Floor Decorations (objects)

update 14/05/2017

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Quick Chart


Lattice Rug
15 SimoleonsLevel 7
Small Rug

Kiddo-Boop Superstar Rug
15 SimoleonsPlayer Level 13
Medium Rug

Show Your Stripes Rug
15 SimoleonsPlayer Level 14
Large Rug

Color Blocked Rug
15 SimoleonsPlayer Level 15
Large Rug

Kitchen Mat
20 SimoleonsPlayer Level 17
Small Rug


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What do u use sim tickets for? What’s the point of them?
How do I complete the improve your lifestyle task on my daily to do ?
How do u change the wall colour of the workplace??
Energy 15
OK, why is it that I have 2 sims in one house and if one single uses the shower, bed, or toilet t...
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