Limited Time Event: Wumples Wishlist 15 Quest

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update 05/12/2019

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Wumple Wishlist 15 Rewards

How to Complete Wumples Wishlist 15 Quest

Chapter 0

Quest 1Earn 25 Simoleons.

Chapter 1

Quest 1Tap a home item to take a photo.
Quest 2Tap a table to order apples.
Quest 3Read giant book for book club.
Quest 4Earn 300 Simoleons.
Quest 5Write down recurring dreams.
Quest 6Complete 2 short events.

Chapter 2

Quest 1Tap a counter to make Coffee Cake Surprise.
Quest 2Debate minutia with troll.
Quest 3Complete 3 standard events.
Quest 4Sleep for science!.
Quest 5Catnap.
Quest 6Wash dishes.

Chapter 3

Quest 1Tap a table to donate to Llama Flu fund.
Quest 2Make Meal prep on a counter.
Quest 3Examine tables for fingerprints.
Quest 4Complete 2 standard events.
Quest 5Un-spinach your teeth.
Quest 6Complete 2 long events.
Quest 7 Clean your sofa.

Chapter 4

Quest 1Seek out stench.
Quest 2Write down recurring dreams at a table.
Quest 3Humour Wumples by checking the fridge 10 times.
Quest 4Get riled up about SimSports 5 times.
Quest 5Search for dust bunnies under the bed.
Quest 6Access fridge contents.

Chapter 5

Quest 1Complete all LlamaZoom tasks.
Quest 2Wash away problems in shower.
Quest 3 Read up on the town’s history.
Quest 4Sweep up.
Quest 5Check toilet for escaped gator.
Quest 6Complete all LlamaZoom tasks.


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