Limited Time Event: Wumples Wishlist 12 Quest

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update 15/10/2019

Event Overview


Wumple Wishlist 12 Rewards

How to Complete Wumples Wishlist 12 Quest

Chapter 0

Quest 1Earn 25 Simoleons.

Chapter 1

Quest 1Search for dust bunnies under the bed.
Quest 2Tap a table to contribute to the conspiracy club.
Quest 3Complete 3 Quick events.
Quest 4Practice Audition Lines 3 times.
Quest 5Write down recurring dreams.
Quest 6Complete 2 standard events.

Chapter 2

Quest 1Search for house-mouse.
Quest 2Check mirror for tooth-spinach.
Quest 3Dance for Wumples.
Quest 4Complete 4 Quick Events.
Quest 5Examine tables for fingerprints.
Quest 6Check a mirror for other dimensions.
Quest 7Complete 3 Standard Events.

Chapter 3

Quest 1Earn 800 Simoleons.
Quest 2Cat nap.
Quest 3Tap a sofa to help Wumples.
Quest 4Take survey about surveys.
Quest 5Wash llama flu germs away.
Quest 6Complete 2 Long Events.

Chapter 4

Quest 1Wash away problems in the shower.
Quest 2Gossip about the Waterfront District 10 times.
Quest 3Complete 2 Long Events.
Quest 4Argue with internet troll.
Quest 5Clean your sofa.
Quest 6Fill out your election ballot.
Quest 7Complete all LlamaZoom tasks for Emily 2 times.


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Go purchase 600 simloens and 1,000 sim cash than go to family matters collection on home catalog ...
I’ve always wanted to see if I put two sims in the same special event, will it go faster (b...
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