The Sims Mobile Tokens

update 11/06/2017

What is Token?

Aside from the common currencies in Sims Mobile which are Simoleons and SimCash, tokens are considered as one of them. Unlike with the other currencies in the game, these tokens cannot be purchased. These can only be acquired by playing the game, completing life goals and levelling up in certain aspects.

Tokens Inventory

You can see how many of each Token do you have by checking Tokens Inventory. The inventory also shows how to get them.

Where to find

Tap the pull-left menu button at the right side of the screen.

Then you can see your Tokens inventory.

Different types of Tokens

Career Tokens

The token with a suitcase logo on it are called Career tokens. These tokens are earned through Careers, Parties and Special Events like Market Square Street Fair, Exercise Bootcamp and Movies in the Park.

Hobby Tokens

Hobby tokens are tokens with a jigsaw puzzle piece. These tokens can be earned from Hobbies, Special Events and Parties such as Foodie Party and Studio Party.

Party Tokens

Party tokens are those tokens with balloons on it. These tokens are earned only by attending Parties.

Relationship Tokens

This is represented by a token with chat bubbles. These can be earned by completing life goals related to relationships and Parties such as Birthday Party and Wedding Party.

How to Use Tokens

Ordering objects from the Catalogue

Tokens can be used to purchase some rare and valuable objects in the catalogue. These objects are normally unlocking interactions such as Woohoo action if you purchase the Sleepytime Double bed.

Purchasing Booster Potions

In the Potion Shop beside the Coffee Bar at the Parkside, you can purchase booster potions. Booster potions boost different stats such as Hygiene, Hunger and Fun. You can also buy Potion of Youth but it requires at least Player Level 20 to unlock it. Tokens are the only acceptable mode of payment in the Potion Shop.

Tokens list

TokenEarn from

Career Token
Careers, Special Events, Parties

Hobby Token
Hobbies, Special Events, Parties

Party Token

Relationship Token
Relationship Life Goals, Relationship Events

Art Token
Cooking Hobby, Art Walk Event

Charisma Token
Speed Dating Event

Creative Token
Outdoor Movie Event, Music Festival Event, Studio Parties

Culture Token
Cooking Hobby, Street Fair Event, Foodie Parties

Fame Token
Music Festival Event, Outdoor Movie Event, Studio Parties

Family Token
Family Life Goals

Fitness Token
Yoga Hobby, Exercise Boot Camp Event

Food Token
Culinary Career, Street Fair

Fortune Token
Art Walk Event

Health Token
Medical Career, Exercise Boot Camp Event

Influence Token
Business Career

Joy Token
Speed Dating Event, Exercise Boot Camp Event, Foodie Parties

Knowledge Token
Law Career, Speed Dating Event

Language Token
Writing Hobby

Love Token
Romantic Life Goals

Mischief Token
Mischievous Life Goals

Music Token
DJ Career, Music Festival Event

Performance Token
Guitar Hobby, Music Festival Event

Popularity Token
Friendly Life Goals

Technology Token
Outdoor Movie Event

Wisdom Token
Street Fair Event


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