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update 06/06/2018

What is a Bug?

Bug is a flaw or an error in a certain program that causes trouble in the user's end. This is not new to the gaming world particular in The Sims Mobile. Even though the game officially released worldwide, there are still some bugs that still not known by the developer.
To help The Sims Mobile team and the community, here's how you can report a bug or get a workaround to fix known bugs.

How to Report a Bug

Firstly, identify if the problem you are encountering is a bug or not. Simple trouble, such as getting an error message or installing the game is not a bug. There might be a reason why you are getting this issue. You can refer to our troubleshooting page to see possible action to fix it or visit the EA's Technical Issues board. If you believe a certain part of the game doesn't behave as we intended. Take note of that.


  • Go to the "Settings" by tapping the Arrow Pullout Tab Menu and selecting the tab with a gear icon.

Using a Computer

  • You will directed to their help page using your web browser. Tap the green bar with "Contact Us".
  • Select "Report a Bug" option on this page.
  • Fill out the form and provide brief but precise information. Click "Submit" at the end and you will receive a confirmation and your case ID number. They will email you a link where you can check your concern and their resolution.

Before submitting a report, utilize first the search bar on their page. There might be someone experiencing the same dilemma you have in the game and you might find an answer from other players. If you found nothing about your concern, sign in first with your EA account. An EA account is required to submit a case. Select "New Topic" and fill the form. Add details about your issue and be careful about your words. Avoid giving any personal information such as phone numbers. Make it short and precise. EA Community including other players will read and help you with that.

I don't have EA Account!

As I mentioned previously, EA Account is required to submit a report. Don't worry! There's another way you can reach them to get answers about your game issue.

How to Contact EA without EA Account

  • Go to their help page by clicking this link. Click "Contact Us". You will be routed to a page where you can select the title of the game you are having trouble with.
  • Select "The Sims Mobile". Choose what kind of device you are using to play the game and also the topic to discuss. Click "Report a Bug". You will need to select an issue. Just select "Report a Bug" and click "Select Contact Option. You will be routed to the login page.
  • In the login page, click the "Get help from an advisor without logging in".
  • You will be routed to a form where you need to fill in. Click "Email Us" at the end of the form.

You will receive a confirmation message like this including the case ID number of your issue. They will send you an email with the link to access your bug report and its progress.

Information Needed to Submit a Bug

  • Your first and last name
  • Your email address
  • Subject or Header of your issue
  • OS Version
  • Player ID
  • Brief description of your issue (attaching files such as screenshot is helpful and optional)
  • Brief description of the bug
  • Times the bug occurs in the game (Select one radial button)
  • Steps on how to find the bug
  • Effect of the bug after it occurs
  • What do you expect to see
  • Connection Type
  • Region
  • Country


Hello idk why I can't do an event with a sim anymore:( it's very confusing it just stopped.When i try to push the button it won't work:(
And another bug is the Seasonal Events right up the game in the coins.It won't disappear,i already finished that task but it wont disappear and it is really annoying because some buttons are blocked and it is very annoying:( i hope u can fix it
My sims won’t let me play them anymore and when I try to remove them the sims are stuck in my house and I can’t interact with them
It says the chocolate chip cookie is preventing the lot from clearing it also can’t go in to storage
[This image is being checked...]
<< Anonymous(Celeste)
Vicky Reply
That’s also happening for me except with Mac & Cheese
The sim mobile is good but the problem is it's taking long to load fix that plz
Dee Jay Mara
Hello why i cant log into my game sims mobile. And ni download showing. What seems to be the problems

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