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update 23/08/2018

What is LlamaZoom?

LlamaZoom is the latest feature added in the ver 12.0.0 of The Sims Mobile for iOS and Android. This is the replacement of the Daily To Do List.

It allows you to do simple or challenging tasks just like the previous DTD List. The difference is tasks can be completed multiple times. Emily will facilitate the LlamaZoom Truck that can be found infront of your Home.

How to Access

First, you must be at least Player Level 9 to unlock this feature. There are two ways to talk to Emily and access tasks in the LlamaZoom truck. The first one is by tapping the LlamaZoom Truck infront of your house.

If you are outside your Home, you can just simply tap the LlamaZoom Button beside the Build/Buy Button located at the bottom right side of the screen.


You can get Simoleons and XP from doing tasks within the time window in the LlamaZoom. The more task you accomplished, the more Simoleons and XP you will get.

Aside from that, you can also get LlamaZoom Token and extra XP by just completing all the tasks given.

LlamaZoom Token

The Sims Mobile Team address the issue of some players of having confusion with the usage of various tickets. What they did is they merge the Home and Sim tickets into one currency called LlamaZoom Token.

All existing Home and Sim Tickets in your game will be converted after updating to the 12.0.0 version of the game.

How to Get and Usage

The LlamaZoom Token, unlike the other currency, cannot be purchase in the store. You can only get this token as a reward from completing tasks in LlamaZoom Truck.

You can use the LlamaZoom Token in purchasing objects in the Home catalog and clothing from the CAS Catalog.

How to Complete

  • First, talk to Emily in the LlamaZoom Truck. Tap the truck infront of your home or tap the LlamaZoom Button.
  • Select a theme for the tasks you want to complete. It can be tasks related to Careers or Hobby. You can also ask for theme related to relationships. It can also be mix.
  • The number of tasks in each set varies. You might also repeat some of the tasks given. Complete every tasks listed within the given time span to receive the reward indicated. It can be Simoleons or XP.
  • You will receive the LlamaZoom Token and XP by finishing all the set of tasks.
  • If you want to skip doing tasks and just want to get the rewards, you can pay SimCash! (We don't recommended splurging your SimCash. It is expensive and no fun at all!)
  • Once you completed every single set of tasks, LlamaZoom will be available again after 4 hours. You can speed up the timer by paying 30 SimCash too if you want.


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Anonymous 1days ago
Que es ampli de llamazoon
Anonymous 1days ago

Que es ampli de llamaron en los sim
Anonymous 1days ago
Que es Ampl de llamazon
LlamaBoi 3days ago
Sooo, I can't buy a llama from LlamaZoom?
Anonymous 25days ago
How do I get cupcakes to speed up actions? I always got cupcakes for the finishing the daily tasks list but now I get a LlamaZoom token.
<< Anonymous
Bebe 20days ago Reply
I'm wondering the same thing! I sometimes get cupcakes for watching the ads available from the mailboxes around town but that's it. Frustrating.
<< Anonymous
Max Payne 4days ago Reply
They took them away. It’s annoying because their game always glitches so the help action buttons don’t work either. It’s becoming a scam. They probably weren’t making a lot of money so they made these stupid changes. I’m expecting a large percentage of people will delete this app.
Anonymous 17days ago
There used to be a quest that gave a cupcake for completion of llanazoom which I took as replacement for the cupcake earned with the daily to do list.

Ever since I completed the space career event, I no longer have that quest available. In fact I have no quests whatsoever. Was this quest removed or is it a glitch that it's no longer there?

If it was taken away, there really should be a way to earn cupcakes. If not, it doesn't make sense to have cupcakes to cut down the time of an event as cupcakes are rare to get then unless you buy them, which I don't see happening. Please address the cupcake issue!
<< Anonymous
Max Payne 4days ago Reply
Yeah, I’m really annoyed by this as well. Probably will stop playing....I’m not going to buy cupcakes. I was already annoyed by the llamazoom crap.
Jenn 24days ago
Hello, Where can I find the floor mirror?
<< Anonymous(Jenn)
Mel 19days ago Reply
I need the same answer
<< Anonymous(Jenn)
Ashley 19days ago Reply
It’s the full mirror you bought (or you have to buy if you don’t have it) from the fashion career
<< Anonymous(Ashley)
Meagan 19days ago Reply
Thank you ive been looking for days
<< Anonymous(Jenn)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
You might also have one in your house.
Anonymous 4days ago
It says: Display natural charisma using floor paint. Any ideas?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
It says plant not paint. Just tap on a floor plant.
Nayy 21days ago
Tets llama zoom brand amp using an amp? What's that?
<< Anonymous(Nayy)
Pino 20days ago Reply
Use the amplifier. One of guitar set
Rio 27days ago
how to test llamzoom brand amp using an amp?
<< Anonymous(Rio)
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
sorry, i know now.
<< Anonymous
Diddy 21days ago Reply
How please?
<< Anonymous(Rio)
Pino 20days ago Reply
Use the amplifier. One of guitar set
Anonymous 21days ago
how to toast self using a beverage shelf? help
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
Click on the Classy Beverage Shelf that you've got in the business career.
Lala 21days ago
How do you share floor plan for Llamazoom?

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Que es ampli de llamazoon
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