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update 22/08/2018

Version 12.0.0

This is the latest version of the The Sims Mobile for Android and iOS. This update rolled out just today, August 22nd. For you to get this latest version, you need to open your Google Play Store or Apple Appstore and update the game. This is the most awaited update since its introduces the Waterfront!

You can consider this update, a major one because there are lots changes and new addition to this latest version.

Here are some of the few:

New Game Icon

It seems the girl in the previous The Sims Mobile icon is no longer lonely. They added a character and a glimpse of the Waterfront in the background photo. The icon is way much cooler than before!

Level Cap Increased

The maximum player level in the game used to be level 40, but after the update, its now Level 50. Earn lots of reward in every level you will gain!

Bye-bye, Daily To Do List!

The Daily To Do List is no longer part of the game. They replaced it with LlamaZoom which is almost similar with the DTD List. This time you can complete certain tasks in a set period of time. Emily will facilitate the LlamaZoom. You can get XP and Simoleons by completing the tasks given. You will also be rewarded with the the latest currency called LlamaZoom Tokens!

LlamaZoom Token, anyone?

It is quite confusing handling various tickets so the team decided to merge some of these to avoid the mess. From now on, there will be no more Home Tickets and Sim Tickets. All of your Home and Sim Tickets will be converted to Simoleons or LlamaZoom Tokens.
You can get the LlamaZoom Tokens only from LlamaZoom Van. You can use them to purchase home objects and clothing.

Hello Waterfront!

Since Day 1, the Waterfront is the most awaited part of the game. After this latest update, you can unlock and explore this part of the city. The Waterfront includes two new Career stories and their respective workplaces.
This might be the location of the upcoming Space Explorer and Dance Instructor Career.

Unlocking Districts and Venues is in your hand

Unlocking locations and workplaces is no longer linear. You can unlock any location if you want to unlike before that you need to be in a certain level to have access to some locations.

Freedom to Expand

Land expansion and unlocking room is no longer based on your Lifestyle Score. You can expand and add more rooms freely as long as you have the means to do that.

Organized Catalog

It seems like the team is trying their best to make the home catalog neat and clean. They made some improvements on it and add more objects in the collection.

Key Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some players on version 11.1.1 on Android were asked to update to the latest version on iOS version 11.1
  • Fixed an issue where the Fledgling Streamer station was disappearing from the Home Lot upon zone transition
  • Fixed an issue where the Surgeon Career would be set to Level 0
  • Fixed an issue where the Settings menu button was difficult to select
  • Fixed an issue where the fish in the aquarium were swimming backwards or sideways

Version 11.1.0

This update rolled out on July 24th. You can just download the additional 300mb+ game update by opening the game itself.

Aside from the usual bug fixes and improvements, there are 3 major changes we observed in the game. Hope these updates will somehow encourage you to continue playing the game.

Here are the changes:

Player ID shown on the loading screen

Player ID is a unique set of numbers that serve as the identifier for your account. In case you need to report bug or in need of technical help from the The Sims Mobile Team, the Player ID will be ask by them. Without it, the team will not be able to investigate and fix the issue for you. Don't be confuse with the Player ID and Friend Code. They are both different. Friend Code is just a short code you can give to your friends to add you in their friend's list. EA will not accept friend code to look into your account issue. We still recommend you to screenshot or make a copy of your Player ID for your reference.


The Sims Mobile Team finally decided to give us a sneak peek of all the heirlooms we can get from the game. You can easily check the rarity of each heirloom too. Tapping each box in the Heirloom Collection screen will provide detailed information about it's benefit.

Aside from that Heirloom Collection upgrade, you can now easily sell those extra heirloom while shopping in the Heirloom Store.

Various Room Shapes

This is the best part of this update. Say goodbye to the boring square rooms and say hello to these different shaped rooms! Make your dream house truly yours with these fabulous room shapes. For you to get these, you have to be rich with SimCash as the cheapest one cost 275 SimCash.

You can also put rooms disconnected from your main house! You can possibly make a separate house now for your Sims.

Key Bug Fixes

This is according to their patch note given to the update:

  • Fixed an issue of getting stuck on the Surprising Choices screen
  • Fixed an issue where retired Sims were showing incorrect Life Goal text in the Family Portrait
  • Fixed an issue where a Sim’s height was decreasing upon aging up
  • Fixed a crash and awarded Fashion Gems when dealing with a corrupted Izzy Creation
  • Made improvements to the item limit on the homelot
  • Improved stability to reduce instances of lost cloud saves

Version 11.0.0

This update rolled out on June 13th. Aside from the 80mb+ update, you have to download an additional 320mb+ in the game itself. We recommend to follow this update while connected to a Wi-Fi service if you have limited data plan.

Based from the update patch note and our observation with the latest game version, we can consider it as a major update. Aside from the bug fixes, they also added tons of new items, a new feature in the game and a bit overhaul of what's on it previously, particularly the Heirloom Store. Let us enumerate them for you!


Heirloom is one of the essential parts of the game where we can unlock new traits, hobbies or careers. We often associate it with retirement. The Sims Mobile Team wanted to change that outlook about the heirloom. So here the changes:

Once you've reached Player Level 16, you can start earning Heirloom Tickets from completing Story Chapters and have access to the overhauled Heirloom Store.

In the Heirloom Store, You can earn Heirloom Tickets and other rewards daily from the Free Family Chest(blue arrow). You will receive an Heirloom Retirement Chest(red arrow) here once you retire a Sim.

Before you have to wait a day or two for the store to display Heirloom to purchase but now, you can spend your Heirloom Tickets on different Heirloom Chests(red arrow) to receive an Heirloom randomly. There will still be a "Featured Heirloom"(blue arrow) everyday that you can purchase using your Heirloom Tickets or SimCash.

Checking the Heirloom Details screen can now provide more information and clarity on the bonus given by the Heirloom.

Sim Trait Switch

Most of the player will definitely rejoice with this change. You can now switch your Sim's traits! For you to do this, simply go to your Sim Info panel then tap on the Traits tab. Tap on the swap button to choose a new trait. You just need to pay a few Heirloom Tickets to swap.

New Quests

There are new quests added that you can complete to earn rewards in the game. Check your Quest Screen for more details. Most of these quests can be seen once you've reached Player Level 30.

New Furniture Collections

To personalize your game and make it homey, the team added two new sets of furniture. The Farmhouse Living Collection includes five living room objects. The Kitchen Essentials Collection is mostly decorations for your kitchen. Check this out by going to your home catalog.

Speeding up Events

You can skip or speeding up the timer during events by paying a huge amount of SimCash. Now, you can use your Cupcakes at beginning of each event to hasten up your progress. At the start or during an event, you will also receive a bonus reward for using Cupcakes.

A Surprising Choice Moment


game crashes
Game keeps crashing. I’m stuck in Izzy’s fashion store and every time I click claim (to claim the fashion item) the game crashes, but I have no other exit option to get out of Izzy’s store so I am stuck there and unable to take part in the current event:(
And I can't run it on android 5.1?
Sims mobile update
Please do an option were we can change relationship stories, i created my bf to start out as friends and then start dating! But now i cant do that im stuck with being his bff!
I got the quest in the quests bar to retire a sim however I didn't want to do this yet as my sim was in an event so I didn't press it or look into it. For some reason the quest completed itself and there is now no option anywhere for me to retire a sim and there is a quest to talk to an retired sim. Will my sims retire themselves eventually or how do I get the retire option in the trait panel back??
I got the quest in the quests bar to retire a sim however I didn't want to do this yet as my sim was in an event so I didn't press it or look into it. For some reason the quest completed itself and there is now no option anywhere for me to retire a sim and there is a quest to talk to an retired sim. Will my sims retire themselves eventually or how do I get the retire option in the trait panel back??
Okay so update is nice and all but when are we putting out new levels and opening up the waterfront?
I’m level 40 so I can’t level up any more, it takes forever to earn enough money to keep building on my house now if I don’t wanna spend real money on the game. And I kinda feel like other than the stories I haven’t finished yet i’m almost out of things to do, I love this game and don’t wanna stop playing so please keep adding things for us overachievers!
<< Anonymous(KCherise)
SimmermaN Reply
I agree with you. I'm on level 40 too and just completing stories now.
<< Anonymous(KCherise)
Agree 100% Reply
Also on level 40 and need more to look forward to!
Can Sims die
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes. When they are elders they will have one more birthday where they 'move out' you can't socialise with them anymore or see them in town. They leave the game.
The adults/sims I can’t get to age up into elders how do I do that
This game still not officially out yet? how did you download and play this?
<< Anonymous(L1LY_CruZ)
SimmermaN Reply
Hi L1LY_CruZ,
You can use our guide here:
<< Anonymous(L1LY_CruZ)
Anonymous Reply

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