Limited Time Event: Halloween Haunt Event

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update 10/10/2019

Event Overview


Halloween Haunt Activities

You can start this challenge by clicking the Activities tab of this event.

Halloween Haunt Rewards

Milestone Prizes

  • Earn candy corn to unlock those Milestone Prizes
RewardRequired Candies to Unlock
Candy Bowl
Candy Bowl
125 Candy
Gravestone Trio
Gravestone Trio
3,900 Candy
Winged Gargoyle
Winged Gargoyle
7,700 Candy
Grim Gary Gnome
Grim Gary Gnome
9,900 Candy
Scare Bear
Scare Bear
12,100 Candy
Ghostly Figure
Ghostly Figure
14,200 Candy
Undead Bride Costume
Undead Bride Costume
16,700 Candy


Creepy Coffin Rewards

How to Complete Halloween Haunt Event Quest

Quest 1Earn 31 Simoleons.
Quest 2Complete "Search for treats" at a fridge.
Quest 3Complete "Visualise Your Costume" at a mirror or vanity.
Quest 4Say trick or treat to 5 Sims.
Quest 5Complete an event.
Quest 6Change your appearance.
Quest 7Complete the "Home for Halloween" event.
Quest 8Open a creepy coffin.
Quest 9Give stickers to 5 Sims.
Quest 10Complete the "Costume Construction" event.
Quest 11Earn 3 Stars at a party.
Quest 12Earn 650 Simoleons.
Quest 13Complete 5 events.
Quest 14Complete the "Halloween Haunt" event.
Quest 15Complete all LlamaZoom tasks and collect rewards.
Quest 16Complete the "Home for Halloween" event.
Quest 17Collect 600 candy corn.
Quest 18Complete all LlamaZoom tasks and collect rewards.
Quest 19Complete the "Costume Construction" event.
Quest 20Complete all LlamaZoom tasks and collect rewards.
Quest 21Collect 1200 candy corn.
Quest 22Complete the "Halloween Haunt" event.
Quest 23Complete all LlamaZoom tasks and collect rewards.
Quest 24Collect 1200 candy corn.


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