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update 26/09/2017

Life after Retirement

Your Sims' life doesn't end after their retirement. They will not be disappeared, but will still stay as your elders. Elders are similar to your grandparents. They are the oldest member of your family. In The Sims Mobile, elders are Sims with maxed out traits. They cannot consider as elder just because of their longevity in the game.

Once you've decided to retire your Sims, they will no longer be playable, but you can still interact with them and establish stronger relationships. Your playable Sims can earn XPs if you interact with them. They will function as your grandparents that will teach you often about life and everything they know. That is what we called "Mentoring".

After a few weeks, your retired Sim will still bid goodbye and leave. This is the hardest part since you've established a strong bond with your elder, they will still decide to go on a separate way.

What is "Mentoring"?

Mentoring is a means of supporting and encouraging someone. It's a successful way to aid a person to move forward and develop in his/her chosen path.

In latest installation of The Sims Mobile, this social event was introduced. Mentoring is an interaction between your playable Sims and your Elder Sims. It is an event where seniors are passing their knowledge to the young ones and allowing them to earn Hobby or Career XPs.

Mentoring Requirement

The sole requirement to have this kind of social event is to have an Elder Sim. For you to have an Elder Sim, you must retire your playable Sim. Please take note that you can no longer control retired Sims, in addition, retiring a Sim will give you a Heirloom. Click here for more information about retirement.


Sam 13days ago
I retired a character and she’s still living in the house. How do I get the mentoring option to show up?
<< Anonymous(Sam)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
i have a same issue. can anybody tell me how?
larty 12days ago
I retired my sims and they now have grandchildren. The grandchildren have their grandparents in their contacts, but the 'socialize' button is grey instead of green, so they can not have them mentor at all. Anyone know how to fix this?
<< Anonymous(larty)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
You can’t control children or elder sims, that’s why
Anonymous 8days ago
I retired my sim so they are now an elder but the mentoring event still doesn't show up. What do I do?
<< Anonymous
SimmermaN 7days ago Reply
it will not be immediate sometimes it will take a day or two to show up.
What if you retire a sim then move them out, but still want to interact with them? Do they still hang around town or did they just disappeared forever?
<< Anonymous(Anon)
Lucy 20days ago Reply
I'm having this same issue. How can I interact with the elders if they're not here?
An elder moved into my house and is a playable character. How do I retire him so I can promote one of my kids to a playable character.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Are you able to change the appearance of the elder who moved into your house?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes I can. The wierd the thing he wasnt an elder before moving in but did when he moved in. He only has three traits and should've got his fourth one quite a while ago. Ive had a couple generations retire behind him and he is still there
<< Anonymous
MG766EA Reply
I have the same problem I think it’s a glitch
What do you do if you have a playable elder sim that does not have their last trait, the last trait won’t unlock, and the retire option does not come up for that sim?
I really want to retire my sim. Are there any requirements?
<< Anonymous
Don't worry. It will happen, Alicia
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
WWW.WHAZZUP, how did you know my name
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Woah. Creepy.
I'm curious. Do you play as your kids when you retire both your Sims? Or do you create new Sims? What jf you never had kids and you retire your Sims?
<< Anonymous(Anon)
Anonymous Reply
There are two options: First, you can make your sim's child(dren) playable; Second, you can create a new sim character.
What if you button to retire desapears?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Have you looked in the traits section if not look there. If it’s dissapeared entirely as soon as I leveled up it went back to normal and my sim could retire if that doesn’t work I don’t know what’s wrong

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I was so Busy with work that i didnt know a quest will pop up after a proprosal. I didn’t t...
After you retire a sim, you cant control them. But can you create a new sim in their place?
You should really thank the people who have replied to your question!
That's just a cool bug, I guess your stuck with them
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