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update 14/06/2018

Version 11.0.0

This is the latest version of the The Sims Mobile for Android and iOS. This update rolled out just today, June 13th. For you to get this latest version, you need to open your Google Play Store or Apple Appstore and update the game. Aside from the 80mb+ update, you have to download an additional 320mb+ in the game itself. We recommend to follow this update while connected to a Wi-Fi service if you have limited data plan.

Based from the update patch note and our observation with the latest game version, we can consider it as a major update. Aside from the bug fixes, they also added tons of new items, a new feature in the game and a bit overhaul of what's on it previously, particularly the Heirloom Store. Let us enumerate them for you!


Heirloom is one of the essential parts of the game where we can unlock new traits, hobbies or careers. We often associate it with retirement. The Sims Mobile Team wanted to change that outlook about the heirloom. So here the changes:

Once you've reached Player Level 16, you can start earning Heirloom Tickets from completing Story Chapters and have access to the overhauled Heirloom Store.

In the Heirloom Store, You can earn Heirloom Tickets and other rewards daily from the Free Family Chest(blue arrow). You will receive an Heirloom Retirement Chest(red arrow) here once you retire a Sim.

Before you have to wait a day or two for the store to display Heirloom to purchase but now, you can spend your Heirloom Tickets on different Heirloom Chests(red arrow) to receive an Heirloom randomly. There will still be a "Featured Heirloom"(blue arrow) everyday that you can purchase using your Heirloom Tickets or SimCash.

Checking the Heirloom Details screen can now provide more information and clarity on the bonus given by the Heirloom.

Sim Trait Switch

Most of the player will definitely rejoice with this change. You can now switch your Sim's traits! For you to do this, simply go to your Sim Info panel then tap on the Traits tab. Tap on the swap button to choose a new trait. You just need to pay a few Heirloom Tickets to swap.

New Quests

There are new quests added that you can complete to earn rewards in the game. Check your Quest Screen for more details. Most of these quests can be seen once you've reached Player Level 30.

New Furniture Collections

To personalize your game and make it homey, the team added two new sets of furniture. The Farmhouse Living Collection includes five living room objects. The Kitchen Essentials Collection is mostly decorations for your kitchen. Check this out by going to your home catalog.

Speeding up Events

You can skip or speeding up the timer during events by paying a huge amount of SimCash. Now, you can use your Cupcakes at beginning of each event to hasten up your progress. At the start or during an event, you will also receive a bonus reward for using Cupcakes.

A Surprising Choice Moment

This is a brand new feature of the game wherein you will be given fun choices to earn valuable bonuses. You can take advantage of this feature once you've reached Player Level 10. You will infrequently receive “A Surprising Choice” moment. There will be some sort of situation where your Sim needed to select any of the given choices how he/she will react. The reward or bonus you're Sim will receive is indicated in every choice. It can be timed discounts on certain items or actual bonus such as Simoleons, Tickets or SimCash.

Version 10.1.0

The Sims Mobile Version 10.1.0 update rolled out last May 3rd. Updating the game will require you to download additional 250mb+ game file. It's better to download or update the game while connected to a wi-fi to avoid hefty data charges.

In this update, EA focuses on adding more quests specifically about marriage. This might be because the month of June is approaching. The month of June derives from the name of Roman goddess of marriage, Juno. Many believe that couples who married during this month would be blessed. You can earn rewards and a new Honeymoon Suite collection set by completing the wedding quest on time.

EA also added new quests for players level 20 to 25. This will definitely helps you to improve your game progress and unlocks ton of objects.

Aside from that, new sets of furniture are added in the game! Make your living room majestic by purchasing the Baroque Living Room Set for 900 Simoleons. (This might appear to you as Monarch Set) Don't you worry because you can purchase them individually in the catalog.

You can also make your bathroom luxurious by purchasing the Royal Flush Bath Set! Just beware. Each object will cost an arm and leg and will only be available for limited time only.

Another changes is the value of the Super Home Ticket and Luxe Home Ticket. Every 5 Super Home Tickets will now cost you 150 SimCash. You'll have to spend 575 SimCash just for 5 Luxe Home Tickets. Thats quite huge price increase. Good thing is only a few objects will use those expensive tickets. Aside from the price hike, they also lessen the chance to get these kind of tickets in every event.

May 9th Patch

A new patch in The Sims Mobile was added yesterday, May 9th. This will not totally require you to update the whole game unlike with the previous one. You just have to open and play the game and it will automatically downloaded in your device. Please be advise that this might cost data charge to some players since the patch is 96MB so we recommend you to download the patch while using your wi-fi. Check out this page to see what's new with The Sims Mobile!

EA also made some game adjustment like adding more animation in doing Yoga and optimizing the game. They also address some bugs in certain tutorials. NPC such as elder stuck as playable character and issue in venue were locked at incorrect times.

Version 10.0.1

Version 10.0.0 rolled out last Apr 17, 2018. A few days after 10.0.1 rolled out probably to address glitches or add more improvement.

This updated version includes new limited time events with ASOS, a British online fashion and beauty store. This event will unlock ASOS Spring Collection clothings for your Sims and Photography career including two new stories.

You can now also see the number of stickers your Sims received by going to the Sticker Hub. Just go to your Sims' info panel and tap the third tab from the left which is the sticker hub.

Other improvements include changes in the Quest Menu to identify easily the limited time quest, new trees and plant decors and optimizing the game particularly saving your progress.

"Express your style with The Sims Mobile and ASOS! From April 19 – May 2, you can:

● Participate in the ASOS Fashion Show and become a fashionista
● Unlock the ASOS Spring Collection for your Sims
● Build your Sims’ camera skills with the new Photography career
● Score a discount for

We’ve also added relationship events outside your Sims’ home and made improvements to Stickers. Thanks for playing The Sims Mobile!"

Version 9.3.0

This update rolled out last March 29th. Changes were not indicated in the patch note in the Google Playstore and Apple App Store, but we will list down and share to you changes we have observed after updating the game to the latest.

Check out our latest update, where we've made some Sim-tastic improvements. Thanks for playing!

Location Map

The 9.3.0 update is more on improving and fixing bugs in the game. The first thing we've noticed is the location map.

As you can see from the previous map above, some portion are not as colorful as the latest one shown below. The Waterfront location still not accessible.

Changes in Event Point

Before can receive get huge points (or Pink Stars) in every event such as career, hobby or relationship event for a small about of energy, but now, you can get a minimum of 10 event points for every 1 energy. Interactions with other Sims using a certain related object can get 20 event points for every 2 energy. I guess this one is not an improvement in our end.

Changes in Daily To Do List Reward

Instead of adding more rewards, The Sims Mobile Team decided to lessen the XP reward in completing the Daily To Do List. From 135 XP, it is now 120 XP.

Steamy Bath Tub Bug Fixed!

After the Hot Tub Dream event, the majority of the players are experiencing bug when using the Steamy Hot Tub. Players reported this unusual warping during the usage of that said object. The team includes the fix in this latest update.

New Packs

Prepare your Simcash wallet as you will need a huge amount of Simcash for these new Packs of furniture. The latest version offers Spring it On! Pack that matches with the current season. This set of furnitures will definitely brighten your humble abode. You can grab this limited time set for only 550 SimCash!

A new pack is currently available in the Sims Mobile Market is the Fancy Fingers Piano Pack. For 350 SimCash, you can purchase this pack that will unlock the Piano Hobby in no time. This pack includes Piano Heirloom and a Beginner Piano.

New Event Added!


KCherise 30days ago
Okay so update is nice and all but when are we putting out new levels and opening up the waterfront?
I’m level 40 so I can’t level up any more, it takes forever to earn enough money to keep building on my house now if I don’t wanna spend real money on the game. And I kinda feel like other than the stories I haven’t finished yet i’m almost out of things to do, I love this game and don’t wanna stop playing so please keep adding things for us overachievers!
<< Anonymous(KCherise)
SimmermaN 28days ago Reply
I agree with you. I'm on level 40 too and just completing stories now.
Can Sims die
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes. When they are elders they will have one more birthday where they 'move out' you can't socialise with them anymore or see them in town. They leave the game.
The adults/sims I can’t get to age up into elders how do I do that
This game still not officially out yet? how did you download and play this?
<< Anonymous(L1LY_CruZ)
SimmermaN Reply
Hi L1LY_CruZ,
You can use our guide here:
<< Anonymous(L1LY_CruZ)
Anonymous Reply

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