How to Meet a New Pal

update 19/06/2017

This life goal is just a simple interaction you can perform with another Sim. To complete this life goal, you'll need a help from a "Close Friend". Use this guide to accomplish this life goal in no time.

Life GoalNew Pal
Description"Comfortable Chat" with a Close Friend
RewardsGold Sack, Relationship Token, Simoleon, SimCash

1. Deepen your relationship.

Once you've reached Relationship Level 4 with another friendly Sim, you can unlock "Deepen friendship" social event. This will consume 5 Hygiene points and 5 minutes of your time.

Initiate the social event and perform 2 or 3 friendly interactions. Each interaction will give you a portion of pink star. You'll need to fill 1 star container to complete this social event. You'll be rewarded some XP from completing this event.

2. "Open up" with your close friend.

After the social event, tap the same Sim again and check the list of interactions. Select the highlighted one. It can be "Open up" or "Comfortable Chat". You'll need at least 2 Energy points and 1 Hunger point to perform it.

Perform the interaction and wait for your Sim to finish. Don't forget to tap on the gold check mark icon to complete and to claim this life goal.


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Hi! As of now, it is not fully complete as objects constantly changing. We will definitely update...
Your relationship with the other Sim should be sweetheart or lover for this interaction to appear.
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