the In-App Store using SimCash.

New Risky Actions were added in Culinary and Fashion. We've noticed that performing Risky Actions are now a little bit tough because you'll need sufficient confidence to make it successful.

Here are some of the changes we've notice so far:

You can access the Heirloom by tapping the cabinet beside the chimney. The family portrait has now with background on it.

The window when you tap the energy bar got a new look too!. Tapping each icon on it will direct you to that recharge object. You can easily see the number of cupcakes you have in your inventory as well.

Tapping the "Hobby" option in the [Information Panel] will now show all the Hobby Objects you currently have and those you can unlock in the future.

They add more customizations such as clothes, hairstyle and accessories! Check it out!

Version 2.5.0

Just today, September 12th, The Sims Mobile for iOS and Android got a massive new update! Aside from the improvements, they also provide additional content and features.

We’ve made some exciting updates, and now you can:

• Enjoy more family events

• Care for babies, toddlers, and children, and earn them the “good upbringing” trait

• Get career and hobby boosts when having events with elder Sims, who will stay in your household after retirement

• Take a chance with Risky Actions like going for a kiss or juggling java at work

It seems EA is focusing in the infant section of the game. This is a great revision since our kids are the living legacy we should have in The Sims Mobile and required major overhauls since interactions between Parent and Child Sim are limited. Family-oriented events will be also added so you prepare your picnic basket for possible outdoor activities with your Sim family.

With this 2.5.0 update of the game, you can now choose Elder Sims that will stay after retirement and receive some boosts when interacting with them. Risky actions are also added.

This information was taken from the Google Playstore and we haven't received the update yet but soon as we have it, we will provide you an in-depth review of the changes mentioned.


This game still not officially out yet? how did you download and play this?
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Hi L1LY_CruZ,
You can use our guide here:
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