How to baby proof

I’ve been stuck on this for hours I need help ASAP I only have 8 hours and I can’t baby proof my house, there is no option


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Thank you
i need help with it
i tried it it dident work
i just put down the baby fence i need help with it
You have to speed it up with cupcakes or spend simcash to skip the level, if you don't have the simcash or cupcakes and don't want to buy them with your own personal money you then just have to wait the time it says, took me about 3 days to get through it all.
You tap on a family or romantic relationship sim. Family sim would be better because you get x2 energy. You tap on the baby profeing event and then complete it. It's on event not on action.
Click on family/loved one.
Click on the changing table.
Your press on you family member/loved one and it should come up with the option

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