Limited Time Event: The Perfect Fit Quest

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update 28/02/2019

Event Overview


The Perfect Fit Items

How to Complete The Perfect Fit Quest

Initiation (7 Days Durations)

You have 7 Days to complete the first quest. After you complete the first request, you will earn 5 Sims Cash and unlock the following 22 quests (4 Days duration) of the event.

Quest 1Earn 25 Simoleons.

22 Quest ( 4 Days Durations)

Quest 1Research the healthy recipes, from a sofa or loveseat.
Quest 2Evaluate snacking habits using a fridge.
Quest 3Examine 1 mirror.
Quest 4Complete an event.
Quest 5Appreciate 3 plants around town.
Quest 6Earn 800 Simoleons.
Quest 7Complete the “Healthy at home” at home event.
Quest 8"Nitpick fitness strategies" with a Sim.
Quest 9Complete LlamaZoom tasks.
Quest 10Complete 3 long events.
Quest 11Complete the “Keep Up with Check Ups” event at the hospital.
Quest 12Complete LlamaZoom tasks.
Quest 13"Discuss Burpees" with 3 Sims.
Quest 14Complete the “Healthy at home” at home event.
Quest 15 Complete LlamaZoom tasks.
Quest 16 “Rinse off sweat” in the shower.
Quest 17Earn 1000 Simoleons.
Quest 18Complete LlamaZoom tasks.
Quest 19Complete the “Keep Up with Check Ups” event at the hospital.
Quest 20Change your appearance.
Quest 21Complete the “Healthy at Home” and “Keep Up with Check Ups” events.
Quest 22Complete 2 set of LlamaZoom tasks.


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You can. But you need to buy stairs first that way you get a building permit.
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I had this happen to me, I simply went to a different plant.
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