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update 08/04/2018

World Map

In the latest The Sims Mobile map, there are five locations that you can go. Your home is the first unlocked location once you started the game. The rest of the locations can only be unlocked once you achieve the required Player Level.

ParksidePlayer Level 2
Market SquarePlayer Level 4
DowntownPlayer Level 15
WaterfrontPlayer Level 22


This is the place where you will begin the game. Your home will be your Sims' shelter. Four playable Sims can live in your home. This is the place where you can recharge your energy and level up your Sims' hobbies. You can start your family here too! You can add furnitures and decorate the whole place similar to your own abode. You can also hold a house party as well!


FacilitiesCoffee Shop, Izzy's Fashion Shop

Coffee Shop

If you selected the Barista Career, this will be your workplace. You'll brew and serve coffee or tea to the customers. You'll also get their feedback sometimes. The coffee shop is customizable.

Izzy's Fashion Shop

Izzy's Fashion Shop is just beside the Coffee Shop. The shop is for people who are looking for new custom clothes designed by Izzy Fabulous himself. You can ask Izzy to make a new design of randomized Fashion Item (Clothes or Accessories) for 20 Fashion Gems.

Market Square

FacilitiesRestaurant, Fashion Studio, Hospital
CareerCulinary, Fashion, Photography, Medical, Surgeon


The restaurant will be your career place if you choose Culinary Career. You'll cook several dishes such as appetizers, salad and main courses. Aside from being a cook in the kitchen, you'll be the server as well. Same with other facilities, you can add some personal touch to your restaurant.

Fashion Studio

If you are in the Fashion industry of the game, this studio will be your workshop. You'll be mastering the art of cloth designing and be a treadsetter of the Sims World. The sewing station will be your companion in this career. If you selected Photography as your bread and butter, this is the place to be. You'll be teaching other Sims how to look good in the picture and take their photos. You can also add some decorations to your studio to make it more fabulous.


You don't need to study for a long period of time to be a doctor in The Sims Mobile. All you have to do is choose the Medical Career or Surgeon Career for your Sims and the Hospital will be yours. You'll be attending multiple patients. Diagnosing diseases and curing their sickness is your main responsibility in the Hospital. It would be great if you can add more medical equipments to unlock more actions during a Career Event.


FacilitiesClub, Agency, Civic Center
CareerDJ, Business, Law


If you are a party animal, this is your place! The club will serve as your oasis if you love to party. You'll be the DJ and your goal is to make party goers dance. You'll serve drinks too, and socialize with other Sims. You should be dancing too. To avoid this place to be boring, dress it with LED strips and laser lights.

Civic Center

The civic center is the Law Career work station. This is where you form a court strategy, gather evidence and research case. You'll see a lot of people here looking for help. As a lawyer, you might be as to be a defendant or prosecutor in the case. This center can be interesting if you'll put some decors on it.


Entrepreneur by heart will definitely love this space. The agency is the business hub in the Down Town area. You'll be handling business matter here. You'll brainstorm for a new product, do some paper works and go to meetings. You can also chit chat with your business partners. Same with the other hub, you can customize the agency. It would be dull if you keep it with just chairs and tables.


FacilitiesThe Wellness Center, The Science Center
CareerWellness Guru, Marine Biologist, Space Explorer

The Wellness Center

If you are planning to be fit or just wanted some relaxation, the Wellness Center is the place to be! This will be the workplace for aspiring Wellness Guru. You'll be concocting healthy drinks and work out with your fellow Sims. The best thing this place to offer is their spa services like the massage!.

The Science Center

The Science Center is the home for everyone who loves Science of course! This workplace houses two careers; Marine Biologist and Space Explorer. This place might be small enough for this two careers, but it is perfect to learn and have fun!

Parks in Sims Mobile

There are four parks in the game. A special event can be held in these parks. In Parkside Park, you can attend the Exercise Bootcamp and Speed Dating. Music Fest and Street Fair held regularly in Market Square Park. You can hangout and watch movies in the Downtown Park and participate in the Art Walk. If you want to go on UFO sighting or just wanted to throw a Simoleon in the fountain and make a wish, visit the newest park located in the Waterfront.

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Where is the studio!?! I'm new to the game, but I have to complete a quest labled well groomed, but I can't find the studio! Can I get some help
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It is in the Market Square
When one of my sims was at a party just now, I tapped on a padded outdoor chair from the new stuff we’ve just been collecting. There was no balloon above it, but this house had few party decorations or guests to tap on, so I tapped it and the little yellow floating/fading message said “Tap on the Observatory to do work in the Space Career.” Anyone else ever see this? My Waterfront is nit showing as suddenly available or anything. I’m on Level 40.
When is waterfront available?? :( :( :(
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