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update 02/05/2018

Our fashion and style make us unique and distinctive. It's another way of expressing your personality.

In The Sims Mobile, articles in the game catalog such as dress and accessories can be boring sometimes. It can be frustrating since you can't designing your own clothes in the game.

Fret no more! Here comes Izzy to save your Day! Here's how you can perfect your own design in his shop.

How to Design

Firstly, you must have a huge amount of Fashion Gems to spend. You can earn these from giving out stickers, winning the weekly stickers contest or buy in the store using your SimCash. 200 to 300 Fashion Gems is a good number to start.

Go to Izzy's Fashion Shop located in the Parkside. You can also tap the Shopping bag icon then Fashion Shop tab to directly go to his shop.

Tap "Create New Design" to start. This will initially cost you 20 Fashion Gems.

Izzy will start designing a fashion article for you. Every piece of his design is random. It can be for your male Sims or female. It can also be a single piece of cloth, a full set or just an an accessory. The rarity of the design is also random.

If you want to re-design it, just tap "Retry Design". This will cost you 16 Fashion Gems to overhaul the design.

If you want to keep a single piece of his design, just tap on it to pin and to keep it. You'll have to pay 21 Fashion Gems for that.

Pinning 2 pieces of the design can cost you 35 Fashion Gems while changing only 1 part of it will definitely break the bank. That will cost you 60 Fashion Gems!.

If you are decided with the design, just tap "Claim!".

Wearing these fabulous creations from Izzy can boost a specific traits. This will increases your Lifestyle Score. Aside from that, there is a huge chance of getting a lot of stickers from other Sims Mobile players!

Remove Unwanted Masterpiece

If you want to remove unwanted fashion article from Izzy or just running out of space, you can simple destroy it and receive 3 Fashion Gems.

Just tap your Sims' Info Panel then "Change Appearance". Select "Style" then choose "Izzy's Special Creations.

Search for the item you wanted to delete then tap the garbage can icon located at the lower right side the item.

Choose "Destroy" to complete the deletion of the item. Just a reminder, you cannot undo this action. Choose wisely.


Does anyone know what the “artistic” boost is for In an Izzy creation???
Best game ever dude I will give 10000000 to the creator of this game if he was here in my house
And the Sim is the BEST GAME EVER
I keep getting the same clothing items over and over from Izzy. I have duplicates of almost everything. Some I have 3 & 4 of the same item just a different boost. I've tried redesigning clothes just to get the same exact thing I already have. That needs to be fixed.
There are some apparel that i saw in other sims that is not seem to be available in tops, bottoms, outfits purchase tabs (not/different from those that can be unlocked in relationship events). So, as you level up is there any additional clothing that will be given as a choice?

And izzy keeps giving me almost the same clothes, it’s annoying.
The Bug has Been there at least since 10th of May. The wardrobe is full, Izzys Creations can't be trashed, why they don't fix it?
No trashcan icon on my game.. my closet is full, level 40, really nothing left to do on the game.
I'm also unable to destroy creations: garbage can icon not there
My game crashes every time I attempt to delete an Izzy creation, and often changes features of the sim when I load back in. My wardrobe is full - this is very frustrating. Have bug reported.
<< Anonymous
Ankri Reply
My wardrobe is full, too. I cannot delete Izzy Creations either.There isn't even the trash sign anymore.
<< Anonymous(Ankri)
local echo Reply
I've seen the trashcan icon before, but now that my wardrobe is full the trashcan icon is nowhere to be seen. What's aggravating is that I have duplicate articles of clothing (two tries at outfit creation that rendered the same design) so the option to vacate that slot sure would be useful.

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Also there is a girl on YouTube that shows you step-by-step what you have to do to unlock your th...
I deleted it I’m going to find a game that works
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