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update 14/06/2017

You can unlock this simple life goal once you've reached Writing Hobby Level 7. This will only require 4 energy points, 1 Hygiene point and 10 seconds of your time to complete. No need to worry as this life goal is prompt and easy.

Life GoalLegendary Novelist
Description"Create a timeless series" in the Writing Hobby
RewardsGold Sack, Hobby Token, Simoleon, SimCash

1. Tap on your hobby object

First, locate your hobby object in your house and tap on it to show the available interactions and events. Select the highlighted one which is "Create a Timeless Series".

2. Execute and Wait.

Perform the interaction and wait for your Sim to finish. There are no star containers for you to fill in.You don't need to do anything. Just simply wait for 10 seconds.

3. Claim your rewards.

You'll see a gold check mark on top of your Sim's head once the action is ended. Tapping the icon will show up a page where you can tick the "Collect" option to claim your rewards.


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