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The Sims Mobile Traits, how to unlock traits, how to level up traits, trait's effect, how to switch traits and the list of all traits.
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update 03/07/2018

What is Trait?

Every individual has a different physical features and personality traits. That is why we are unique. Even identical twins have differences.

Traits in The Sims Mobile are distinguishing qualities of a certain Sim. Doing certain interaction that matches the trait of a Sim can give you bonuses. Some traits improve bonus and XP you'll receive. Each trait is different to each other. By default, you have one trait per Sim. As you play the game, you can unlock some other slot for another trait.

Filling all of your Sim's trait slots will give you a prompt to retire a Sim. If you missed or disregarded the retirement notification, you have to imaginary raise another trait to get the prompt or the option to retire. The game doesn't have a progress bar for traits. Basically, you need to play and pray to receive that option again.


To raise another trait, consider the traits that you have with your Sim. For an example, if you have "Kind of a Big Deal" trait that boost DJ Career, assign your Sim to be a DJ and perform lots of DJ career events.

How to Unlock Traits

You can simply unlock the majority of the traits by playing with your Sims. Socializing with other Sims also contribute in unlocking new traits.

Aside from playing, you can take the shortcut route by purchasing heirlooms in the store. The in-app store constantly updates the heirlooms you can purchase using Tickets. Heirlooms can unlock traits you don't have in your list. It's not easy to earn ticket to be honest, but you can always purchase tickets using your hard-earned SimCash.

How to Change Your Sim's Traits

The 11.0.0 Version of The Sims Mobile allows you to change your current Sim's traits anytime you want. For you to switch traits, tap your Sim's info panel menu located at the left corner of the game screen then select the "Traits" tab. In each trait, you will see two circular arrow. Tap on it to move to the next window.

In this window, you will see the list of your unlocked traits. Those with a check mark on it are your Sim's current traits. Select any traits you want. You just need to pay 5 Heirloom Tickets every time you want to switch.

As you can see in this image, I changed Garett's Ambitious Trait to Foodie Trait. It's quick and easy. Just make sure you have enough Heirloom Tickets.

Tip: Switch your Sim's trait and match it with their current hobby or career to give them some boost in every event.

List of Traits

These Sims give a bit better daily Login Rewards. Unlock Lv 2/3 using
Poppy's Generosity Charm
These Sims are a bit better at all careers. Unlock Lv 2/3 using
Gabby's Ambition Charm
These Sims are better at the Barista and Culinary Careers
These Sims occasionally give you bonus XP while at home
These Sims get a bonus every now and then when being flirty with others.
Unlock Lv 2/3 using
Chaz's Flirty Charm
These Sims occasionally get a bonus when being friendly with others
These Sims get a bonus every now and then when being insulting with others.
Unlock only using
Carl's Mean Charm
These Sims will sneak a few Simoleons from others, every now and then.
These Sims are a better at the Fashion Career. Unlock only using
Violet's Creativity Charm
These Sims are a bit better at Piano and Guitar. Unlock only using
DJ Candy's Rhythm Charm
These Sims are a bit better at Business and Law Careers. Unlock only using
T.O.B.O.R.'s Charisma Charm
These Sims are a bit better at all Hobbies. Unlock only using
Chef Gino's Talent Charm
Kind of a Big Deal
These Sims are better at the DJ Career. Unlock only using
Goth Boy's Groove Charm
These Sims are a bit better at Yoga
Party Animal
These Sims get bonus Party XP every now and then when at parties.
Unlock only using
Buddy's Party Charm
These Sims are a bit better at Romantic Events. Unlock only using
Yuki's Allure Charm
These Sims are a bit better at Friendly Events. Unlock only using
Hopper's Outgoing Charm
These Sims are a bit better at Rival Events
These Sims are a bit better at the Medical Career. Unlock only using
Dr. F's Genius Charm
These Sims are a bit better at Writing and Cooking. Unlock only using
Trevor's Artisan Charm
These Sims are a bit better at Internet Icon Hobby. Unlock only using
BeeBee's Magnetic Charm
A bit better at the Surgeon Career. Unlock only using
Bleep's Tickerer Charm
Good Upbringing
These Sims are way better at all Events.
Bundle of Joy Reward unlock.

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Ella totem
I need to have a b-day party but it’s says Lola doesn’t have a trait. And I don’t know how to pick one
I wanna have a party but i cant because I haven’t unlocked the trait
<< Anonymous(Jame)
SimmermaN Reply
You just need to do your Sim's hobby or career. Socialized with other Sims. Play more and you'll unlock a new trait.
I think it is a bug
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Same why
I cannot unlock the second trait
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Me too!! Its so weird

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