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update 24/03/2018

GameA is now looking for Sims Mobile gaming writers!

Join to GameA Sims Mobile Wiki!

PaySubject to negotiate.
Made on 20th in a following month.
4 or more days in a week (10AM - 5PM (1 hour break)) or Task-based (no regular workshift)
CommuteNone (At this point you will work remotely).
  • PC
  • Internet Access
  • Excellent writing skill in English
ApplicationSend email to:[ ]
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • About yourself (Location (You don't have to be residing in the US), How Many Hours/Days you will able to commit, and other useful information)
If you are interested in but does not fit into work description above, send email to to discuss.


Should I be familiar with HTML or other coding?

No. You might be asked to make tables, but it's very easy to write codes for simple tables.

What kind of works will I commit?

  • Character rating/evaluation, team suggestion, how to use guide
  • Tier list updates
  • Event guides/tips
  • General game mechanics guide

Commens and feedback



Comments (updated every hour)

I think you need to go to to town to water them.
I don’t know if this will help but this mine keeps ending and if you scroll through your qu...
Is it possible for your sim to be in two romantic relationships at once?
On my game it says that there is a dance career at the Wellness centre but I can't find it a...
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