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update 27/06/2018

The Sims Mobile team recently released the 11.0.0 version of The Sims Mobile game. This new version provides bug fixes and new addition to the game. A new feature in The Sims Mobile game called "A Surprising Choice" will definitely excite every Sims player out there. Let's find out why it is surprisingly good!

What is A Surprising Choice?

You will encounter a moment or a cutscene where in you need to select certain reaction towards the story outlined by your Sim. Every option given will have a reward such as limited discount, objects or boost. Rewards are shown in each option so you just need to select one to pursue. Some option requires you to spend SimCash or Cupcake so choose wisely.

How to Encounter

Once you've reached Player Level 10, this feature will automatically unlock in your game. The appearance of the "A Surprising Choice" moment is quite random. This will sometimes appear after completing an event, change location or after a party.

How to Complete

After the event's title, there will be a short conversation between your Sims that will serve as an outline of their story. It can be something about their hobby, career or any story relevant to them.

You will see three options to choose from. Options can be a boost for XP, limited edition objects from previous events or discounts in the catalog.

Boosts and discount are both limited time only. Each option has an equivalent price tag. You can use your cupcake, Simoleons, or SimCash. Choose wisely as this may empty your pocket.


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Anonymous 3hour ago
When the surprising choice first popped up I was completely broke. I didn’t get on for the rest of the day because I believed I would get some money. So when I opened it up again I’m still broke, the other times this popped up I wasn’t broke. This “surprising choice” is absaloutely terrible.
Anonymous 11days ago
I was clicking by this because I don't really care for that part of the game, and I clicked on an option to get +50% career points, however I didn't mean to click it and it took all of my sim cash. Is there i way I can undo this?
This feature is awful. Everyone hates it. The choice is either spend some of your hard earned currency or have your sim "upset" and unavailable for hours on end. It's not acceptable and it's not fair. This is a money-grabbing move and it should be removed from the game.

I love Sims Mobile, but until you remove this feature, me and my friends will not be playing.
Annie Nohmous
I refuse to let my Sim be blackmailed into steaking from her boss. I've closed the game, every now and then I may check to see if the "choice" thing has been removed, but until it is, I will just have to find other games to play. It amazes me that the developers think it was a good idea to punish people for playing as decent human beings, and I wonder how many other players will quit flat out because of their stupidity....
<< Anonymous(Annie Nohmous)
Anonymous Reply
Yea, I quit playing literally just because of this feature. I was so pissed when they did that. It's honestly just plain rude to do to your players. I was really excited when the game came out. had a blast playing it then They just Turned it to S**t.
<< Anonymous(Annie Nohmous)
Random Reply
Lmaooooo closing it out and opening it stopped working for me- I tried that too but they still press me! They should really remove this because it’s highly annoying and makes me not want to play, either.
The surprising choice is so ANNOYING! I don’t want to be bothered by people who aren’t really my friends, and computer players. I hate it so much and I prefer to be left alone! The computer players hang around in your house until you select something which is a problem. Stay out of my sims face and out of my sims house!!! Take this away. PLEASE.
I am stuck on the "A surprising choice" screen and can't get out, this must be addressed!
<< Anonymous(Shadow199)
Anaelya Reply
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that gets very annoyed by these so-called 'awesome' surprising choices. I'm trying very hard to save up cupcakes but every time I'm forced to spend them. And today I accidentally spent 100 Simcash that took so long to save up. It can't be gone soon enough for me.
My game is stuck on the surprising choice! Fix this!!!!!!!!! I'm on the middle of the halloween event!
The element of surprising choice is horrible. I have to pay to be a good friend. 100 sim cash to attend my best friend's birthday party?! Not only can I not tell her that I want to come but because I cannot afford it I can't attend and I hope that she will understand, I have to select an option that hurts her feelings. My friends hate me and I love alone. But at least I saved simoleons by working nonstop and my house is starting to look pretty nice. Well. Thanks mobile. I want an option where we can opt out of these politely if possible. It's just sad.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*spellcheck opps live alone not love alone. But basically accurate because these surprising choices keep me from having anyone love my character because she is simply too poor.
Stupid Choice
Yes, Surprising Choice is quite lame. There is no benefit that outweighs or even equals the cost associated with it. What a dumb thing to implement, lol.
<< Anonymous(Stupid Choice)
Ano Reply
Agree. Hate it. I accidentally paid the 50 sim dollars by mistake. So frustrating. What a waste.
I hope they remove it, I hate it.
<< Anonymous(Chance)
Anon Reply
Agree. I'm done.
Now im so "suprise" with the "suprise choices".tq but i dont need the suprise.please solve it.

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When the surprising choice first popped up I was completely broke. I didn’t get on for the...
I'm not able to get it either and I keep doing the quest over and over
Same problem.. how did u find it?
If uou don't finish a baby guest will u have to start over
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