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update 14/06/2017

This life goal is one of the easiest life goals, you will encounter in the game if you are in Writing hobby. You can unlock this interaction once you've reached Hobby Level 5.

Life GoalDistinguised Writer
Description"Write award-winning novel" in the Writing Hobby
RewardsGold Sack, Hobby Token, Simoleon, SimCash

1. Tap on your hobby object

Go to your house and locate your hobby objects which is the Writer's Block Desk. Make sure you have at least 5 Energy points and 1 Hygiene Point to complete this interaction.
Select the highlighted interaction "Write Award-Winning Novel".

2. Start Writing Your Novel and Claim your Rewards.

Execute the action and wait for it to stop. Writing a novel required a lot of time and dedication but you don't need to do that. Just wait for 5 seconds. Once done, tap on the golden check mark and claim your reward.


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