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update 06/06/2018

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There are times we are experiencing issue from The Sims Mobile. Sometimes, it's not because of our internet connection, but because of some factors in our device or vice versa. Restarting the game or the device itself is our first suggestion to fix some issue in the game. Here's some quick troubleshooting you can try if you encounter any trouble in the game.

Common Game Issues

Connection Issue

The Sims Mobile requires your device to be connected at all times for you to run the game. If you are experiencing disconnection while connected to a Wi-Fi, try using your mobile data. Find the Wi-Fi or mobile data option in your device settings to toggle it on and off. You can also try to power cycle the router.

Cannot Play the Game or App Crashes

To run the game efficiently, your device should have the latest operating system or the latest game update.

Updating your OS

To check or to update your iOS device, just go to Settings, then tap General. Choose Software Update and it will prompt what iOS version you currently have and if you need to install an update. For Android, you can find the update option by going directly to the device's Settings or About the Phone option.

Updating your Game

To update the game in your iOS Device, simply go to the App Store and select "Updates". Tap "Update"button beside the game app. For Android, open the Google Play store and tap the three lines or the menu icon in the upper-left. Tap "My apps & games" and scroll till you see the game app. Tap the "Update" button. You can also search the game and tap the "Update" button to make it easier.

Game Running Slow

If your device is capable of running the game (iOS 9.0 and up or Android 4.1 and up) but just experiencing lags or slowness in the game, you might consider closing some of the running apps in the background. Apps use memory if they are open and unused.
To close those running background apps in an iOS device, double click the Home button. Swipe right and left to view those apps and slide up to close them.
For Android devices, tap the recent apps button and tap the X icon located at the upper right corner of each app to close it. You can also tap the "Close All" button.

Cannot Download or Update the Game

The game is already released worldwide. If you are having trouble downloading the game or cannot update the game, check if you have enough space in your storage by going to the Settings of your Device. Try to delete cache, unused apps, files or media to free some storage.

Important Tip!

Keep a copy of your Player ID found in the setting of the game. In case you encounter any trouble in the game and you need to reinstall it, you will not lose your progress. You can also save your progress by linking your social media account like Facebook or Twitter.


I'm having the same problem with network. I already tried every trick I could find and still saying No network. Finally I removed the game and tried to download it again but after I gave my age it got stuck on that No network thingy. My account is connected to my Facebook and so I know my stuff is safe but it would be nice to get back to playing. Especially because I bought the festivalticket and now I can't do anything.
I’ve restarted my phone, sims app, toggled on and off the cellular data in the sims setting, and I still get this pop up. Fix the bug pls. My internet is working perfectly fine with everything else.
<< Anonymous(Jessica)
Wing0131 Reply
Me too.
<< Anonymous(Karissa )
Nann Phoo Phoo Mon Reply
Me too.. keep loading and not opened .. it happens almost everyday
<< Anonymous(Jessica)
Shalom Harold Reply
I predict that they will put a WiFi network for the sims 4 mobile.
<< Anonymous(Jessica)
Anonymous Reply
I am facing the same problem since mrning
I have been having trouble loading my game for the past 5 hours. I have turned off my phone and turned back on etc. I don’t know what else to do.
My player ID is 1003370878134.
Any would would be greatly appreciated.
This is the screen it’s stuck on.
[This image is being checked...]
Every time I go into the app it tells me that I have no network connection but I do. If I reload the app, I get into the game, but I lose progress in story chapters and events. What do I do?
Every time I go to the app it says EA and MAXIS but after that it just take me to the screen where you unlock your phone
Where's the network... FOREVER! I am not interested about the reason for some factors in our device or vice versa! I want the reason is the internet connection and I am about to get into danger for the sims mobile to come
Hi, I have characters issues. My characters appears in blue colour and I don't know why. Even after I customize them, it still appears in blue! Help!
<< Anonymous(Kim)
Aeon Reply
Same :(
I cannot continue the writing hobby no matter where I place my desk and chair

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